Arthurs vs Merlins

Arthurs vs Merlins

  • IsmoLaitela
  • 2 years ago
  • 33rd

Arthurs vs Merlins

What's it all about

Choose your side between Arthurs and Merlins. Create your character and kick your opponents' asses! Join the battle with 4 companions along your side and watch as the death reaps the field. There's no randomly generated heroes: Every and each hero you see on the battlefield, is another player's creation; that's why internet connection is required.

Creating a hero

First, choose your class: Fighter, Ranger, Mage or Healer! Fighter likes it rough and aims to get as close as possible, while Ranger likes to take their distance. Mage deals AoE-kind of damage and Healer likes to touch their allies. Add attribute points and choose carefully your character's focus. This plays important role on who they'll choose as their target.


  • Character creation!
  • Team based battle!
  • Choose your desired companions!
  • Sit back and watch as battle rolls on its own!
  • Increase your teams score!
  • Look at the awesome battle log!
  • Automatic updates!


  • Programming - @TheIsmoLaitela
  • Audio - DJJusbi
  • Coat-of-arms (art) - MalkavianDX


My original plan was to create a game, in which you would build your own army and let other players fight against it, while you would try to destroy them. There would've been wins-losses tracker for each player and highscores and what not. But, it didn't quite fit for this theme. So, I started to change my plans. Soon after this kind of idea started to form in my head. First I wanted there to be a chat room, but I had to scrap it (due to multiple reasons) and there's now battle logs present. Nowthat I've reached character limits, this will stay really short in here. Probably writing longer to /r/gamemaker.

Questions? Problems? Contact me through Twitter! Comments under the game will do as well, but I'm not that active reader here. So if you got a question you'd like to receive answer right away -> Twitter!

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  • Andrew
    Andrew Andrew Level 4

    I'm impressed that you were able to put this type of gameplay system together in 48 hours. Well done on the API/backend stuff! I like that it was relatively simple and quick to play a match.

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      Backend took about half of the time and I had to scrap plenty of ideas I had for this game. However, what I managed to create is something that works and I'm happy with it. After all, I set myself a challenge and managed to complete it!

      Cheers for playing!

  • ckau
    ckau ckau Level 13

    Maxed out ranger's movement and speed attack hoping to create the Legolas - got standing still hipster who barely shoots. 10/10 lost balances :D

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      Archers have quite a long range as a default, so movement speed is quite useless for them as they don't try to "keep their distance". Attack speed is okay, but if damage is neglected, it'll be just a random guy standing in a field, shooting faster than anyone else, but barely doing any damage. I could buff their base attack speed, hmm...

      Cheers for trying out!

  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    It's basically a flavourful Roll A Die Simulator, except the Arthurs seem to have weighted dice. Those bastards xD

    [roll a D10] out of 10, would play again

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      I just did and rolled perfect 3! Yes, even after highly nerfing fighters, it still looks like Arthurs just know the right way of building these characters AND choose the right focus!

  • Westwud
    Westwud Westwud Level 5

    Pretty cool idea. However I don't know if it's intentional or I am missing something obvious, but I couldn't get my player to move (I tried pretty much every keyboard and mouse buttons).

    There is a chance when an ally and an enemy overlap and they can't kill each other and the game can't end.

    I select 4 archer companions, but I get 4 different ones each time (I don't know if it actually chooses 4 other player profiles, and the companions were just fillers when you started when nobody was registered).

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      Your player moves automatically, just like everyone else on the field. If you took away all the movement points, then it's quite unlikely that there was any movement at all.

      This overlapping issue is unfortunate and I know it. Didn't managed to catch it during development and now it will haunt the game forever!

      If you decide to choose 4 rangers, there may not be that many rangers created on your team. If it only finds, let's say, 2, the rest are filled with other type of units from your team. As every unit is player created, there's no randomly generated ones. In this case, it appears that your team doesn't have enough rangers to fully support your needs, so it randomizes some other characters to your team.

      Cheers for trying it out anyway!

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 20

    Tbh, I just rated everything on good, because everything was good. Well, maybve apart from innovation, because this was a quite creative approach, with the muoltiplayer and all. Good work!

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      Based on popular feedback, I didn't expect anyone to appreciate this that much. Cheers!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Really cool idea, the gameplay itself is kinda boring but it's cool to have a team with you, me and my friend grinded a ton to make the merlins win but healers are way too op.

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      After watching the VOD, I can say healers are not OP, but bugged in certain situations. Also, as you mentioned, Arthurs have set better focus than Merlins. I'm quite surprised you managed to grind as much as you did. :D

  • StereoJunkie
    StereoJunkie StereoJunkie Level 4

    Hi, I really like the concept, art style, music but gameplay. Gameplay feels a bit lacking, for some reason I wasn't able to actually choose my companions just my own guy. > The fighter feels like it's wayyyyy too over powered, mostly because the only formation that my enemies use is 4 fighters and 1 healer and because I couldn't change my companions I was just stuck losing non-stop. > For the rest I like the idea but I don't feel as if it really were your companions. Maybe make them more responsive to the player. Obviously not to the point where you are basically playing the companion (the paradox) but just to a certain amount. I bid you farewell my friend and hope to meet you on discord sometimes. 😁

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 19

      Gameplay feels a bit lacking

      It's basically just "click FIGHT and hope for the best", so yeah, it is.

      The fighter feels like it's wayyyyy too over powered

      Then I might nerf them a bit more! I already halved their health and armor, but apparently more is needed.

      I couldn't change my companions

      You can, in fact. When you choose your preferred companions, it tries to find those from the database. If it can't find any, like in this case when there's definitely not enough players yet, it then picks some random dudes instead from your side. That's why it's preferred companions as it tries its best to find them, but if it can't... it randomizes the rest.

      I don't feel as if it really were your companions

      I guess they would've felt more like it if you were actually controlling yourself, instead of them just fighting with you.

      Thanks for playing, and I hope you'll visit it again a bit later when (hopefully) more players have created their characters! :)