Bunch of pals gone from handicraft to game craft.





Side Effects


Collect and cook potion ingredients to prevent turning into a broccoli. Beware of side effects!

Sixty Seconds


This action pixel neon platformer delivers you the last part of the Ants trilogy.

Falling Apart

LINNA - Devotion to Locomotion

Take control of Linna the walking fort. Build defensive walls and turrets as enemies come and try to destroy it.

Watch Them Grow!


FLESHY ACTIONS, SLUSHY REACTIONS: a 2D pixel action platformer with bugs and their self-important speeches.

Two Sides

Dr. Rekoil and the Last Judgement

It's time for the Last Judgement... And Dr. Rekoil will be the judge.

Small World

Ants Took My Eyeball

The player fights themselves through the mysteries of the ant hill to find their stolen eyeball. A 2D action pixel platformer.