Dark Lair

Dark Lair

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The Game

Dark Lair is a Single Player bullet hell in which you are thrust into purgatory and must escape. With only a limited amount of time, you must survive for as long as possible to give yourself the best chance of fighting the overlord of the underworld, Lucifer, himself.


First Arena

You start off in a randomly generated room where you have to try and get the best weapon you can. Weapons are achieved through kills, so the more kills you get, the more weapons you'll get.However, time is important as you are only given around 3 minutes for both this room and the boss fight. Furthermore, taking damage reduces your time by 10 seconds, so it is key to leave the first arena by pressing enter as soon as you have a good weapon. alt text

The Boss

Once you have left the arena, you will take on Satan himself. With the time you have left and the gun you kept, you will have to take on him until you either win or the countdown hits 0. Good luck! alt text


Basic keyboard controls for the game

  1. Fullscreen: F3 (In Game)
  2. Movement: WASD
  3. Shoot: LMB
  4. Dodge: RMB
  5. Enter Boss Arena (Optional): Enter


  • Coding by Knyght and The Guy With The Snake
  • Art by Knyght and The Guy With The Snake
  • Music and Additional Art by Audiate
  • Font Used


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