PLEASE NOTE- there is a bug in the tutorial where you can't open any of the menus. I apologize, found the bug with no time remaining to fix it.

Welcome to the galaxy! Your dream is to discover new solar systems and planets while making a living, so you started a request-based planet finding business. Your job is to fulfill requests and bring people to the planet of their dreams.

Pick up customers from the station while you refuel, then see if you can find a planet that meets at least some of their requested attributes. Fuel costs money, and so does running your ship, so you'll need to continually come back for new customers to keep exploring. Make enough to purchase a range upgrade and you can go further into the galaxy. Purchase extra seats for more passengers to make your trips more efficient, or fuel capacity if you want to stay out longer.

Use the discovery menu to see all the solar systems you've discovered, and save unique planets in the catalog for reference later.

Click on solar systems to enter and get a closer look. Hover over planets to see what their attributes are. If you have a passenger, you can click their request and select a planet in the solar system. The more attributes you match the more money you make from a request.

Can you reach every single solar system in the galaxy before you run out of money?

Note- you can't actually lose the game, so don't worry about it. You CAN get stuck if you run out of fuel though!

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  • ohlordwhywhy
    Lv. 3

    Probably the one that best fits the theme. I think the tutorials should be explained over the game, but I know how it is with jam games. I'm guilty of opening with tutorials myself.

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    This game felt quite special. I actually think the game's premise and major mechanics are understable even without the tutorial (I skipped the tutorial upon reaching the part that would have been clearer if I could open menus).

    I really enjoyed the idea of ferrying people to planets. It's an extremely natural way to encourage exploration and make money just by travelling around and learning about the area.

    There definitely can be some improvements on presentation. Not every menu option needs to be on screen at the same time when they're not usable, and the lists of information about planets and passengers could use some work to be less walls of text and more clear. But despite that I still had a good time.

  • Zen00
    Lv. 15

    Lots of fun on a small budget! I'm a fan of procedural games done well, and this works pretty good. However it's not the first time I've seen virtually the same game submitted here. :(

  • Tydecon Games

    There was a lot going on with this and it's impressive how much you've programmed in here, I enjoy the procedural generation as well - I did find it confusing how to deliver the requests when I'd found the planet that someone was looking for and there was a lot to take in all at once, I think maybe some more time might have made this clear but sometimes a little button prompt can make the difference as the tutorial had a lot going on so it was hard to remember what was what - overall though, this is very impressive and I really enjoyed discovering the galaxies - good job :)

  • kris24

    Really an expansive game for a jam - it felt bigger than it was. I kind of got a vibe similar to Elite Dangerous; just trekking through space trying to do a job.

    I did get overwhelmed with trying to match all the various text-based characteristics so after a certain point I just started dropping passengers off at pretty much random planets. This did lead to some unhappy customers, but a surprising amount still found it good enough to pay me. Certainly not a great way to make money though. :P

  • Fachewachewa

    Such a chill game. Honestly works perfectly for a jam, even if it might be a little long.
    My biggest issue with it I'd say is the text. There's a lot to read! The tutorial is pretty long (especially since you can't do a lot during it) and it's a little hard to sort what each passenger wants, there's a lot of informations. I wish there was small symbols to show what type of planets they wanted and indicate a planet's stats (in my head, I'm seeing something like what Slipways does). But's that a decent amount of work to add to a jam game.
    Also I think there's some kind of bug when you go through planets with different passengers? Like, if you check the first one, then second, then find a planet for the tird, the second one will get a higher multiplicator. And you can go like that from the bottom and basically get way more money than you should 🤓

    • SwiggityCricket
      Lv. 6
      SwiggityCricket Coder of Chronicling the Cosmos

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing! I had intended to have an actual ending where you visit all the planets and/or get all the upgrades but I left it open-ended due to time constraints. There really was a lot to read! As I said in other comments, I had intended to make it more about matching characteristics but ran out of time. Dang I didn't find that bug, that makes two then! Thanks, I'll have to fix that in an updated version.

  • switecom
    Lv. 1

    Liked this very much! I have no other complaints except for the amount of reading/info in the tutorial, quite a bit of text in a short time period, also after a while the music started to get on my nerves a 'lil bit. There's a lot of ways you can go with this game, wholeheartedly suggest you keep on goin'!

    • SwiggityCricket
      Lv. 6
      SwiggityCricket Coder of Chronicling the Cosmos

      2yrs ago

      Thank you, yeah there was a lot of reading. I had intended to make it more about visually finding planets that match descriptions but decided to scale it back a bit. I do intend to revisit this idea and flesh it out further, I was envisioning something like Spore's space stage but more discovery and less conquering.

  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    Nice and relaxing game! The procedural generation for planets works great and it's also fun to read names of solar systems and people. The music is nice and atmospheric, but there doesn't seem to be any other sounds (I guess it's space afterall). One thing that's a bit unclear is that was the music made for your jam game or was it pre-made?

    Overall, I enjoyed the game for quite a while. I wish there was a little less reading and more visual elements for figuring out the right planets though.



    • SwiggityCricket
      Lv. 6
      SwiggityCricket Coder of Chronicling the Cosmos

      2yrs ago

      The menu and credits music was made during the jam, but the ambient music was royalty free. You can check the credits screen for the author!

      I had intended to add more visual queues like moons, land, along with the size and color of the planets but decided to scale back my ambitions. Thanks for playing!

  • 2102

    Took a minute to figure it out, but once I did, it was really a lot of fun. Definitely something you could expand upon and potentially rebalance for a bigger release.

  • Hessery
    Lv. 10

    The idea is solid, and fits the theme well, but i think the tutorial could have been better done.

    Good job

  • Banana Drone Gaming
    Lv. 2

    This is an awesome game wich uses the theme of 'Discovery' very well! I love that it is in space.