Dream On

Dream On

  • Kwis & Wangle
  • 2 years ago
  • 5th

Once you're done rating, play the post-jam version! :D https://kwisarts.itch.io/dream-on-post-jam


"You can't work so many hours straight on a project. Take a break, rest a bit."

It's time to stop working for a bit.

You can watch the full walkthrough here: https://youtu.be/r4xdsA1vXyU
(not recommended if you did not try the game yet. I think it's best to discover the game first by playing it.)

  • WASD - Move your character (sorry, I was too short on time to add zqsd support, but it was planned)
  • MOUSE - Move your cursor
  • LEFT CLICK - Interact
  • ALT + ENTER - Fullscreen

I ran out of time, so a few evil glitches got squeezed in! Please be aware of these as they are game breaking: (sorry)


To avoid the infinite battle loop (although it's not actually infinite), just complete the quest with the computer. Whenever talked to, the computer will activate the quest. As long as you can pay him 100 dream essence, you can safely go to the other room. Just avoid activating the quest again.

If you'd rather watch a video: https://youtu.be/yLBLl6578qc


When the fish asks you for dream essence, if you have more than 99 dream essence, don't choose "give 9999 dream essence".

If you prefer a video: https://youtu.be/kNOV5ZSXEc8

Also, beating the game crashes the game. You're not missing anything though, I did not get the time to finish the last room, sadly. (you probably noticed. The boss isn't giving much feedback when taking damage)


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  • Tero Hannula

    The game looks good, and sounds are done well, though battle music sounds out of style somehow - it isn't dreamy enough or something ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I had same problem as Baku, game glitched after I went to another room and battle mode started without dreamies. Storywise game had nice build-up, and I think overall you should have left battle sequences aside and concentrated on exploring dreamy world. Otherwise, nice entry :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Not a bad advice, I'd say. But I'd be scared to have too little to offer, as the fight system was there to avoid the game being just an "go there, do that" kind of game. I don't think the exploration would have been enough for a good game. I mean, that's how I tackled it.

      I've been doing a bit more click and pointy things on gm48 lately and it seems like I can't help but want to add things. At least, the battle system was way more polished than in Please, Move To The Circle.

      If you're feeling for it after the jam/rating, you can try the post-jam version, glitch free :) https://kwisarts.itch.io/dream-on-post-jam

  • baku
    baku baku Level 51 Patron

    Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, plays... well, it played pretty darn good too, until I hit a glitch. I think I accidentally accepted the computer's quest again without realising (my mouse sometimes double-clicks when I intend to single-click, maybe that was the reason 🤔), fought a round of dreamies in the dream room, then went through the door to the normal room - where a battle started, but no dreamies spawned and it seemed to never end >.<

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Yep, I wish I just had 5 more minutes to fix that. It wasn't even an hard fix :(

  • gary butler
    gary butler gary butler Level 7

    What a surprise, I hadn't read the description. That was a bucket of fun though I did get caught by one of the glitches. Still super fun and I will try to play again without the walk through.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Kwisarts is synonymous with incredible art and overwhelming amounts of polish, so I can't say anything that hasn't already been said on that.

    Wangle made some really good music for this game too though, and the sound effects were great aswell.

    The main problem with this potentially jam-winning game though is that it's so full of bugs that you can't ignore them even if you try, which is what I did. I got softlocked multiple times and had the game crash on me when I finally managed to reach the boss (Nice plot twist btw).

    I want to stress out that even for your standards this game looked gorgeous though, and that before my immersion got broken it really felt like such a good experience.

  • Juzek
    Juzek Juzek Level 8

    I liked the art style and the music, and it was a clever premise for a game jam.

    I liked needing to click on the window to get to the boss battle, I had to look for that. It brought me back to the old point and click adventures.

    The fights had no sence of challenge for me, and I wound up just standing on one side of the screen and clicking on the other waiting for the points to go up.

    It had a nice laid back exploring feel, and the dialogue that was on the screen (I couldn't read parts of it) was funny, and helped make it feel more theme cohesive.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Yes, the fights were not supposed to give any challenge. I just meant it as a kind of "mini game" in the game, as the limited scope wouldn't allow to make something more complex (it shows, since I was unable to finish the game), so the only challenge is being able to shoot as many sheeps as possible before they live the screen.

      The text being sometimes hidden was because I calibrated it to get back on the room if it's out of the room, while I should have done that for the view instead, but wasn't sure how to. Initially, voice acting was planned though, so it would have been a minor issue. But lack of time didn't allow to add the voices in the end.

      Thank you for playing and for the feedback! :)


    I don't know if this is "the fish crash" but I got this error in the middle of the boss fight:

    action number 1
    of Destroy Event
    for object controller:
    Unable to find any instance for object index &#039;28&#039; name &#039;oBGM&#039;
    at gml_Script_bgm_sound
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_bgm_sound (line -1)
    called from - gml_Object_controller_Step_0 (line -1) - &lt;unknown source line&gt;

    I did try to pay the fish 9999 Dream essense but I didn't have more than 100 so I don't think that's the problem.

    Edit: I played again and the same problem occored. Wait is that how the game is meant to end?

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Congratulations, you passed the first glitches!

      This was the crash I mentioned when the game is finished. The boss has 100 health, so when you get it down to 0 hp, it stops the controller object (which is responsible for the wave of enemies) which creates an error. The boss says something as he dies, a rushed line like "oh no, i'm dead" and then the game ends. So that's what you triggered! Yes, there's not much more to it. The post-jam version has this part fixed already anyway, and a proper ending! The jam version is the result of a very rushed boss fight in the last minutes I had left to finish the game. I really wanted to get the boss fight in, just for the epic start of it.

      The game is just a mess in its current state, but I'm glad you avoided the first glitch, so good dedication there, you even did it twice. :)

      I hope you enjoyed it despite these frustrating flaws!

  • s7stringmadness

    The game was aesthetically very nice, great art and music! Even knowing about the glitches, I unfortunately fell prey to the endless battle. The story and theme seemed really interesting though, I would love to see more of this game after the jam :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Drat, it's really annoying that I never fell upon that glitch when I played cause i never talked back to the computer nor tried to do something else. I wish I had a build to test it with someone to notice that bug sooner, it's difficult to "predict" what the player might do, and it's always unexpected.

      The post-jam version (with an actual ending) is almost ready!

  • WinuX
    WinuX WinuX Level 15

    Really fun and immersive game.
    The art and the music are perfect.
    The gameplay is also really fun and like in the last game, the humor is on point or should I say on dream... (I'm bad at jokes xD)

    It's really a shame that there are this many glitches otherwise it would be nearly perfect!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Sadly, yes, especially considering the glitches were fixable in 5 minutes (the time it took me to fix them)

      The post-jam (and fixed) version has a true ending!

  • QuibbleCoatl
    QuibbleCoatl QuibbleCoatl Level 11

    Really great art and atmosphere as always Kwis. Shame about the bugs but at least they are fairly easy to avoid once you know what to look out for. The lighting effects are nice and fish animation sticks out as looking interesting. It's a bit odd that the character doesn't have a walk animation when moving directly up and down but I'm guessing that's just a small oversight.

    Great music by WangleLine, the ambient/calm track was nice and the sound effects were all well done, with nice details such as the tapping of a keyboard for the PC "voice" sound. However I think the battle loop, while it sounds good in general, could have been a little longer. It gets a little bit repetitive when you have to fight three times in a row collecting essence.

    Gameplay is fairly simple but not at all bad, it feels good to control.

    I would say that the use of theme while not the most interesting gets a pass, the companion is cute. (the dream sheep enemies were really cute ha.)

    The art, atmosphere, story aspects (top marks for Immersion there) and music all flow together nicely. Together they really make it feel like a polished game even if the stability suffered a bit, so great job.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      The character sprite not animating fully is because i seriously lacked time. The animation was made last minute and didn't get the time to test to see I was only making him animate when changing x. Note that this is one of the reasons I didn't get to fix the glitches.

      It honestly came down to 5 minutes to fix the glitches. (That's the time it took me to fix them, they were easily avoidable mistakes. Pretty sad about that)

      About the music, that's on me: because of the time left, I decided not to do something about the intro, which I believe is partly what makes it feel repetititve. I wanted Wangle to focus on the rest of the sound so I didn't ask to change that. What I can do is do a bit of code to keep the intro and loop at the right moment. Since you're not supposed to see that fight more than 3 times (you need about 2-3 times the fight to collect enough essence), I didn't expect it to be an issue, as the only other fight is against the boss. (note that the intro of the boss song was done differently, the intro is separated; could have done that for the battle music too, but the background music object is a serious mess!)

      Note that I am satisfied with the gameplay this time; it's supposed to be some kind of point and click, so I wanted the fight themselves a bit more simple than your usual shooter)

      And yeaaah I'm aware the game isn't the most close to the theme, but I tried to make the companion's interactions as interesting as possible (he talks while talking to npc, he offers his own opinions when you inspect objects in the first room). Also I wanted to "twist" the theme at the end with the plot twist.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciated! :)

  • Jean-Bernard G

    I have the same advice than the others and i also got trapped in an endless loop. However, if you make a post gamejam update I will play it again. The art and music are really cool :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Sure! Check my page in maybe a week or so for the hotfix!

      Note: I was mistaken. It's only an endless loop if you go outside the room while the mission with the computer is active. you can still manage to keep playing if you complete the mission again.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    I saw that you were pretty unhappy with how the game ended up over on discord. But despite the bugs this is a really great experience. Art and music were top notch. Story was engaging and I wanted to see were it went. Unfortunately I ended up in the loop. If you plan on doing a post gm48 update I'd love to try it again! Be proud of it my friend :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Thank you for the feedback! I'll notify you with the hotfix (to at list have things fixed first before doing the post-jam)

  • Luke No Further

    I think I got caught in one of those endless loops killing the sheeps forever :( Fun while it lasted! Beautiful art - and very ambitious action/adventure gameplay!

    Might I suggest to steer new players through the glitchy pitfalls, you to provide a walkthrough so we don't accidentally break the game trying to figure out what to do next? :)

    Lovely stuff in general though - the animation on the fish (is that procedural and made from several floaty sprites?! or is that just a one sprite very nicely drawn to make it look 3D and floaty?) - yeah and the weird and wonderful premise really drew me in

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      The waves are a bit long, are you sure it's a loop?

      The loop is basically: you end a wave, then whenever you click somewhere, another wave spawns (while it shouldn't) Unfortunately I do not have a way to record game footage. I'll try someething later; as I don't think written is enough. Basically it's about the choices the npc give you; For some reason the loop happens when you do talk to the computer. The best way to avoid it is to not talk to the computer once the fish tells you what to do next (aka: once you paid the computer)

      Yes, each bone of the fish (as well as the color effect) are separates sprites; They basically all follow a target moving randomly (the circles/waves the fish is doing) and they don't follow it at the same speed.

      Thank you for your feedback, glad you appreciated despite the bugs!