Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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As draining and as tiring hacking away at a game for 48 hours is, I'm super glad I participated in my first GM48. It was a very rewarding and exciting experience and I hope I will have the chance to do many more of these in the future!

Batboy Expert
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Trying to make a game in 48 hours proves one main thing, and that is how short 48 hours really is. Fun, Stressful and Brain-Numbing is what best describes the feeling that engulfs you throughout the competition.

Oliver Spicer Amateur
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Had lots of fun creating pigmancer. First time creating a game with game maker. Will try to join in on the next GM48 also.

Robertsson Novice
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I had a great time on this game jam. I found out about it the morning it started by a post on /r/gamemaker, so I'd like to thank the organisers for putting the word out there.

Maytch Artist
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Fairy Tale

I ended up wasting a lot of time on the first day due to some nasty collision bugs and not being able to get my surface drawing to show up.

On the second day I got into a better groove, but didn't manage to get all the game-play features in there that I wanted. It was a struggle between polishing what I had VS adding more features.

I decided on polishing and making sure I had a fully working game before adding more stuff.

In the end I'm pretty happy with the game, even though it's not very long. And I had a good time making it. :)

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FlashPulse Adept
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Great experience overall! The discord was incredible. There were people always willing to help with issues, and it was great to share in some of the communal fun/stress of the event :)

The last 7 hours were intense. I had a great idea that I knew I could execute on if I really pushed it. Even with a few hiccups with GMS2 (a room resource was corrupted and couldn't save, and then eventually deleted itself) I ended up being able to submit with about ~25 minutes left

There were lots of moments that I wished I would have teamed up with somebody. I'm glad I've had the lone experience. I think I'll seek out a team to jam with for the next time I'm able to do one of these!

Thanks again for a great event!

Afterthought: https://www.twitch.tv/seltzyy played my game on stream shortly after the jam ended. I was so nervous that things would crash or go wrong (and maybe they have for some other users) but it was SO MUCH FUN listening to this streamer react to my game live. It was a really cool experience!

ToastKitten Intermediate
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This jam is one of the best to learn, because it is focused on a single engine. It is very well organized, the community here is helpful and there are participants of all skills, so, you can talk about your questions with anyone. I improved a lot by developing, getting feedback and playing games from this jam. If you are a Game Maker Studio developer (or aspiring to be) you should participate GM48 at least once.

Brupibo Adept
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Hello, my name is Tiago, when I heard that there was this Jam I told myself that if I were to participate I would have to show a type of game that would awaken the nostalgia of the games of the past with elements of the present day, during the development of the game I was also developing the little songs with elements of pop music and rip hop, although I had a few days I was happy with the result, I'm having fun with it all, a kiss from Brazil to all!

Tiago Siqueira Musician
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Whether you're looking for a tight-knit community, putting your abilities to the test, or simply scratching that game development itch, the GM48 is the definitive GameMaker experience.

kbjwes77 Coder
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What a great way to put my skills to the test, meet tons of like-minded people, and have fun all at the same time! This was my first time participating in a game jam, and I'm absolutely blown away by the amazing community surrounding this event! I will definitely be doing this again!

Neural Pathway Intermediate
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In my project Countdown is a project in which I have not put all my work, but in The Legend of Princess Kidnap yes. I hope you like it

Gabriel Coder
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At the time of writing, I have participated in 7 gm(48) game jams - the 4 latest ones together with my girlfriend. It is a fantastic game jam which is why I keep returning to it. Game jams in general are great ways to play around with new ideas and push for some creativity, and gm(48) has build some solid frames around the whole experience, making both newcomers to jamming (like I once was) as well as avid jammers feel welcome. It is my go-to jam, that's for sure, and the jam I recommend for all GameMaker newcomers.

Simon Milfred Expert
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The GM48 is the most fun I've had programming and spriting. It's a great way to give yourself the push to complete a project. In the two jams I've participated in, I've learnt quite a bit, such as the important areas that planning ahead can effect when coding and picking up small and useful bits of knowledge that I may have not learned till much later. It's also given me some great ideas for projects I want to now work on.

Always a joy to go through and see what other people have made.

I recommend anyone who is interested gives it a shot.

QuibbleCoatl Coder
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This was a tough one. It was a challenging theme. I love seeing what other people come up with with theme-based Jams. So cool how other people think.

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This was my first game jam after several years of using game maker as a hobbyist. The 48 hour timeline is daunting and almost immediately after submission I thought of about a dozen 'no-brainer' changes I could of made. Even lowering the ladder climb speed would have made it much better. Oh well, the feeling that I could have done better makes me excited for the next one!

Chris Adept