this game has some explicit language

you can go fullscreen, but it messes up the graphics and subtitles sometimes. to fix, just go in and out of fullscreen (probably at the start of every 'room'). (or play windowed). You go fullscreen by pressing F or [select].

Tower Guy

It's not easy, living like a Tower Guy. But nothing was as strange, as Halloween, 1991. Play as Tower Guy, in a bizarre comedy-trip adventure game?


  • Arrowkeys/WASD
  • Space
  • R restarts the game. (shouldve been removed)
  • Holding escape quits the game
  • also full GAMEPAD SUPPORT



  • Game, Music & Art made by Kyon Edelenbosch, Mark Lohmann & Matteo Karkazis.
  • Coding: Kyon Edelenbosch
  • Tower Guy voice: Stijn Kunneman

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  • Nyveon

    This game was weird, in a good way. The fun in it definitely came from the wacky storytelling, not necesarilly the gameplay but that's not a bad thing. Definitely one of the most unique entries I've played, really well done!

  • Tero Hannula

    Well that was an experience :'D So surreal, and that ending ^^ As always, great graphics and true to your style. Sounds and music were excellent. But as gamewise, there was not much to play, instead as an experience it was well done. But I have felt that you should try give something to player, like make him feel something, through story or the gamemechanic etc. (eg. accomplishment or immersion). Well, this game I am not sure what I felt, can't articulate it well, but it did give me something :D

    • Kyon
      • Level 23

      2yrs ago

      Thanks Tero. Funny thing is, this time we actually started with a mechanic. So, that part where you swing around as a tower and smash stuff, that was done on the first day. And we were kind of bummed out because we played it and I just thought, I have no connection to this character now. So from that point on we made the game cinematic instead of focused on gameplay. (like all my other entrees). There's just something about it, idk, I just like those kind of games that are basicly a movie haha. I'm yet to create something that's the perfect combination of atmosphere, story and gameplay.

  • TtheCreator

    Absolutely delightful. I had many very good laughs. Brilliant! I did (unintentionally) try to run to the right at the beginning of the game (despite being pointed left). Also your art style didn't fit extremely well with the comedy (or maybe that's just my expectations from playing your previous titles)

    • Kyon
      • Level 23

      2yrs ago

      Hey man thanks for playing!!! I'm glad you went to the right, a lot of stuff to destroy/see over there. Although optional of course :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2yrs ago

    Wow, this was insanely good. It's funny and really sad at the same time, a combination I'm personally drawn to. The humor is absurd, and the entire plot just screams creativity.

    I've played most games from this GM48 and the one before this, and I must say this is the best experience I've had so far. A real gem!

  • Allison James

    Seriously quirky little experience. Not a whole lot to say, the game speaks for itself - literally!

    Very nicely presented and humorous 😄

  • TobyMoby

    The music and scripting were reeeaaly great! The whole story had a strange...weirdness to it that somehow just "clicked" with me. It's like some weird cartoon show that is strange as hell but makes sense in the universe it's playing.

    Had a lot of fun, I'd really like to explore more of this world :D And poor gross moon abomination hahaha

    Great entry!



    • Kyon
      • Level 23

      2yrs ago

      Heya thanks a lot!! Our work progress was kinda like; "hey what if...." and then we just made it. So especially that middle-part (with the clown) is just super random and fun.

  • WangleLine 🌸

    "I feel so towerful"

  • baku


    Well that was certainly a video game xD

  • MondayHopscotch

    Not entirely sure what I just played, but it was quite an experience.

  • HealTheIll

    Dude wtf this is hilarious, insane and super entertaining at the same time.. Had lots of fun. thank you for this.

    Hook Up

    Hook Up


    Wow, This is a masterpiece! If it weren’t for the strong connection to the theme and your other gamejam entries, I would doubt that this was actually made in the 48 hours provided. It’s a shame that you haven’t got any feedback yet.

    Edit: The starting screen looks kind of rushed. It would’ve been better if the first cutscene started directly.

    • Kyon
      • Level 23

      2yrs ago

      Hey thanks Ivar. Yeah we kind of worked all weekend without any breaks haha. Thanks for the feedback!: )