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  • Daxterapid
  • 10 months ago
  • 35th


A spoopy game using the theme, "A Loop".


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  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 18

    Haha! The ending was quite creative!

    Yeah, nice little thingy. I liked it. I think the happy faces and bloody text are a bit cliché, though.

  • WangleLine 🌸

    Please add a little warning for flashing imagery!

    • Daxterapid Daxterapid
      Level 4

      TBH, I didn't because I didn't think there was any.

  • CheekyChap
    CheekyChap CheekyChap Level 3

    Was a little short but a enjoyable little game, however it did make me fell a little dizzy after a little while.

    The ending was clever though made me laugh when I noticed.

  • Aviox
    Aviox Aviox Level 2

    I love the ending. Haha. That was a real "meta" moment.

    The art was clever too. Nice job!

    I'd recommend using BFXR to put in some simple sounds in the future. They don't sound amazing, but it's better than nothing!

    • Daxterapid Daxterapid
      Level 4

      Thx for the feedback and suggestion, I appreciate it.

  • Kylazaur
    Kylazaur Kylazaur Level 4

    Ok that was pretty cool, i was at the begining i was thinking... was is this but then i found out i could move and THEN i was like OHH and then i finished the game and got to the true ending, great job ^^

    • Daxterapid Daxterapid
      Level 4

      Yeah, Probably should have put something to tell you how to move. Thanks!

  • Mcwequiesk
    Mcwequiesk Mcwequiesk Level 10

    I liked this. It's simple and to-the-point, and even though the game does have too much in terms of content it had a very nice atmosphere. I wish it went on for longer, and wasn't an awkward rectangle on my screen though. It would really benefit from some extra sound effects too.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    As for the gameplay... you can hold jump and right for the first 5 or so levels, and a few levels after that it ramps up the difficulty WAY too much to where you basically have to do a frame perfect jump :/. At this point, I was really confused if I was reaching the end of the level because it looked like I died. I would make it clear if you clear a stage or not. After beating the stage a couple of times, it turns out you just had to redo the stage to unlock more of the levels.. and the end was a bit... interesting? So as for small fixes I would: increase the difficulty more steadily, and also make sure that the one-way platform doesn't make you jump again when you press jump (I think this is reason for quick press of the jump key I mentioned earlier).

    Although the visuals were quite simple, they were pretty cool, especially the trail effect. I thought that the very ending was unique! ;)


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