Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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This project was a lot of fun. I streamed a good majority of my development and had a lot of fun doing so. The drive and push it gives you to make a full, complete project is very valuable.

Grey M. Artist
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This was my first game jam, and I had a lot of fun! I did a lot more then I could have done normally in a week I think. But anyways, it was a lot of fun, and I'm defiantly going to do another one!

Snowstorm1011 Adept
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GM48 is not just a jam it is a fun way to test our knowledge.It makes us think in different ways to come up with good ideas.I think everyone should try it.While I was creating Static I learned a lot about pixel art and my weaknesses in game development.I really enjoyed it.

Santino Sandor Coder
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The GM48 is always a great opportunity to flex your design muscles, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new.

It is a creative challenge backed by a wonderful community and an incredible infrastructure. No matter how good or bad your game is, you will find constructive support and the ability to look back and build from your strengths and weaknesses.

I strongly recommend participation for new developers trying to gain experience, seasoned veterans looking for a fresh perspective, and everybody in between.

Dylan Smith Intermediate
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Game Jams are a shotgun blast of experience in game development from planning through to publishing. They won't teach you everything but they're great practice in a lot of things that are otherwise impossible to really practice.

The GameMaker community is full of so many wonderful and helpful people. The GM48 and this very website is a testament to that constructive and enthusiastic spirit.

ShaunJS Designer
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This jam is a blast. It's a lot of fun to see your finished game, and you learn a lot about the development process in the meantime!

Thomas Sjerps Coder
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I always tend to have fun when jam season hits. Its a great chance to sit back and relax without having to stop programming or writing music or whatever. Creative freedom with minimal restrictions. It helps that GM48 is run by people who know what they're doing!

Grace Artist
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It was a gloomy theme for me, and looking back it was fun to make, especially the voice stuff! :D

Robert Artist
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I found it pretty hard coming up with an idea in the beginning of the jam, but as soon as my team mate had arrived we quickly figured out what it should be about. I learned a few new, very useful things, e.g. path finding, of which will certainly have future use. :) Overall, had a great time. I'm getting better at time managing, and coding in general thanks to these jams.

AtomicDouche Coder
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GM48 was difficult but rewarding. Two days don't seem as much time but many things can be made in this timespan.

KCKy Coder
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I've participated in 3 gm48 challenges so far, and everytime I continue to be impressed. My partner Ian is a wizard in GameMaker and I love seeing him make our creation's come to life! 10/10 will continue to participate every quarter.

Christopher Weller Artist
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It's always a challenge to create something in such a short time but one of the most useful aspects of the game jam is the feedback. Often the feedback will highlight something positive or areas of improvement which gives you direction and snaps you out of the bubble you are in.

Jmation Artist
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My son, Elijah (16) did all the animation. My daughter, Jasmine (12) wrote the song, recorded it and put it in the game all during the JAM. I'm the coder


We surprisingly came up with the concept of the game in the first 15 minutes of the JAM.

Work Hours

I started off coding for 15 straight hours. I slept then woke up and did 19 more hours. I slept a final time and woke up with only 4 and a half hours left.


Elijah draws using a drawing tablet and pen. He uses flash The problem with Flash is how difficult it was to import the frames into Gamemaker. He would send me about 12 sub images and I would have to add each one as an individual sprite and then open the sprite and copy five at a time and then open the actual sprite and past them. When I was done he would get on and re position them. Insane -- not efficient at all. We finished with 12 minutes left and I found a bug in the code after it was too late to resubmit. I had an absolutely awesome experience!!

Fin_Nolimit Coder
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I've learned a lot during GM48!

The experience has been incredibly fun and I'll definitely be joining more game jams in the future. Going through all the other entries is just as fun as making our game was!

Spasco Coder
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This jam was the most positive jam experience I've ever had. That being said, it's the most work I've ever done in a 48 hour jam making two full tracks and designing our levels, but our team worked great together and pushed ourselves to make a great game. The community has been supportive and constructive, which I always appreciate. It's so awesome seeing the games people made. I'll definitely be part of another gm48 in the future!

Brian Mowat Musician