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Help Mumba on his multi-colored quest for glory and honor! This game features 14 unique weapons, 8 levels, 7 waifus shopkeepers, and 48 of hours of sleep deprivation behind it! (That isn't a joke, I stayed up for 48 hours straight while making this.)



[LEFT]/[RIGHT] - Move/Select

[UP]/[DOWN] - Change equipped gun

[Z] - Jump/Accept

[X] - Shoot/Cancel

[F1] - Toggle fullscreen


Jack/Moo: Lead programmer, tile artist, sound effects

MajorWipeout: Lead musician

Jellyace: Character artist

Gelox: Item artist, background artist

Loudspeaker: Enemy artist


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Very nice game! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Redbeard
    Redbeard Redbeard Level 1

    Thanks for submitting a game!

    Gonna stream of consciousness while I play:

    • Non standard keys on a PC game :(
    • Really nice and unified aesthetic
    • I like the music
    • I dont know if the paper mario flip when you change directions fits
    • For some reason I especially love the bullets lol they feel so chunky and satisfying
    • The shadow on the coins seems a bit huge for some reason
    • I liked the look of the coins but when they stop bouncing theyre a bit eclipsed by the shadow
    • I died with a gun drop on the board and despite going into a couple new rooms (and a bonus room) it looks like it glitched and was still showing on the screen, fyi.
    • Just got to the shop, the random half naked well endowed shop keeper seems like a gratuitous choice and doesnt fit the rest of the game's aesthetic.
    • The level select screen was cool but the scrolling tear drop background was distracting and made it a bit hard to read the dancing text.
    • Not sure its intentional but seems like you can pick up coins with bullets.
    • Maybe it comes more into play if you get farther in, but the color of the gun / enemies didnt seem to matter much.

    Was a neat game, a ton of content. Well done!

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 20

    Good. Very good. Really cool. Nice. Loved it. Keep it up, lads.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 59
    • great content (as in, a lot) and great content! (as in, in quality)
    • The shop and bonus level were nice additions!
    • Obvious reference to the good old mario bros, which was cool
    • I'd like to have the option to close the game without right clicking on the task bar or alt +f4; not sure why the window wouldn't let me do that
    • Not entirely a fan of the coins, they keep spinning, so they are rarely up to their supposed quality, which makes them harder to appreciate as they are always "crushed"
    • Not sure why I would ever prefer low rate weapons, they never felt really that useful compared to higher rate ones
    • I basically just kept the same weapon in a level because it's more efficient to just shoot without changing, even in latter levels
    • The boss was splendid! Although I found its background a biiit hard on the eyes
    • This is not an issue and not something I would deem as significant/relevant/important considering it's a jam game, but although the shops were all related to the levels they are from, I do feel like the game has some kind of lack of cohesion in its overall theme. Like, I am getting it starts of as hawaiian and that sort of things, but it does in so many different themes that it makes me wish that there was a more "reliable" world. Like, you fight squirrels, angels, robots (in... caverns?)... It's diverse, don't get me wrong, it's a good thing. But it goes all over the place and I feel lost in its hmmm... lore? I can't really feel "there" because it feels random and no level is linked to another. Because of this, I didn't feel like I add any objective/goal. (like, why am I doing this?) Anyway, as I said, this is not an issue and not something I'd expect from a game jam (especially since you offered lots of contents), but I felt like I needed to say it; It's just a personal thought on how this specific world is built and how I feel it could feel a bit more "real".
    • Gelox Gelox
      Level 5

      Thank you for the feedback. While playtesting we've noticed that some weapons are just not that good ourselves. On the same note there were some weapons that were supposed to work differently (i.e. the harp, bow, crossbow etc.) but there was not enough time. And to answer your thing about level coherence, they're loosely based on the default mario levels (Plains, Desert, Island, Forest, Ice, Mountain, Sky and Lava in New Super Mario Bros. Ds for instance).

  • Nauris
    Nauris Nauris Level 2

    Cool little game inspired by super crate box it seems! It was well made overall and was a pretty feature full game. There were some things however I felt like could have been made better to make for some better gameplay - like changing the colours for the guns felt pretty redundant, it was actually harder and took longer to switch to the right colour than to just shoot an enemy twice with any gun. So maybe some bigger impact for the different colours would have been nice too. Like not being able to damage with one colour at all or dealing even less damage, since as it was I felt no need to switch the guns. And the guns that could be bought overall felt worse than the standard guns with higher range, so maybe some better balancing would have been cooler there too. There wasn't also much need to move anywhere from the very bottom of the level too, since all the enemies just came down, so maybe it would have been more interesting gameplay wise if there was something to collect around the level, so I had some reason to move around the level. The inclusion of the bonus level and the shop was a very nice surprise! Didn't expect that. And certainly didn't expect that shop keeper haha. Good job though overall on everything, good entry!

    • Gelox Gelox
      Level 5

      Dankeschön for your feedback. The gun changing part is noted and recognized. If you want to try a weapon thats different and better (imo) than the default gun, I'd suggest using the fungus from the caverns or the flamethrower that you can get in the vulcano level which conicidently uses the fact that you stay on the ground level by making that the only place to be and putting you through a dodge crash course. Other examples of that would by the sky level were the ground floor is the only part where no enemies spawn or the ice level where the enemies fall in a manner that'd make it hard to react to them or the plains level where the ground is like a hill and your best choice definetly is to be on the platforms.

  • Adventure Byte
    Adventure Byte Adventure Byte Level 12

    I agree with much of the other feedback, the game is very charming and had many little things that make it stand out. I wasn't expecting the ability to buy items, the dialog there and the level select feature were both certainly nice additions.

    Great job! I was drawn in because it reminded me a bit of Yoshi's Story from the icon.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      Thank you! Surprisingly, the shops easily took the most time to program out of anything in the game, so it's nice to hear that they were a worthwhile addition to the game.

  • Seltzy
    Seltzy Seltzy Level 31
    • jack jack
      Level 16

      To each their own. I disagree with almost all these picks besides pure tier and >:( tier

  • PizzaBandit

    Looks great and feels great. I especially liked the screen transition effect. Awesome job!

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      I always try to make the actual feel of the game my top priority when working on anything. Thank you :)

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    Damn! That last boss took me by surprise! A wonderfully polished shooter with a unique art style, nice animations, a sense of humour, an a range of items to play with. The ending is great. This is a brilliant submission.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      Thank you so much! That sudden transition into the boss fight is easily my favorite thing I've ever programmed. I'm very happy to hear that others like it as much as I do.

  • Loates
    Loates Loates Level 9

    The art sound and graphics provide an immense rush of nostalgia back to games made on the Gameboy, it controls are very suitable for the type of game it is, but that may just be down to personal preference on my part. I love the variety of weapons and stages provided. It has a difficulty curve that unfortunately overpowers me at points, but except that, I adore the game

    Good job to all on the team!

    • Loates
    • jack jack
      Level 16

      Thank you! I can see how the sudden spike in difficulty might be a bit overwhelming, so I'm gonna try to tone it down a little bit for the post-jam version I'm currently working on.

  • Thony Doe
    Thony Doe Thony Doe Level 3

    Awesome game with great graphics. Especially loved that it had multiple stages. Thing that comes to mind to improve the game would be to make the gun match the color of the enemy in terms of weakness. So red gun does extra damange to red enemy. It would make the game more intuitive.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      I briefly considered doing the whole color mechanic the way you described it, but I decided that the rock paper scissors method of doing it would probably be better. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 13

    There's so much to like here. The music and art are great. It hits on some strong nostalgic notes. The only problem I have with this is the controls. I would have loved to play this with a game pad. Still, very well done.

    • Gelox Gelox
      Level 5

      Thank you for the praise. If you want to try it I'd recommend using Joy2Key or DS4Windows depending on youre controller. That's how i played it

  • GooseNinja
    GooseNinja GooseNinja Level 3

    Great art in this one :) Looks really good.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      Thank you, I'm sharing all the feedback with the rest of the team and they all appreciate the compliments.

  • Joe Wetmore
    Joe Wetmore Joe Wetmore Level 2

    Love all the little details on movement, foot dust, and sounds, and the style is really cute. The movement feels a little on the slow side though.

    The text in the lobby is fantastic if you linger is fantastic! XD

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      The movement speed could stand to be increased a small bit. I'll be sure to fix that in the post-jam version. Also I'm glad somebody actually decided to stay in the starting room to see the text.

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