Quack Tower

Quack Tower

  • Duck Together
  • 1 year ago
  • 6th

Welcome to Quack Corp, makers of the Discus, the best way to dis yourself. Ready to climb the ladder, Intern?

We don't reward hard work, long hours, dedicated production skills. We reward one thing -- Discus throwing. You want to climb the ladder? Start throwin.

QUACK TOWER is a Kinetic, Ball throwing, Break-The-Targets inspired action-platformer! See if you can climb the corporate ladder in Career mode, and compete on the leaderboards afterwards in Online Challenge!

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  • WangleLine 🌸

    The level design was a bit lacking and all the stages felt pretty alike. The music was an absolute 10 and the art was nice too! Good job y'all :3

  • Eva
    Eva Eva Level 13

    Awesome game! The graphics and sounds were very clean and throwing the discus was satisfying. Having multiplayer is also impressive. The one thing I had a lot of trouble with was the keyboard remapping as I accidentally set down and select as the same button and spent a long time trying to fix it. However, there was technically nothing wrong with it.

  • Tero Hannula

    Well done with your game :) music was really great ^^ Overall this is well executed and it amazes me how you managed your 9 person team :D Many polished things and features which you don't usually see in 48 hour jams.

    On sidenote about total man-hours, would 9 man team in 48 hours do same as one person in 48h x 9 = 432 hours [thinking].

    • meseta meseta
      Level 13

      Thanks! The experience suggests: no, not everyone was available for the whole time, and in fact, the only way that some people were able to join at all was if they could contribute a few hours over the weekend; in a way, having more people meant getting access to people who didn't have the time to commit fully to doing GM48 on a weekend, but at the cost of more complexity as more people are working on the project.

  • TobyMoby
    TobyMoby TobyMoby Level 15

    Impressive! This is really fun, with a high replayability factor.

    It was sometimes hard to see the mouse, something more obvious would have been nice.

    I really liked the menu and level selection! It was well made and an interesting choice!

    Great game, keep it up!

  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    One one hand, the fact that this was made by a 9-person team is astounding! And each individual part of the game are very well done - the art, the music, and all the crazy features. But on the other hand, I feel like it somehow doesn't amount to more than the sum of its parts, like a smaller, more focused game might. It sorta feels like a hodge podge of things, done for the sake of seeing if you could (no surprise, turns out you could!)

    But don't get me wrong, I do like the game! I even managed to get the online highscore in one of the levels even though I found the controls kinda clumsy >w<

    • meseta meseta
      Level 13

      You are certainly right about how it doesn't feel well integrated. One of the challenges to getting a game done in 48 hours by 9 people, who aren't online at the same time, is indeed coordination and having a single strong design vision for the game. There's a lot of suggestions, and a lot of temptation to flex a bit. If we ever do this again, that would be the main area I'd focus on.

  • Luke No Further

    Great stuff - feels great to smash those targets - I like the Tony Hawk style points multiplier thing too :)

  • Allison James

    The fact you managed to create anything that worked at all with a 9-person team in a 48 hour jam is ridiculously impressive, so great work on that front. The game was a lot of fun too, and having online at all, even with dedicated people working on just that, fries my brain. It worked perfectly too from my testing.

    The controls were a minor sticking point for me in terms of playing the actual game, I would have liked W to mirror the jump button and the D-pad to mirror WASD as a whole without having to manually configure each key, and you could definitely tell at certain points where one person's worth ended and another's began.

    But they are minor complaints for such a wonderful achievement. You all really quacked the code 😄

  • Nyveon

    This is awesome! It felt like a proper full game. As for feedback, the description of the first level is confusing since it said "Please be seated someone will be with you shortly" I was sitting there for a while waiting for something to happen. The small features really make this game next level: replays, the square background to help line up shots, the sound effects. My congratulations to your team :)

    Also unrelated to the game, your team description has a typo that you might want to fix c:

    • meseta meseta
      Level 13

      Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for pointing out the typo, I blame the progeammers for that error

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Really great game with way more content than I thought I'd see in a gamejam, from online play to rebindable controls like wtf. Also very good audio and art!

    • meseta meseta
      Level 13

      Thanks Proble, it's probably because the team was .... abnormally large for a jam game (see the team profile)

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 19

    Got 2900! Quality entry for having a ridiculous team size!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Good game. The character was a bit hard to control (especially with walljumping) but the discus throw felt great. Level design was interesting but it was a bit hard to navigate. I couldn't really figure out how the scoring system worked, but I was able to finish the career mode.