• rich♤rdos
  • 11 months ago
  • 48th


You participate in Speedway racing. 2 tracks are available. As a racer you can set the number of laps, number of players, your starting position and handling and strength of your car. Your goal is obviously to win the race.

AI is intelligent and loves clean and tight racing.

Explanation of car settings:

Car handling: Understeer - not very sensitive, allows tiny precise movements, hard to turn quickly. Oversteer - very sensitive, can´t do tiny movements, easy to turn quickly. Balanced - something between understeer and oversteer.

Car damage: Off - your car can´t be destroyed but you will lose control during every contact with another driver. On - every contact means a crash and the end of the race.

Controls: car movement - ARROW KEYS, menu - ARROW KEYS, confirm - ENTER,

Warning: If you have car damage "on", it is NOT recommended to start in the middle of the grid.


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  • Michael Hofmann

    Nice, that you also had a racing game like us :D

    I really like your AI and that you found the time to make so many menu options! Keep up the good work :)

    Maybe try to play around with GM physic options and your race game can feel much more realistic!

  • WangleLine 🌸

    The car gets extremely easily stuck in walls and I think that more sounds (a cheering crowd, wind, engine noises, tire screeching) would have made the game MUCH more immersive!

    • Richard Richard
      Level 4

      Thanks for feedback. It's true that the game needs more sounds.

  • havik
    havik havik Level 16

    Well that is definitely a loop! I struggled a bit with it since I kept getting stuck in the walls while trying to get past other cars - bit of an issue with the rotating collisions! The AI is quite nice, races around the track nicely and tries to take the shorter path.

    Tried it a few times, however with the wall issue I had to give up eventually. I did play it once without going near the edge but - who wants to drive safely ey?!

    • Richard Richard
      Level 4

      Thank you for the feedback :)

      It is necessary to drive safely in this game, any kind of contact is penalised (especially with the car damage "on"). I will try to figure out how to improve the wall collisions.

      Btw AI moves randomly at straight, there is not a "shortest-path" algorithm yet ;)

  • trolog
    trolog trolog Level 6

    I really enjoyed this, I took to the game really quickly, I played many games simular to this on the megadrive/amiga500 so I felt right at home. The controls where really nice.

    This game was actually fun, something difficult to do for jams and you had multiple options too! Where did you find time to do this? The AI isn't bad either! Games like this really suffer from terrible AI, of course it's easy to crash but I like how it only causes your car to lose some steering, very clever.

    I tried 32 cars with damage... yeah can't make it past the first corner haha.

    Okay the cons, the art and sound having more attention would certainly help this game a lot more, I think even a "beep BeEp BEEEP" to let the player know when the race is about to start could be useful.... but honestly what you have here in just 48 hours, well done!

    • Richard Richard
      Level 4

      Thank you very much for the praise and feedback :)

      I was programming all weekend till the night. AI isn´t hard to do - there are 4 paths in each corner (path is chosen according to y coordinate of the car) and on the straight there is a chance that car moves to higher/lower racing line (if there is no object there).

      I wanted to finish the speedway circuit (and make the art better) but I didn´t because of lack of time. Beep sound is a good idea.

  • Kylazaur
    Kylazaur Kylazaur Level 4

    I mean starting sideways on and to go is UP... confused me and the collisions are a little finicky but nice entry you have here :)

    • Richard Richard
      Level 4

      Thank you for the feedback :)

      It´s true that sideway start is very hard (especially with car damage) but can be mastered after some time. Collisions are hm ... different :D

  • Riggermortis_dev

    My first impression when opening the game was the massive list of options that meant nothing without having played, and then the repeated banging noise from hitting things. Would like to see this if you polished up the wall collisions so hitting a curve nearly parallel wouldn't stop the car.

    Edit: Hey yeah physics calculations are a tricky one. I would look at making walls non solid and instead moving the car out of the wall in a while loop until no place_meeting then adding turn, x speed, and y speed per iteration of the loop, but not sure how that would go.

    • Richard Richard
      Level 4

      Thank you for the feedback :)

      I would like to improve wall collisions the way you have mentioned, but I have no idea how to do it.


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