Risk may pay off, but this dungeon is gonna fall with the first breeze! And don't get me started on the monsters and fatal traps! Get out of here before you hurt yourself... Or worse!!

Make your way through the dungeon as fast as you can while avoiding falling debris, enemies and all kind of obstacles that try to kill you.

  • A-D / Arrow keys: Walk
  • Space: Jump
  • Shift: Attack
  • Shift + W / up: Up attack
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  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Short but sweet. I really like the graphics. The little explosion in particular when you kill an enemy was rather satisfying. The sound was also pretty good too. I think the controls could've been slightly better. I felt shift was a bit awkward to use to attack. I think the mouse would've been a bit more comfortable. Although personally I would've felt better with the arrow keys to move and Z and X to jump and attack but that's just me personally since that's what I tend to use in games. Also I think maybe the stun time on the character after getting hit was a bit too long but to be honest it didn't really effect me negatively in any situation so I'm not really bothered by it. Was just a feeling I had after it happened the first time.

    Other than that the engine was solid, it was a fun little game and a good entry into the Jam.

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    A fun little time waster.

    not a fan of WASD for platformers, and seeing how the game didn’t use the mouse It felt unneeded, but everyone's different so not gonna count it against the game too much.

    The animations on the player felt a bit too much. You could have used half the frame count without it really affecting art style and used the extra time on other things to improve them.

    Still this is a solid entry, so not bad at all!



  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Very impressive graphics and music! The engine is solid and the levels are well-crafted. Nicely made!

  • GoblinBoy

    Fun little experience, charming graphics. Slightly more variety would have been nice but the polish you put in was very appreciated. The level design smoothly ramped up the game mechanics and the warning particles were a nice addition.

  • Chris

    Nicely done, solid and fun mechanics. great artwork, fun game

  • OnTheMatter
    Lv. 8

    Short and sweet, I really enjoyed this entry! I appreciate the level of polish which was present for what was available. In particular I really liked how the tutorial section was set up and the presence of warning particles before any rocks fell, not to mention the inclusion of the button which causes the dungeon to crumble to begin with. It all felt very fair.

    Related to what others have mentioned, in the section with the spinning saws, I died once as the attack key seems to have this delay after you stop walking, it seemed as though I needed to wait for about a second to be able to attack anything after I stopped walking. That's about the only issue I can think of.

    There isn't much more I can recommend which isn't plainly obvious; maybe perhaps have the zombies do their knocked-back state(while not necessarily actually taking damage) when hit with the falling rocks. It just seems like a detail which seems logical since the zombies react to touching the other major obstacle in the game, the previously mentioned spinning saws.

    Overall I really enjoyed the entry, but of course it wouldn't hurt if it had some more meat to its bones.

    • Serbjy
      Lv. 8
      Serbjy Developer of Crumbling dungeon

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I must confess I might have spent too much time in the graphics instead of the other aspects of the game. Still, I'm glad you liked it

  • Brian LaClair

    Nice game! Graphics were great, and the sound was pretty darn nice too :)

    Agreeing with someone else here, the shift key to attack was kind of awkward (and sometimes enabled sticky keys :-P ) but the game was fun!

    • Serbjy
      Lv. 8
      Serbjy Developer of Crumbling dungeon

      3yrs ago

      Much appreciated!

      I've receive complaints about the shift key. In my mind it was to allow using either WASD or arrow keys. Never thought about sticky keys!

      Well, now I've learn something for the next jam :)

  • Rewdan Sprites
    Lv. 3

    Hi me and my son played this game together.

    I liked the pixel art and the enemies. I lliked the special effects used and the falling rocks etc.

    He liked it as well.

    My main gripe would probably have to be using the shift key to attack. It was a little awkward for us.

    but otherwise that was pretty cool. We liked it.