Now It's Personal

Now It's Personal

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Now It's Personal

You're a robot training to become the ultimate soldier by fighting against the best opponent around — your own self. Every round, pick up a weapon and fight a mimic of yourself from the previous round. How many mimics can you beat in one go?


  • Eight weapons
  • Extreme bullet time
  • Ricochet kills
  • Deterministic replay on death
  • Progression Mode, in which you must use all eight weapons in order
  • 60-second Challenge Mode, in which you have 60 seconds to kill yourself as many times as possible
  • Hardcore Modes — complete the game without dying once


  • WASD to move
  • Q and E to dodge roll
  • Hold left click to fire (some weapons have warmups)

Art, sound, and most code by Joel Michelson.

Based on an idea by Saad Khalid.

  • Sprites- GM Image Editor
  • Sound - Audacity, custom anti-noise booth of cushions and blankets
  • Music - FL Studio (Sytrus and Wasp XT instruments used)
  • Game - GMStudio 1.4

Additional scripts used: draw_circular_bar and collision_line_point by YAL

My progression record is 79 seconds.

Version 2: 2019.07.26 (not for review)


  • New weapon: Grenade
  • New gamemode: Infinite
  • New control: Right click to slow time
  • Explosions now damage all robots
  • Music now pitch shifts with time speed
  • Minor balance changes and bug fixes


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