Adventure Climb

Adventure Climb

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The tower defense game where you defend an actual tower

As an evil demon, many adventurers try to climb your evil tower for the privilege of being the one who slays you. Build a maze of traps to keep them away!

How To Play

You can place rooms on top of your tower. Each room has its own kind of trap that will be effective against some kinds of enemies and less so against others.

You can build a room once you have enough money for it. You get money by killing adventurers

As time goes on, adventurers will come more and more quickly, and they will also become stronger. New kinds of adventurer will appear as well!

Let 25 adventurers get to the top of your tower and you'll be slain! A sad state to be for a demon.


Use W/S, Up/Down, the mouse wheel, or put your mouse at the edge of the screen to scroll your tower up and down Press space or click the "Speed Up" button to speed the game up Scroll within the side panel or click the arrows to see more rooms

Know Your Foes!

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Art: Ross Boman

Sound Effects: Henry Haak and Ross Boman

Music: Henry Haak

Code: Henry Haak


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