Kyoto Video Game Concern

  • Level 5


Kyoto's Emergency Volcano Team must descend to the fiery heart of Mt. Aso and use their prototype ship to detonate a bomb and collapse the mountain. Cut a swath through the treacherous mountain. Save Japan. Save yourself!

One Health

気違いさん の ファイナル エクザーム

Mr Kichigai's Final Exam is a psychotic Japanese typing test gameshow. Kichigai-san, English-teacher-turned-maniac-gameshow-host, has already shot you several times for your previous failures. Can you pass his Final Exam with one health remaining?

Risk & Reward


HOT SEAT! The castle in which you're held prisoner is filling with HOT LAVA. Climb your way to freedom before your legless stump is roasted! But don't trust things to work as you expect...

Only One Level


You must navigate Code_Me through a complex of traps and dangers to collect all the lost eggs and find the exit using... command blocks.

There doesn't seem to be anything here.