Jelly and Shelly's Treasure Hunt

Jelly and Shelly's Treasure Hunt

  • Orange Tinted Glasses
  • 1 year ago
  • 7th


Jelly and Shelly are the best friends two invertebrates can be and together they are determined to become fearsome pirates and collect the hidden treasures below the waves.

Navigate through four levels of oceanic puzzles, avoiding bubble traps, sticky seaweed and hungry sea turtles in order to unlock treasures and deck out your fishy friends in pirate garb befitting any scallywag worth his galleons.

Simultaneously control Jelly with the arrow keys and Shelly with WASD (also compatible with an Xbox controller). Snap Shelly's claws to defend his friend and take a ride on Jelly's squishy head to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Created by Orange Tinted Glasses

Colin Henry: Programming

Douglas Terhune: Level Design \ Programming

Christina Terhune: Visual Art

Elisabeth Jetter: Music Composition \ Sound


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