Turnover gives you a choice: KILL your enemies, or wait for the countdown to end to turn them into ALLIES!

Survive as long as you can!


  • Movement - WASD
  • Aim - Mouse
  • Shoot - Mouse Left Button
  • Dash - LeftControl
  • Menu/Pause - ESC


  • Programming & Design - Callum Lory
  • Design - Piruk
  • Music - P.J.R
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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    A bit too hard at first until you get to master the "conversion" mechanic. Not sure what shooting serves for when the only way to win is to not shoot. Otherwise you keep refreshing the countdown and it makes the game only harder. Especially since your character is so slow and basically can't avoid bullets. You might want to make bullet slower. Also, when you start, the game is way too zoomed in. At some point, I converted everyone and enemies stopped spawning :/

    Aside that, the game itself feels nice and has nice feedback. I'd say it maybe lacks visual effects, such as fire from the gun when you shoot and some visual effect when touching the enemy. Also, pretty good depth system! I find it tricky in GMS2 (my game has a terrible depth system relying on layers cause I can't figure out much lol) and it's nice the see the shadows adapt to the light.

    • Ampersand Game Studios
      Lv. 4

      Thanks for checking out the game!

      Yea, the balance of the game is one of the major flaws in the jam build, and something we intend to really work on and improve.

      The character movement is something quite a few people have had issues with, and we'll definitely be working on that too, hopefully providing more options other than just the current dash.

      Unfortunately we didn't have much time to focus on optimisation, so there we set a bot limit in the game.

  • _l3on_
    Lv. 8

    The art is a bit too basic, the sounds are good. I like the feeling when you shoot and that steering behavior when you pass throught other units is really nice.

    The big problem is that you can win by only run until all enemies become allies.

    However good job :)

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Clean and nice graphics! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/5_pXg7wyEyc

  • Fachewachewa

    Okay so it's very basic, but the real issue is: there's absolutely no reason to kill ennemies. If you don't have allies before the third wave, you can't do anything against the amount the ennemies that keeps firing at you.



    • Ampersand Game Studios
      Lv. 4

      Thanks for playing the game!

      Yeah, balancing is definitely something we wish we had more time for. We'll be focusing on getting the stats and numbers of the allies and enemies right for any future builds!

  • Grey M.
    Lv. 3

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/288043132 Timestamp 01:49:11

    Reviewed your game on stream!