Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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gm(48) is an awesome program run by awesome people. I had an awesome time with the 27th gm(48), even if I wasn't satisfied with my game.

Game jams like this don't only teach you new skills about new game-making skills and techniques, but they also teach you how to create a finished product, a skill which many (especially I) could always use to be more proficient in.

You'll learn more from gm(48) than you will from any other game-making experience.

Acr515 Adept
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First game jam competition that can compete with the ludum dare, if you ask me. Had much fun particapating and looking forward to do it again.

Ramkey Coder
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It was an unique programming experience. It was tiring, but at the end, I was glad that I made game in just 2 days :). I recommend this jam for everyone - from beginners to experts.

Richard Coder
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I've had a lot of fun making a game for this jam. Making a game in 48 hours isn't as hard as it sounds but it's definitely really tiring. Well, at least I'm kind of satisfied with my result!

Mors Expert
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SO making this went about how I expected. I started by composing some music, then went hard into gameplay, and then diversified the art. The ONE thing I didn't predict was having to record those gun sound effects with my mouth, as the original ones were disqualifiers.

Hilarious tme making various souds 10/10 would do again

Adrien Dittrick Composer
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As I have just finished my 3rd Jam, I thought'd I'd like to discuss what GM48 is to me.

GM48 isn't about the winning, it's not about the place you get. It's a learning experience. You can be completely new to GM, or have years of experience. Either way this jam will really help you. There is always something to be learned in Game maker, from simple things like bug fixing, to harder like organisation and time management.

Whatever you do, don't get put down by the other developers better than you, or by your rating, low or high. Focus on what you've achieved, and what you've taken for the jam. Read through the feedback and be open to suggestions, take them as notes for next time.

However good you are at game maker, GM48 will help you learn more.

Loates Coder
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This was my second time participating on a Game Jam and it was also my second game release. But after about 20 hours I almost gave up since the game was too similar to my other game "Red's Colloseum". But then i changed the Genre from a Top-Down Shooter to a Platformer and that was a good decision.

I made a game about getting to the goal as fast as possible, while also avoiding traps. The levels itself are not easy, but also not too hard. The real challenge comes if you want to rush through a course. And so Momentum Rush was born.

This Game Jam was really fun, especially the second half and I learned that I should try differend things.

Monkosum Advanced
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This gamejam was a first for me. This was a really good experience. The game we made is pretty hard and i would like to add an option to let the player training in a particular level if we had some more times.

Next time we going to do better. Prepare yourself 😎

Jean-Bernard G Artist
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I was used to procrastination but participating to a game jam made me feel more motivated and I nearly coded during the 48h. That was a very nice experiment !

Pol L. Advanced
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No matter where your skills lie, no matter what your team looks like, you can always find invaluable lessons to take away from a game jam, and GM48 is one of the most incredible, accepting, and well managed jams out there.

If you want to improve as a game developer, look no further than GM48.

lazyeye Coder
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Well I've been at this for a while now.

I've been making games for years, I started back in middle school. and Even after all this time I still Enjoy it.

GM48 is like a (Timed) Playground to develop game in. the first one was great. my second one went much easier than the first. and my third I went all out in.

And Still find myself counting the day to take another stab at it.

Its Great to just take a few days to see what you can do. and the feedback is always a welcome bonus to it.

I see myself doing this again, And you all should give it a shot too!

singleshot Coder
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the game was a real fun experience we at P.E.N.I.S are good friends and actually quite enthusiast of the game making, we decided to make this kind of game and not the platformer most people are making(and we concidered to make) because we wanted to have a great first time on GM48 and the expierience was better than expected and i really hope the team gets together again next time, even if we get last place it's all been very good fun!

Sanic_Maureira Artist
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First time in Gm48. Really tough for me and my team because we had been too ambitious and the low experience didn't help! Anyway, very funny, I will participate again.

PepePm Intermediate
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Drawing sprites is fun so it's a good experience. :)

Brandon H Nguyen Artist
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GM48 pushed me to finally make something small and release it. This will be my first released game since 10 years. I had a lot of fun and I'm really impressed with myself. I learned a lot!

Kyon Adept