chicken chow

chicken chow

  • voxeledphoton
  • 1 year ago
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My intentions for relevance to the theme is hinted by the clocktower but ran out of time as I'm used to 3day jams and was focused more on game feel. The Player/s would have let the chickens out during the day to feed on various insectoids and bring them back when the ravenous snakes surfaced at the sound of the clocktower bell. Your score would be based on how well they're fed each day (would maybe have had certain sections that have more insects so you'd need to bring them to the right place) and how many chickens are left so you'd be shown your score at the end of each night/beginning of the day. I have a bunch of other thoughts for this as well.

[to be added]

  1. gates you can open and close
  2. better music
  3. chicken sounds
  4. snakes eat chickens
  5. chicken feeding state
  6. etc.
    oh and don't scroll up...


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