A game about ghosts, candy and curses

Having made a pact with an evil pumpkin, you're forced to feed it candy to prevent your death. However as time goes on you become more and more cursed, making it harder to stay alive.



You have to run around and collect candy. Don't let the ghosts catch you.



After each round you get to choose some upgrades. Pick wisely.



You will also have to choose how the game gets harder. Try to synergize these to make it easier for you.



  • arrow keys = move
  • a = jump
  • s = give candy / dash
  • f3 = fullscreen


@faxdoc- Art and programming

@fufu- Music and sound design


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  • Fachewachewa

    The game looks really good but it went too far with the visual effects for me, to the point that I had a really hard time reading the screen and where I could go.

    And the movement felt weird, it might just be the camera, but it was somehow really hard to control, and almost nauseating, even though I basically never have motion sickness in games.

    But apart from that it's a really cool game. Oh yeah 2 other things:

    • Being able to fullscreen or not is good, but the 1* scale is way too small anyways so there isn't really a choice.
    • The controls were really bad imo, especially on an azerty keyboard. Usually when there's multiple actions on arbitrary keys, I tend to mix them up. Giving the candies could be automated right? And the dash or jump could just be on spacebar, which also give the option to play it with wasd / zqsd.

    I'm nitpicking, but this kind of small stuff can really help in a gamejam.

    But yeah, just collecting candies and avoiding ghost was really fun and worked well, even though I though it'd be too simple at first.

  • dosto
    Lv. 16

    The visual look of the game is gorgeous. I like how you play with the effects and lights and don't just bring the "raw art" to the game. The visuals are one of my favourites in this jam.

    Music and sound design are also excellent. They fit well together and make a really rich soundscape to the game.

    I would have played the game much longer if the camera behaved in a better way. With that execution it brought some nauseous feels.

    Besides the camera issue, really good work!

  • Ivanbje

    Beautiful art but the camera is very disorienting. The movement felt nice but the camera made it really hard to see where you were going and turning made me lose track of where I was and where wanted to go. I like the curse selection, that's something I've not seen before.

    In game it said "d" to dash, I think, but the description says "s".

  • Tydecon Games

    I really like the style and the graphics and I love the idea that you can basically choose how you want the game to get more difficult as you progress - it's a really well thought out idea, I think the only thing that needs addressing here is the janky camera, that aside though, great entry!

  • Patrick
    Lv. 13

    Really great entry, my only little criticism woul be the snappy camera. Other than that it was top notch!

  • Luuklin
    Lv. 5

    Looks really pretty, lighting effects are great. The camera does move very quickly when turning making it hard to keep track of surroundings. It's also occasionally difficult to tell the walls from floors. If you move A, S, D to Z, X, C the arrow key controls would no longer conflict with WASD+JKL so you could have both of those work.

  • Chris

    The graphics look amazing, really nice lighting. Game has a good feel to it too

  • scottgoldsmith
    Lv. 10

    Absolutely gorgeous artwork.

  • Team Seguin
    Lv. 2

    WOW! That was super fun! Very tight controls, speedy! My one complaint would be the camera being a wee bit erratic feeling. Then again, it did aid in the anxiety of the chase! haha Great job! ps very polished! the visual style was really cool!

  • Cavedens
    Lv. 3

    The camera moving is a bit to intense. I would consider toning it down a bit. Its also hard to tell where the walls are and what part of a ghost will actually hit you. Overall though, good job. I can see you coming out with great stuff in the future. Keep up the good work

    Mixel City

    Mixel City

    • faxdoc
      Lv. 5
      faxdoc Coder of Feed the gresskar

      2yrs ago

      That's really nice of you, thanks. Yeah people don't seem to like the camera, idk why It doesn't seem weird to me. Ghost hitboxes are pretty small and at the base of their body, I guess bullet-hell type collision don't work for this kind of game.