Jelly and Shelly's Treasure Hunt

Jelly and Shelly's Treasure Hunt

  • Orange Tinted Glasses
  • 2 years ago
  • 7th

Jelly and Shelly are the best friends two invertebrates can be and together they are determined to become fearsome pirates and collect the hidden treasures below the waves.

Navigate through four levels of oceanic puzzles, avoiding bubble traps, sticky seaweed and hungry sea turtles in order to unlock treasures and deck out your fishy friends in pirate garb befitting any scallywag worth his galleons.

Simultaneously control Jelly with the arrow keys and Shelly with WASD (also compatible with an Xbox controller). Snap Shelly's claws to defend his friend and take a ride on Jelly's squishy head to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Created by Orange Tinted Glasses

Colin Henry: Programming

Douglas Terhune: Level Design \ Programming

Christina Terhune: Visual Art

Elisabeth Jetter: Music Composition \ Sound

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  • baku
    baku baku Level 51 Patron

    At first I also thought I got stuck in the seaweed, until I read Kwis' post below >.<

    I wish the death plane in level 3 (I think - the level where Shelly needs to bouce on Jelly a few times to get down to the chest, anyway) was further down, since the first time I bounced just one too many times and Jelly was pushed down to the edge of the screen, immediately dying >.<

    Shelly's controls were a little hard to get used to, sometimes I'd accidentally press Space to jump, resulting in Shelly falling to their death >.<

    All in all, I did like the game though! It was very cute, and nice use of the theme.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 59
    • Initially thought the jellyfish got stuck in the seaweed. An indication on the first level at least would have been welcome. Or at the very list, state it in the description of the page, I thought it wasn't intended.
    • The game feels very floaty and a bit slow. I wondered if it was because it was running slower on my computer, but both the html and downloadable version ran at the same speed. EDIT: I mean, like, too floaty: it feels unnatural and weird
    • The impacts (claw snapping, turtle eating) felt disconnected from the game: The hitbox is huge (give it an appropriate visual effect to match it) and the turtles just drift away when you snap them. A visual effect on top would have been good to properly register a hit. I personally also like to give an impact sound rather than just a whimper.
    • The second level got me giving up because it was a bit long and the game was a bit slow, so it wasn't very encouraging. You shouldn't give "kinda puzzles" there. The bubbles pushing the jelly fish to the turtle adds a difficult i'd expect on later levels.

    That said, the game is cute and it's fun how the characters get new costumes in further levels. Also, it stands true to its gimmick and gives it coherence (crab, jelly fish vs predators, turtles)

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      Thank you for trying our game! I'm glad you figured out the seaweed, and that you felt it was floaty enough. We were shooting for a game that was slow enough to mentally prep for the tricky coordination required in later levels.

      I'm sad you didn't make it to the last two levels, as I had a lot of fun with the level design.

  • ToastKitten
    ToastKitten ToastKitten Level 4

    Really well done!

    • It was really fun to see the character costumes update as you went through the levels.
    • I didn't expect the sea turtles to be as scary as they were
    • The last puzzle with the bubble tunnel going into all the sea turtles was really cool.
    • I appreciated that the first level was where I learned everything I needed to know for future levels.

    The only thing I would have wanted was a reset button for the "stuck state." Jelly got caught in some seaweed when I first started playing, and I had to find a way to kill Shelly to restart the level.

    I usually don't like the slower physics based collisions (I'm assuming they were using GMS's physics engine, but I could be wrong) but I really liked how everything came together for this game.

    Art/sound/music added to the immersion/setting in a positive way.

    Great work!

    EDIT: I got that shelly could cut down the seaweed to free Jelly. I was referencing a point where I had Shelly was further in the level when jelly got stuck, and Shelly could not make it back to cut jelly loose, and I had to use a "Death Hole" as you've named it :3

    • Reiale Reiale
      Level 5

      Yay! I love that you had fun with the costumes! It was very amusing to design them and I hoped they would make people smile :)

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      We had debated on a reset button, but eventually decided to always give Shelly a "Death Hole" to jump out of if Jelly got caught in seaweed Shelly couldn't reach. Now that type it out, Death Holes sound pretty off-putting.

      It seems that a lot of people didn't get that getting stuck in seaweed ( or near it with too large of collision boxes) was a very intentional game mechanic. in most cases Shelly can cut Jelly out, but in quite a few it is required to avoid seaweed entirely.

      I'm glad you beat the game and liked the puzzles!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Collision seems to be the main problem with the game, however the fun mechanics and gameplay make up for that drastically.

    the music is well suited for the game, however after multiple listens gets a tad annoying - possibly add more variations.

    The art style was also a highlight, reminds me of flash games on a school computer for some reason - however maybe a varying sand texture would make it more appealing

    • Reiale Reiale
      Level 5

      I am happy that you enjoyed the art! Everything was hand drawn, colored and then scanned. I agree it would have been nice to have a lot more background decor and textures but I didn't have the time to draw out more. Maybe in future versions!

  • Mind's Mirrors

    This is a nice fun little game. I tried it alone at first and it seemed challenging, but with a second player it was a lot of fun. The unique move mechanics that each player had really made it fun. I like that you have to cooperate with your companion to make it through. It was challenging but pretty fun! I had a few bugs like getting the jelly stuck a few times but nothing that really hindered play. The art was cute and I like the music too! Nice game!

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      I'm glad you liked it! The fact that you played it with a companion warms my heart. It was a tough decision picking an appropriate dificulty, but I wanted to make sure victory really felt satisfying. The colision box for the seaweed is rectangular, so sometimes it looks like Jelly is stuck on nothing :(

  • Maytch
    Maytch Maytch Level 2

    Cute art style! I like the premise, definitely need 2 players though as it seems I have two left hands. I encountered a bug where Jelly got stuck on the corner of a block though! <-- My bad it WAS seaweed! I can't make a new comment though, but I did increase the rating.

    • Reiale Reiale
      Level 5

      I am so glad you liked the art! Was Jelly stuck on a sand block or seaweed? The seaweed can be cut with Shelly's claws.

  • Luke No Further

    YES this is brilliant!

    I really like the design of the two companions strengths and weaknesses, they felt very different and complimentary and the undersea theme was a great way of making those strengths and weaknesses very clear and satisfying - Of course the soft jellyfish is defenceless but can move freely! Of course the hard-shelled crab is invincible and deadly but has limited movement!

    I love the attention paid to art, level design, obstacles, music, sfx and animation - a very well-rounded game for 48 hours!

    Edit - Also the HTML5 version was smooth and bug-free! Not an easy achievement :o

    • Reiale Reiale
      Level 5

      Thank you so much! I had so much fun doing the art for this game so I am very happy to see that you enjoyed it!

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      I'm glad with what we ended up with. It seems like the entire first hour was just figuring out what to do. We had a huge list of ideas for the other nine potential themes, but Companion we were blanking on for a while.

      It was fun afterward to see all four of us go off and do our things, and have it all come together near the end.

      Thanks for trying it out, I am so glad you enjoyed it!