• Jandourek
  • 1 year ago
  • 22nd



Down-Counter is a minigame-based game where you play as a countdown timer. There is a total of 6 minigames, all of which work on a basis of manually counting down to zero. Once you've completed the objective and your clock have reached 0, you can move on to the next minigame.

How to play:

Counting down - Numpad 8-0 (Just mess around with the numpad, you will figure it out!)

Movement - WASD

Interact - Mouse


  • INVADERS - Avoid the projectiles, survive until you reach zero.

  • INVADERS II - INVADERS but with different enemies.

  • INVADERS III - INVADERS but with different enemies.

  • BAKE A PIE - Put the pie in the oven with your mouse and count down until you think it is finished. It is about trial and error! (Hint: Count down around 32 times, it seems people got often stuck on this minigame)

  • MATH! - Answer the math questions correctly before counting down to zero.

  • TIME BOMB - Detonate the bomb before the bad guys get to it!


The sounds can be really loud! I advise you to turn down your volume a bit!


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