Do you have what it takes to defeat the Goblin King?


  • I highly recommend you place an archer as your first unit/upgrade
  • You can place units on platforms. (Click the platform)
  • You can upgrade units and tower segments. (Click on the tower)
  • Touch the gold with your cursor to pick it up.
  • The game ends at round 14 with a bossfight.
  • It's hard and might require a couple tries to get the right combo!
  • Good luck and have fun!


  • Sprite Exploder by Mfzz99
  • Font: Manaspace by codeman38
  • Otherwise: all art, sound and programming made by me.
  • Sound: BFXR & FLStudio Trial
  • Art: Paint .NET
  • Source code free to dowload. [Warning: It's a mess]

Special thanks to Diego (Mage) and Alex (Rock thrower) for giving me moral support and helping test out the final version :)

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  • Fachewachewa

    I really love the artstyle, those tiny characters are really cute, and that way the focus is on the tower.

    It's a nice game, haven't been able to beat it yet (I'll try a little more later) but I'm impressed with the diversity in options. There's one issue though: it really feels like there's only one way to progress. Like, at the start you really have to make an archer then upgrade it. And after that you don't really have enough money to try different things, so you have to start again from the start to try out not just new strategies but new units. And it can get pretty long until you have enough money to try the more advanced stuff.

    It's a little too punishing, and I would have liked to have more money, even if it meant enemies were tougher, just to be able to see what my options were and form a new plan. Here I'm still gauging what my options are and building blindly.

    Like, last run I tried building the 3rd type of wall thinking it would be a great upgrade compared to the slime, but it was a letdown that cost me the run, and I felt like a should have built another pair of archers instead.

    • Nyveon

      2yrs ago

      Very reasonable input, thank you for the feedback :) Balance is definitely one of my weakest points, and I will for sure allocate more time to it in future jams :D

  • WangleLine 🌸

    That was incredibly tough AND hooking. I wish there would be a way to speed up the game, though!

  • baku

    Wow, that is one tough game. Great job for your first ever jam!

  • Tero Hannula

    It was nice game, cute graphics. Couldn't beat the game, managed to get to 9th level, even after several attempts. Archers did not attack goblins who are closest to the crystal, but who are closest to them. This was my doom several times ^^" Otherwise it was good, bit slow on pace (go faster button maybe?)

    Edit. for first jam, very well done :)

    • Nyveon

      2yrs ago

      All very valid points, thanks for the feedback :) Targetting and fast forward were on the original to-do list but those 48 were over in the blink of an eye. I've learned my lesson and hopefully for my next game jam (this was my first ever) I'll be able to manage my time better :D

  • Kyon
    • Level 23

    2yrs ago

    Fits the theme. Could've been more original. Wasn't really clear what every object did, like, how much dmg etc.

    Tower Guy

    Tower Guy

    • Nyveon

      2yrs ago

      That's fair enough I suppose. A tutorial was something I wasn't able to implement due to time sadly. On the original part, "Climb the Tower: Everybody wants to climb the tower... it's up to you to build it." I took the theme very literally so I can understand not finding it original. Being my first game jam I didn't have the confidence to pull of something truly innovative, so hopefully next time :D Thank you for the feedback.

  • The Secret Game Developer

    Nice game. I think It could have used a background song but that's my personal opinion, I did like the other sound effects. Graphics are good, everything looks good and I think it does what it's supposed to do.

    Very nice! I'm going to keep this for when I'm bored at school.

    • Nyveon

      2yrs ago

      I wish I could have done music! Maybe in the next game jam I'll collaborate with someone since I'm not much of an artist/programmer. Thank you for the feedback :)

  • HealTheIll

    This is great, well done, ! :) game progression and trying to figure out what is the right choice was real fun btw I finally finished it :P thanks for the experience

    Hook Up

    Hook Up

  • kroykrobody

    pretty good game. i love the unit descriptions haha keep it up!

  • NateTNT

    Great difficulty curve, the simplicity makes the difficulty manageable!. Great job!

  • yaneG
    • Level 1

    2yrs ago

    OH!great game with pixel art and game system. I enjoyed it very much.

  • zcatv
    • Level 2

    2yrs ago

    Awesome game, I liked that there was no tutorial and you had to figure out things for youself!

    • Nyveon

      2yrs ago

      Thank you so much! I was worried about the lack of instructions at first (a tutorial was something I never got to check off my to-do list due to the time), but maybe when the game is simple letting the player figure thing out is better after all :)

  • nyx
    • Level 4

    2yrs ago

    Great job! Can't wait to see more of your creations :D

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2yrs ago

    Nice game, a little repetitive but relly well done and really good looking:)

Goblintower was my first game jam, ever. I had hardly even finished a game to completion before that. The weekend of the jam the city I live in (Santiago) began falling into chaos with riots, fires and the military out on the streets, but despite all that I had a great time with my first ever game jam, and learnt a lot in the process.

My greatest lesson was in time management, as I had no measure of what I was capable of making in 48 hours. Aside from the time constraint, I had the most difficulty with playtesting and balancing the game (and that definitely shows in the final product).

I'm really happy with 14th place, it may not be the best but for my first game jam ever I am very proud of what I accomplished.

Hopefully I can keep participating in future game jams and keep on learning :)

Result 14th