Rupert the Robot

Rupert the Robot

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How far can Rupert climb?

After Thumper escaped (was beaten by) The Forest about 3 months ago, he was transformed into a robot for his crimes and given a new name. Now, Rupert, with mechanical dedication, has set his sights on higher things. The Tower is tall, nobody knows how many floors, all Rupert knows is that he must climb.

You earn score on completing a floor. You can submit your total score after completing a floor. If you die within a floor, it's game over and back to floor one. How high can you climb? When do you decide to bail and save your score? The question is always "Can I beat one more floor? I'm sure I can!". The answer, as you will find out, is not always "Yes I can".


This game is a high-score driven hack'n'slash. There are weapon upgrades, temporary boost potions and permanent upgrade potions - all waiting in the floors above you! Make sure to use your dodge roll. You're invincible during it and it is much harder if you don't!.


Direction = WASD/Arrows.

Attack = LMB.

Dodge (Invulnerable) = Space/RMB/Shift.

Interact/Confirm = E/Enter.

Music Toggle = M.

Fullscreen Toggle = Alt+Enter.

Reload/Restart Game = U.

Thanks for playing the game! If you die - try again! The mob spawns and weapon/potion drops are all (mostly!) random. Every run will be different. Maybe the random potion gods will be kind to you next time.

havik - programming and sound

auro - art and sound


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