• rich♤rdos
  • 8 months ago
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You participate in Speedway racing. 2 tracks are available. As a racer you can set the number of laps, number of players, your starting position and handling and strength of your car. Your goal is obviously to win the race.

AI is intelligent and loves clean and tight racing.

Explanation of car settings:

Car handling: Understeer - not very sensitive, allows tiny precise movements, hard to turn quickly. Oversteer - very sensitive, can´t do tiny movements, easy to turn quickly. Balanced - something between understeer and oversteer.

Car damage: Off - your car can´t be destroyed but you will lose control during every contact with another driver. On - every contact means a crash and the end of the race.

Controls: car movement - ARROW KEYS, menu - ARROW KEYS, confirm - ENTER,

Warning: If you have car damage "on", it is NOT recommended to start in the middle of the grid.


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