this game has some explicit language

you can go fullscreen, but it messes up the graphics and subtitles sometimes. to fix, just go in and out of fullscreen (probably at the start of every 'room'). (or play windowed). You go fullscreen by pressing F or [select].

Tower Guy

It's not easy, living like a Tower Guy. But nothing was as strange, as Halloween, 1991. Play as Tower Guy, in a bizarre comedy-trip adventure game?

  • Arrowkeys/WASD
  • Space
  • R restarts the game. (shouldve been removed)
  • Holding escape quits the game
  • also full GAMEPAD SUPPORT
  • Game, Music & Art made by Kyon Edelenbosch, Mark Lohmann & Matteo Karkazis.
  • Coding: Kyon Edelenbosch
  • Tower Guy voice: Stijn Kunneman

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