Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Use LEFT MOUSE to shoot.

You are a wizard's apprentice and are looking to become a full wizard. Your master tells you to go slay the dragon plaguing the kingdom. To build a tower to the dragon's home in the sky, you need to break into other people's towers and disable their defences. Your sidekick Hamilton will then build a new level to your tower. You must then defend your tower from angry people. Once you're done defending, click on the cannon to launch to another tower.

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    Lv. 36

    Impressing amount of content. 4 uniqe enemies, a main menu, music and sound, a good amount of levels, and a pretty uniqe story (though not incorperated with the gameplay).

    For some reason, all the enemies disappeared after a few seconds when I was in my tower. Luckely, this never happend in the other towers.

    The sound effects are nice, but I had to turn off the volume because the song is literally 4 seconds long.

    I got to that floor with big windows (maybe before the fifth tower?) then I got the same error message as kris24. But it was very fun up to that point :D

    Also, since this game is using the mouse, I would like to be able to turn fullscreen on.

  • havik

    Nice little game. The elf move at a crazy speed and the tiny view makes it hard to really see where things are (Especially the elves!).

    I also crashed when I reached the end of level 2(?) at the cannon. I'm not sure it was actually level 2 though since clicking play gave me an intro scene, but then I couldn't go anywhere from there. So I pressed the yellow square in the bottom right on the main menu and it took me to some levels so I played those.

    I also liked the background musics melody - it just repeated a bit too quickly, could have done with a bit more too it, but good job adding some music regardless!

  • Acr515
    Lv. 4

    I found it pretty hard to dodge some of the enemies' projectiles, sort of like those before me. Making the view a little larger would've helped with this a lot. Good entry, though!

  • baku

    I got to the level with the big yellow elf. Couldn't get past him >.<

    I wish the game's view wasn't so small. Often you can't even see enemies that are shooting you, so you just have to blindly fire back in the direction their shots come from, and hope you hit...

  • Tero Hannula

    Wasn't bad, but for enjoyablity game has few problems. Sometimes you just cannot see enemies as they are far away, and the elfs are so erratic. First fairy shoots at you through hallway and you cannot see it, and also it is hard to avoid the projectiles. You should be able to determine your jump height by letting go off the jump button. The background music was too loud and got repetitive. But well done with your entry :)

  • kris24

    Neat little game!

    I got to the second level and then crashed it with this error:

    "Unable to find any instance for object index '7' name 'obj_sam' at gml_Object_obj_magic_Create_0"

    The music got quite repetitive after a bit and the tower backgrounds were a little crazy, but still, good efforts. The quick green guys freaked me out, haha.