On July 18th, 1986, three friends visited the Klako Island Resort and Spa. What was meant to be a quiet retreat in the islands turned into something far more sinister...

A short, retro horror game made in 48 hours!

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  • Nyveon

    THIS IS AMAZING! I found all the endings (I think). I'll have to warn my family about the walls...

  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    I really liked this game! The amosphere is great and the artstyle is very authentic to atari. Also loved the clever use of the third dimension.

  • illdie
    Lv. 12

    This was a great time, I love how well-realized the atari aesthetic and sounds are, as well as all the twists and turns along the way. Awesome job!

  • dreamcastgh0st
    Lv. 2

    Huh. Definitely very unique-- I like how in these old atari-styled games, the fear has to come more from the gameplay than from the presentation, due solely to how limited it is. You definitely did a good job with that! Nice work, and unique take on the theme.

  • Tydecon Games

    Well... that took a turn in to cooky-crazy-banana town real fast! Haha I love the old style you've gone for here and the sheer weird-ness of it all pays of really well in this one! My only criticism, to echo the point already made, the "get item" music is a bit lengthier than it probably should be, but that aside, great job! :)

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    Very atmospheric game. I only got 2/3 endings. Still couldn't find one of the seashells :')

    There's something about those retro pixel graphics that add to the horror too. Maybe it leaves more to the imagination? Either way, I had a sense of dread as I went through the game and also a feeling of just being very unsettled. It's very evocative.

    The way the medium of the art also shifts leads to an otherwordly eldritch feel like the dimensions you're seeing are so weird you don't even know what you are perceiving anymore. I also didn't realise how frightening crab faces are. Whole game as you progress just increases that feeling of weirdness and dread. Very successful horror.

    Lovely work!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    I don't like horror, but I gotta say, this is pretty good. Definitely feels like an Atari game... except for that one part. The "item get" music sometimes drags on a little too long, but maybe that was intentional to create suspense? I got ending 2, but I will definitely play again and try to find the other endings.

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    Can't believe you made a whole game to build up to an "Are you feeling it Mr. Krabs?" joke. Wonderful.

    The atmosphere is good, the subtle things like your friends' faces distorting a bit in the spa, and the crabs that scuttle out of the frame as you walk into a room.

    The jingles when picking up items are way too long, and the text dropping a word down a line when it gets too long instead of starting that word from the next line immediately was very jarring. But maybe those are just done to make the game feel more Atari-ish? Can't really tell. I think the game would have benefitted from not doing them, at least.

    I really liked the idea of the game changing its view entirely to a whole new thing, but I think something went wrong for me at that part: The graphical glitch in question. Luckily I could still make out what's going on, and it did seem pretty cool!

    Lastly I like the idea of different endings and secrets that you can gain from exploring.

  • OoTrillionoO
    Lv. 2

    Nice horror entry. I dig the silent, haunting atmosphere.

    Art was alright, it stuck to its style, but I especially liked when it broke from that for the creepier elements, and the sequence break into another style was pretty cool.

    The blurb at the end was fun and the story-telling elements were dope.

    I did find a bug for the end sequence where the 'thing' got stuck in the puzzle room. Also, I misread the sign initially and wanted to re-read it but couldn't. Talking to people I get, but its a siiiiign, I wanna re-read it. Those are my nitpicky things that I could find, it was overall a nice experience.

    Thanks for sharing your work~

  • Funny cat Lord
    Lv. 8

    This is the highlight of the jam for me. This was absolutely terrifying.

    There really ins't much to comment on as every single design choice was made to enhance the creepy atmosphere. Every piece of this game is designed purposefully and to great results, so this is the only gm48 entry I was ever able to confidently give straight 10's. Great job!

  • Hokori
    Lv. 12

    Captivating entry. Represented the retro style perfectly and made for an interesting experience. I won't reveal too much as I want others to be able to play and enjoy it as well, but I tried several times to get the final ending and was unable to. I have a feeling I know where to go but not sure how to get there. Nevertheless, I had fun playing through this entry. Nice work!

  • Panda-K
    Lv. 17

    So wonderful. A perfect horror jam game :)

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    The pause after interactions was a bit long and I got outside the room in the ocean. Other than that, not bad. Didn't get all of the endings, though.

  • Chris

    Really fun game to play through, love the story

  • 2102

    The ending was fantastic. Won't spoil anything here, but it was great. I love the old Atari feel.