Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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My son, Elijah (16) did all the animation. My daughter, Jasmine (12) wrote the song, recorded it and put it in the game all during the JAM. I'm the coder


We surprisingly came up with the concept of the game in the first 15 minutes of the JAM.

Work Hours

I started off coding for 15 straight hours. I slept then woke up and did 19 more hours. I slept a final time and woke up with only 4 and a half hours left.


Elijah draws using a drawing tablet and pen. He uses flash The problem with Flash is how difficult it was to import the frames into Gamemaker. He would send me about 12 sub images and I would have to add each one as an individual sprite and then open the sprite and copy five at a time and then open the actual sprite and past them. When I was done he would get on and re position them. Insane -- not efficient at all. We finished with 12 minutes left and I found a bug in the code after it was too late to resubmit. I had an absolutely awesome experience!!

Fin_Nolimit Coder
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I've learned a lot during GM48!

The experience has been incredibly fun and I'll definitely be joining more game jams in the future. Going through all the other entries is just as fun as making our game was!

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This jam was the most positive jam experience I've ever had. That being said, it's the most work I've ever done in a 48 hour jam making two full tracks and designing our levels, but our team worked great together and pushed ourselves to make a great game. The community has been supportive and constructive, which I always appreciate. It's so awesome seeing the games people made. I'll definitely be part of another gm48 in the future!

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It was interesting. I was able to develop the game for the first time in less than 48 hours. I liked my idea and I think that someday I'll finish this game to the end. It's a pity that I did not have time to make a sound and a better graphics for the game. But it's okay. Someday I'll learn to do it even faster. Thanks for this jam. Now I realized that developing games is fun and interesting.

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I got called in to make SFX because the musician originally on the team didn't want to do it. I spent 30 minutes in bfxr and with my sound libraries making some effects. 10/10 fun experience

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GM48 is always fun because the themes are amazing. This is a jam I'll always look forward to!

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I had a much bigger vision when I started, but I didn't do much the first day which forced me to finish the majority of the game within the last 7 hours or so (I woke up at 10 am and the deadline was 5 pm.) I ended up being pretty disappointed with how much stuff didn't make it into the game, but I still think the game is pretty neat. The jam is really good at forcing me to finish a damn game, which is nice.

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The Jam was a lot of fun! One tip I can give to future participants: Nail down what you want to do as quickly as possible! If you don't, it might come around later and bring unwanted trouble!

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First GM48 was very over ambitious and it turned out to be a hot mess. Met some very nice people and will hopefully work with them in the future

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This was my first time entering a Gamejam, luckily I had already got in with a team and everybody was friendly, understanding and had a mutual respect for one another.

I've learned quite a bit about developing under a time restraint as well as working with other people with different creative/technical skillsets.

I'd definitely consider doing GM48 again someday and actively encourage more developers (be them new or old) to do so too!

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I learnt a lot about time management and design. It was a lot of fun and I will be back next round!

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Epic jam, bro. Simply epic, bro.

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Joining gm48 before as my first major game jam taught me a lot of things. I got to experience (almost) nonstop devving that taught me to scope well and manage my time efficiently.

Together with a really talented partner, we learned to manage and coordinate our efforts in the small timeframe.

gm48 was such a great experience, I'll do it again!

Steinzer Designer
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GM48 rocks! I have learned so much during the 3 times my team has participated. The themes put us out of our comfort zone, and we learned so much in such a short time. Can't wait to go again!

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Although making two games instead of one wasn't ideal, it was a lot of fun to see how quickly I could create two small prototypes and made for a great challenge.

It's nice to hang out with other game makers while you're all frantically coding and making content as fast as you can!

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