Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde

  • AverageGoob
  • 2 years ago
  • 23rd

Game Overview

Team up with your pet mouse, Bonnie, to help defend your food from the mean mice! CAREFUL, you don't want to kill Bonnie; she is different than all the other mice.


  • Hold Left/Right Mouse Buttons - Move Clyde's Paws
  • Space - Launch an attack from the active claws
  • 1 - Command Bonnie to attack other mice (she hunts them down)
  • 2 - Command Bonnie to retrieve food that she is close to


Joshua Long (radethdart)

  • Art & Animation
  • Game Design
  • Sound Effects
  • Music
  • Programming


Please note that I added the HTML5 version for quick playing the game. If you want the full, bug-free experience, please download the windows version of the game. The only known bug is that in the HTML5 version, the music overlaps after a game-over. So, if this happens, please refresh the browser window - that should do the trick!

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  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60

    The game is confusing at first. I wasn't sure what to do and I do think the controls are a bit more elaborate than they should.

    That said, the game is cute and has a nice gimmick: A cat teaming up with a mouse... to kill mice. Fun! :D

  • Lone
    Lone Lone Level 10

    I really liked this game. I had fun all the way through and controlling both Bonnie and Clyde wasn't too difficult :D I would have liked to be able to mave Clyde a bit more, but it also added to the difficulty of the game and, of course, forced me to use Bonnie more often - which is the point of the campanion. Loved it - good work!

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      Thank you for your feedback! I'm actually really excited about all of the great reviews I'm getting for this game! I'm considering a little more polish and publishing it as an android/iOS game with all the feedback! :) I'm so glad you had fun!

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, I playedyour game, it was playwise short before started repeating itself, but it was good otherwise. You got companion theme well here. Few first rounds I played I didn't know why I lost (maybe some Game Over screen stating what caused could have been good). Then it occured to me, that you could accidently kill Bonnie D: Overall, it was good game, managed to get more than 600 points, and then I let mice get all food just to end it.

  • Pol L.
    Pol L. Pol L. Level 4

    A great game. I love this kind of "multi-tasking" and it is quite nice to play. The graphics are enjoyable and the music is cool.

  • Santino Sandor

    Nice game,good art and sound and a very good idea for a game. I think that after hitting Bonnie the game should restart faster but still a great game.

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      Thank you for the feedback! I am going to incorporate a game over sequence when you kill Bonnie, so I left that timing a little longer so you realize why you got a game over. I hope you come back to play the update once I have it live after the voting!

  • Luke No Further

    I got to about 500 points and then I think I splatted Bonnie D:

    You made me care about that tiny baddass mouse! Cute but deadly - shanking its brethren left right and centre.

    Good fun! Kind of clunky controls but I guess you're trying to make the cat feel kind of slow and clumsy and in danger of splatting his friend? Well, it worked :)

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      500?! OH boy, I can't wait to add the leaderboard and fix up the food pathfinding for Bonnie! I would love to see how far people get! I'll have you know I think my best so far is 250, so good job! I'm glad I could help make you care about that cute, albino mouse :) She's a pretty good companion!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    Very cool! Love the art and sound. Plus.....Cats forever!!!! And I thought the cat and mouse being friends is adorable yet heart breaking when you accidentally kill the mouse :(

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I know this is kind of crazy, but I don't even really like cats but I find myself making games about cats because we can all relate to them haha! You gotta watch out for Bonnie, though, she's fast, but sometimes you are faster and get caught up trying to smash the other mice! :(

  • Nightshayd
    Nightshayd Nightshayd Level 1

    Very cute game, love the style! Good job with the theme, the mouse really feels like a valuable companion. I wish the paws didn't have to be dragged, but it still plays well, other than that very well done!

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      Thank you so much for your feedback! The paws are meant to be playful and a little challenging to use, however, adding an option for advanced/basic controls isn't a bad idea for a future update!

  • NikoTheNeko
    NikoTheNeko NikoTheNeko Level 2

    I really like the art style of the game! The controls after figuring it out were interesting. I like how you can't rely on yourself a lot because your paws only go so far so you'd have to depend on the mouse as well. The controls were a bit confusing to pick up I think there's a bit too much on the tutorial screen. Sometimes the mouse would retrieve the cat food but sometimes the pathfinding would get stuck. It doesn't feel like the difficulty ramps up either.

    • AverageGoob AverageGoob
      Level 13

      Thanks for the feedback :) Trust me, it gets difficult when you reach higher scores.