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Play as necrobooster! Use your boost to suck out of the souls of enemies, if you hit an enemy with a boost you can use it again without landing, chaining them together to fly around.

Boost on a dead knight to resurrect them, sending them into holy barriers and making them move forward like zombies.

NecroBooster takes a lot of energy to keep going, just stand around and his energy will tick away.


WASD to move, Space to jump, Mouse left to boost, R to restart, Hold esc to quit.


Music and sound effects by OctoFusion

Art and coding by QuibbleCoatl.

Fonts used: m5x7 by Daniel Linssen, Manaspace by codeman38

alt text


I recommend playing in full screen to stop the cursor leaving the window. Edit: I messed up with this, the code to keep the cursor inside in fullscreen has some boundary issues, so keep that in mind.

If things seem a little nonsensical, well the story pretty much got cut due to time. The knight's damsel at the end of each stage is a jokey excuse to reset the timer, as you steal their energy.


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