Swipe left and right on those floating balls and see if they like you back! This game is all abot the beauty of math and the theme of Discovery is expressed through exploring the unique and beautiful patterns that are randomly generated by the game.

The game was made to fit all the challenges: pacifist, lowrez and seeds. I'm not sure if I clicked the button to assign myself to those challenges though :(

POST MORTEM What went right: The prettiest game I've made for a jam game so far. The lesson here is: Movement, repetition and nice colors make a HUGE difference. If your find your game looking weak, try those three things:

*Make everything move, even if it's a simple sine wave driven movement

*The more striking visual effects look good if repeated in a cohesive pattern. Repetition looks good.

*Nice colors, it's easy to do. Just check complementary colors. For an instance, I find a nice color that I like on Google image picker, then I check the h/s/v values for it and create it on gamemaker using make_color_hsv(). Then I look at the color wheel and see how many "degrees" away is a nice complementary color to the one I've created. Then I create a new one with hue + "degrees" offset

What went wrong:

As usual I left THE MOST IMPORTANT PART LAST: A main menu and some decent onboard. This is the sort of stuff that makes a huge difference and it seems I still don't know better.

Also no sound.

Those two things CANNOT BE NEGLECTED EVER. Yet I often do. I think the lesson to be learned here is this: You need to figure out sound and onboarding EARLY however it's hard to do so when you're prototyping and finding your game. Perhaps to avoid this mistake in the future I need to stop the prototype phase and work on the menus/sound. I believe it might be good idea to work on those things on the second day of a jam. First day: prototype and see if it's fun. Second day: START DOING YOUR START MENU IMMEDIATELY!

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    Lv. 36

    HOW am I supposed to rate this?!

  • Allison James

    Echoing other people in that a .zip is generally hugely favourable, especially for smaller games and jam games 😅

    The game was a nice time, though - pretty to look at and enjoyable to play around with!



  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    Not really sure what was going on most the time, but it was really nice to look at.

    also please compile as a Zip next time, no one like to install game jam games.

    Hell Diver

    Hell Diver

  • Tydecon Games

    I certainly think this is pretty, it's nice and colourful and I got a lot of matches with other sine waves - I'm not sure what happens after that point, if there is an end goal? And I do feel it needed some sound to go with - but overall, this is a cute toy of a game with a lot of fun randomly generated patterns, good one! :)

  • GoblinBoy

    Feels more like little toy more than an actual game. And I don't say that in a negative sense. I spent a decent amount of time just trying to make satisfying little patterns.

    Fits the theme well and very chill.

  • arthurgps2
    Lv. 12

    Those are some really pretty sine waves, I say that as a programmer myself. It's actually really nice and kinda pleasuring to see them, and it's even better when you think those are randomly generated, but unfortunately that's about it for this game. The controls are not very responsive, it always swipe left even when I swipe right (maybe I'm doing this wrong?), and I don't really get the gameplay of this game. I'd say this is a nice showcase of how cool sine waves can be and some of the power GameMaker has too.



  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    I wasn't totally sure what the goal was, but it looked cool. Also not sure if the swiping wasn't working, or if I was just getting rejected. I think some kind of visual indication of whether or not I got rejected would have helped. I could see that as I matched my colors changed, and that certain waves "liked" me better than others, so I think your concept was good!

  • 2102

    Good job! Creating a game in 48 hours is no small feat.

    I will say, I wasn't too sure how to play this game. It seemed that every option given was a match. It would almost always swipe left even when I swiped right. Sometimes I would just click and it would choose an option for me. It's a cool idea, but I think it needs some input correction and a bigger difficulty to match with another wave.

  • Brian LaClair

    I met some really pretty sine waves! I wish this game had an ending state / some goals, but as I said, the sine waves were pretty.

    I would suggest that in the future you make sure to export your jam games as a standalone EXE, rather than an installer - but that just be my preference!