• Joe Miller
  • 1 year ago
  • 20th



3Tris is a mashup of Tetris and Match-3 rules, where the pieces come down from the top and can be rotated and positioned by using WASD (and spacebar to speed up). The twist that makes the colors important is that the mouse is a 2-block cursor that swaps block positions. The only way to clear blocks is to make match-3 combos by moving the blocks around after they touchdown. The blocks can only be swapped with another block, so positioning them is important to keep things connected to be able to make the match combos. Right click rotates the cursor between vertical and horizontal position. Gameover is when the board is too full for a new piece to be created. Points are based on matches and level reached, the level effects the piece fall speed and the potential amount of colors in play.

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