Sword in the Sky

Sword in the Sky

  • Liam Nobel
  • 5 months ago
  • 8th


A sword that has existed in your family for ages has been stolen by a knight and kept atop a tower as an insult to your being. Return honor to your family and retrieve it!

Game by Liam Nobel and Kbjwes77.

~ Be warned that the HTML5 version may run very slow in some browsers. I do NOT recommend playing that version unless you have to. ~

Full controls

-LMB- Grab with left hand.

-RMB- Grab with right hand.

-A- Crunch to the left or move if on ground.

-D- Crunch to the right or move if on ground.

-Hold Space- Jump off ground.

-M- To mute/unmute music.

If you press nothing while on the ground, you should right yourself up.


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