Made in a little more than four hours. I didn't have time to make music or sound effects, but hopefully I can add those in a future release.

Get to the flag with the assistance of your blob companion. Touching a spider will send you back to the beginning.

If the blob eats a capsule, its powers will be improved.

  • Red capsules increases blob's shot count
  • Yellow capsules make blob move faster
  • Blue capsules make blob shoot faster

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Updated post-compo gameplay video and commentary:

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  • Knutone
    Lv. 26

    For being made in 4 hours its pretty impressive, that doesn't mean that its good.

    The game is slow. Really slow, especially the blob. The blob is so slow in fact that the easiest way of beating the game is to just sprint to the end and leave the blob behind.

    The art could be worse but its not very appealing (the spiders are probably the best looking part of the game) and the lack of sound makes the game even more boring.

    There's also very little in variety making the game super repetitive.