Invitation from the Doctor

Invitation from the Doctor

  • Tero Hannula
  • 1 year ago
  • 45th


Welcome ~ Welcome ~

Doctor has invited you to witness the Elixir of Life, should you choose to accept the invitation?


  • WASD or Arrow keys - Move
  • Mouse - Look and Interact
  • Either Shift - Run
  • Either Ctrl - Crouch
  • Space or Numpad0 - Jump
  • E - Skip text
  • Enter - Inventory

Unfinished, Pokemon Go day and other things took away precious time. Basically the introduction story is finished, not any puzzles. But lets say you win if you find the key ^^" Android Port was a test, game was really intented to play with a PC


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49

    So, obviously, the game is not finished. It's lacking some kind of gameplay, but yeah, you ran out of time so it's to be expected.

    Too bad cause because of that, we didn't get to get to the theme of the gm48!

    Small note on ergonomy: Usually as players we like comfort to be optimal. Since most people used to first person would move with wasd, it's weird to include enter in the controls while any other button could serve as well. For example, "i" for inventory is closer, so you can get it with your left hand. With enter, it's in the middle of both hands, so it's not as comfortable.

    That said, the 3d felt nice. It's cool to feel the character moving as well! The textures don't look very appealing though, but the lighting is pretty nice and I like the artistic direction. It makes for a great looking thumbnail!

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks for the feedback :) Yeah, I didn't get to the theme yet. The idea was to have guest (who had been bitten) with you upstairs, and few puzzles. One puzzle would have needed something from dowstairs, but you can't go there (zombies duh). A riddle would have told you, that zombies don't care about people who have gotten bitten already. Therefore after that you would had to talk/command your companion - the bitten guest - to go downstairs to bring thing back up. And of course battle against time; as bitten guest had some of 'elixir of life' running in his veins because of bite, and turning slowly to zombie.

      About the Enter-key, sorry about that. Personally while playing I used Numpad's Enter, which is next to the mouse and was easy to press.

      I think too that textures were horrible, but atleast something ^^" (First I thought making black & white) ~What joy is with immortal life, if you are zombie?~

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 18

    Is there anything after going upstairs and picking up the blocks, end and key? Because that's all I could find. Also, I don't think the theme really passes. Maybe it's because I couldn't get past the beforementioned part. Good job on making a 3D game tho. I'm impressed.

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Hi, thanks for feedback. No, there isn't anything other than that, didn't have time as other things than this jam took so much usable time :( The End-block also explains this, if you click it on the inventory. You are right, currently theme doesn't really pass. But idea was to have one guest upstairs with you, but he would have gotten a bit by the doctor. So zombie dowstairs, infected keeping you a company. But you would have needed bitten guest to go dowstairs (talk him to go there), as zombies wouldn't have cared about people who have already been bitten.

  • Jamblefoot
    Jamblefoot Jamblefoot Level 8

    The 3d effects are so cool and really well done. There're a lot of great touches, like the bobbing with footsteps and some easing effects that give it a really high degree of immersion and polish. I'm just super impressed by what you were able to pull off.

    Of course more gameplay would have been awesome, but just as a little tech demo, this thing is really neat. I did seem to hit a bug that after I went up the stairs, I was unable to go back down. All in all, great job on your game!

    P.S. any recommendations for a good 3d in Gamemaker tutorial? I've been meaning to give it a try

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks, and you had good eye to notice these little things ^^ It was intentional that you can't go downstairs anymore - the gate of stairs would have been closed, but didn't have time. The idea was to have one of guest run with you to the upstairs, but he would have gotten bit by Doctor. After puzzles it would have appeared, that person who has already been bitten, can be among the zombies without them being aggressive. So for escaping you would have needed the bitten guest, the companion, which was also risk as he would turn to zombie soon too. I have been fooling around with GMS for years and came past with so many tutorials etc. that I don't know what to recommend ^^" On Youtube I think Heartbeast has simple 3D dungeon tutorial.

  • ckau
    ckau ckau Level 13

    For me personally, there's something very attractive in such a low key 3D games. I might think that's "low expectations - met 200%" thing. Like, as a player I don't really expect anything from the game, and amused every time I can actually do something that comes to my mind, or something unusual happens.

    One thing I want to highlight is the easings and overall smooth UI and interactions. Really a good touch on details, you doing it great!

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Hi, thanks for testing my game. I wanted to make gameplay and other things feel smooth, though there wasn't much to play with ^^" Thanks for the feedback :)

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Really cool looking game, good sound too. All in all it felt very immersive, and had a nice atmosphere. It's a shame you didn't have time to finish it, since it looks very promising.

    Question about the lighting, is it real-time or all baked? I'd assume the latter, but thought about asking anyway

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks for feedback :) I think I could have finished, or at least have puzzles, if I had someone else make models or/and I would have used whole weekend on this ^^" Lightings are baked on the textures, because I don't think GMS supports shadowcasting. This brought new problem, as I made slight changes to models, I had to bake new textures, otherwise those could be messed up.

  • Santino Sandor

    The gameplay and the 3d was great. Too bad the game was not finished in time.Would like to see it finished.

  • Kyon
    Kyon Kyon Level 16

    Very nice! Cool character design and style overall. Really wanted to see some more of the story. I hope you'll finish it anyway.

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks for the feedback :) Yeah, I want to do this as better game, make 3D models with more care and better textures etc., and of course make the puzzles, so there is something to play :D

      I'll play your game and give feedback soon (:

  • StereoJunkie
    StereoJunkie StereoJunkie Level 4

    So um where to start, the 3D was wonderfully done. Especially loved the 2D npcs that turn with you. But i'm here to give constructive criticism. As you most likely already know, the game is incomplete. I think u over estimate the amount of time you had by way too far. Also because there is no game play, i'm not sure how this correlates to the theme "companion". Maybe next time try finding a group so you can more easily pull off a whole 3D game. So except for all that criticism, I gotta say: Great job on the 3D environment, haven't seen it be pulled off this nicely 😁

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks, I wanted to do something else than usual 2D game (:

      Yeah, you are right, I overestimated my time, shouldn't made intro scene, buuut it wouldn't have had given right immersion. And on other hand, I used atleast 4 hours just playing Pokemon Go, and did other things too ^^" I think I could have made atleast some puzzles, if I had had one of my bros modelling 3D environment, but they had no interest this time. So, in the end I might try ask them earlier, so might have some change in this kind of game. Thanks for the feedback :)

      I will test your game sometime soon :)

  • FlashPulse
    FlashPulse FlashPulse Level 5

    Looks nice and has a certain immersion. Too bad you didn't have time for the actual game. :)

    I tried to find the key, but gave up. :D Are you supposed to stand on the block? Because I couldn't...

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Key is on second floor hidden on floor level. Dark block has no function, it was just for testing Inventory system. As you can drop items, you would have need it for one puzzle, where you have to put item on plate. Basicalle I already had mechanics done for making puzzles, just hadn't time to make them to the game.

      I will test your game soon :)

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Gorgeous game, it looks so good, I didn't even know something like this could be done in Gamemaker, let alone in 48 hours.

    Sadly the gameplay and lenght of the game take a hit from it, but even though it's clearly unfinished it still managed to get a pretty high rating from me purely because of how technically impressive it is.

    • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula
      Level 32

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Yeah, sadly I didn't have enough time, life got in the way (Also Sunday was Pokemon Go day :,D ). Also I didn't get other to do 3D models for me, had to do them myself, which took alot of time. Not skilled modeller ^^" So yeah, after I understood that I won't have time to make puzzles, I tried to polish mechanics and other things.

      I'll test your game too soon :)


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