• Tero Hannula
  • 1 year ago
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Player has duty of lightguard, tedious task with forgotten meaning of purpose. Light the sky, but what for? Messaging, cultural ritual, or more?

You have been summoned to take care of the lighthouse as former light guard has grown old. We have always followed the lead of the East lighthouse and kept the same color, never failing to do so. The West tower has always ensued us, sure to bring honor with their swift response. Be sure to hold your spirit high and keep the light bright!

Screenshot 1


  • Jump - Z, Space or Control
  • Interact - X, E, or Shift
  • Move - Arrow keys, or WASD
  • F4 - Switch Fullscreen.
  • Skip dialog with Interact -button
Screenshot 2

The game is also playable with Android! (Change filename to Lighthouse.apk, and it should work. Somehow changed to .zip file after upload). But game is designed to be played with computer.

Graphics, music, sounds and coding was done during jam.

Youtube video

Known bugs

  • Windows version, Restarting a night causes background music to stop ever playing again in lighthouse
  • Android file is .zip, change to .APK to install it
  • Android version, room transitions don't always show up
  • Android version, sound effects volume don't always work

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