Created by: GoblinBoy
Music by: IsmiVero (Created with public domain samples)

A turn based wizard duel where you craft your spells on the go!
Every elemental rune adds it's own unique properties to the spell and changes the spell appearance.
There are 34 total combinations, have fun finding them all.

Afterword: Man, I wish I had just one more day. Had to cut a lot of features and leave in programmer art but all in all I feel like this was my best jam so far.

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  • Fachewachewa

    I really tried to understand what the different effect did but I couldn't figure it out. Like sometimes turns were skipped but it didn't seem tied to an element. Or maybe I missed it, idk.
    Also, for how playful everything is, it makes the lack of sounds more obvious, it's a shame because it would have made the whole thing feel more energetic. The different transitions are also on the slow side.

    But yeah it was a nice concept, I wish the different effect were more obvious, since as it is I don't know what's best and just casting level 3 spells were enough.



  • arthurgps2
    Lv. 12

    The art style is really cute not gonna lie. I don't really get the strategy here, it's not really easy to see what you're supposed to do, but I guess you're supposed to discover new spells with different elements you add together. But I do see what you were going for here. Would really like to see what you could work with this idea.

    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Woodland Wizardry

      1yr ago

      Lmao to be honest there isn't much strategy in its current state. My intention was to make this rock paper scissor footsie game where you try to trick your opponent and land hits. Very much underestimated how much play testing would be needed to make it work and didn't prioritize clearity enough so it lacks some critical info and tooltips.

      Already started on a "full" version of the same concept just gotta find the time.

      Thanks for playing though!

  • Mark L 🌲
    Lv. 5

    I reeeeaally like those characters!

    Quite enjoyed it, my only thing would be that everything felt overly slow.. but that could've been just me and my computer, so I'm not sure.

    really well done

  • Chris Bradel

    I instantly love any game where you can combine powers so it was off to a good start. And obviously, the art is delightful. I would definitely play a more fleshed out version of this again. Great job!

  • Mavvy
    Lv. 2

    Woodland Wizardry is really engaging once you get how to craft spells. There's a decent amount of depth for strategy and a good helping of polish to compliment it. The art is really stylish, particularily love the character design, and the music appropriately hypes the action.

    A little more UI for seeing what each element is going to do to my spell would be nice. The pans and zooms are also just a little on the slow side.

    Overall an enjoyable entry.

  • Richard
    Lv. 7

    I really liked the art, music and concept of the game. I like the fact that there are many combinations and player can explore them. I would speed up the spellcasting and animation sequences, they were too slow. Overall, great game.

  • 2102

    Very interesting. I can feel this is a start to something greater, but it's definitely missing some key strategy and features that would make it really fun. Such is the nature of a game jam. Good job!

  • Kukatoo
    Lv. 3

    I really enjoyed crafting new spells and seeing what combinations did more damage. I like that the combat is simple, yet one could spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the different spells and corresponding ranges. I think the game would have benefitted from some additional sound effects and shorter transition times. Unlocking new opponents after being old ones would have been a cool feature with enough time to flesh it out.

    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Woodland Wizardry

      1yr ago

      Was planning to add a lot of these, even had a whole set of sound effects recorded. But unfortunately didn't have enough time for everything.

      Lesson learned on what to prioritize for next time!

  • Tydecon Games

    The turn based battle idea was cute and it was a fun idea to combine spells and defeat your opponent, I did find myself backed in to a corner and would've liked to have seen more enemies but it was a great concept and I enjoyed the cutesy style of this one, good job! :)

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    I played your game on stream :

    It was a nice rpg battle templet, bit lacking in UI Clarity but thats about it.



  • Villany
    Lv. 6

    Fun game with a cool visual look and premise. Finding out all of the spell combinations and what they looked like was half the fun, nice job with the spell art! The sound effects are nice but for some reason the game gave me really heavy angry-birds vibes and all I could hear was the angry-birds theme in my head lol. The expressive character animations were also really well done and the gameplay felt fluid.

    Some things I would add would maybe be a stat system that shows you how each element will affect the spell e.g. damage, range, etc.. I also think that sometimes the ai was a bit unresponsive and wouldn't move into range with his spell so he would just straight up miss.

    Nice game with unique laid back gameplay!

    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Woodland Wizardry

      1yr ago

      Clarity seems to be the number 1 feedback and I'm just slapping myself for not including any sort of tooltips.

      Glad you had a good time though!

  • TibiSoft
    Lv. 4

    Congrats, this game seems to have a very complex mage system with combinations of the different elements. The gamplay is well polished, background music fits to the theme. I really like the art and the readyness of GUI elements. Maybe some SFX would further improve the overall impression. Maybe it is my fault but I am not always sure what I am doing :) /eg. what combination would be more effective/

    All in all, it is a cool game with unique gameplay.