How far can Rupert climb?

After Thumper escaped (was beaten by) The Forest about 3 months ago, he was transformed into a robot for his crimes and given a new name. Now, Rupert, with mechanical dedication, has set his sights on higher things. The Tower is tall, nobody knows how many floors, all Rupert knows is that he must climb.

You earn score on completing a floor. You can submit your total score after completing a floor. If you die within a floor, it's game over and back to floor one. How high can you climb? When do you decide to bail and save your score? The question is always "Can I beat one more floor? I'm sure I can!". The answer, as you will find out, is not always "Yes I can".


This game is a high-score driven hack'n'slash. There are weapon upgrades, temporary boost potions and permanent upgrade potions - all waiting in the floors above you! Make sure to use your dodge roll. You're invincible during it and it is much harder if you don't!.


Direction = WASD/Arrows.

Attack = LMB.

Dodge (Invulnerable) = Space/RMB/Shift.

Interact/Confirm = E/Enter.

Music Toggle = M.

Fullscreen Toggle = Alt+Enter.

Reload/Restart Game = U.

Thanks for playing the game! If you die - try again! The mob spawns and weapon/potion drops are all (mostly!) random. Every run will be different. Maybe the random potion gods will be kind to you next time.

havik - programming and sound

auro - art and sound

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    This might be the best gamejam game I've ever played (And this is my 10th jam)! I love everything from the art to the music and all the content. But I will try to give you feedback anyways.

    Really strong visual feedback, but some sound effects would be welcome.

    Why is the character a robot? It doesn't have any robot powers and it doesn't fit the setting.

    I think the risk v.s reward concept is intresting, but not fun. It isn't fun loosing an entire run when you was about to beat your PB. Nor cutting it short without knowing how far you would get.

    Added as favorite! I hope you win!

  • kbjwes77

    Reminds me of Bit Dungeon and Monolith, excellent entry with more than enough content (enemies, powerups, items, dialogue) and even online leaderboards! With better pacing/balancing, more content, and some polishing, this is basically begging to be released on Steam!

  • baku

    Really well polished game that's quite fun, even if I'll never be able to beat seltzy and prob 😢

  • Nyveon

    Very fun to play, well done! The lack of sound effects is a bit unfortunate, along with other small details like the wall collisions and candles. I feel with a bit more polish this could be a full game even. Overall very good and very fun :)

  • Seltzy

    Getting stuck on walls totally blows. Wizards are so ANNOYING. Anyway, 10/10.

  • Problematicar

    I love this in every single way a man can love a game without it being creepy. 10/10

    Cig Tower

    Cig Tower

  • The Secret Game Developer

    Nice game! Reminded me of Enter the Gungeon.

  • Allison James

    Second game I've played so far (which is only 8) to include online to a degree, which baffles me for a 48 hour jam 😄

    Beautifully presented, a lot of fun, an infuriatingly excellent unique twist that paired wonderfully with never quite knowing what sort of level was coming next which made the game tense, and... just a brilliantly atmospheric game, well made. This could easily be expanded into a paid game down the line.

    • Auro
      • Level 9
      • Artist

      2yrs ago

      Thank you so much, we certainly put in alot of effort into this one, so it is really cool to see that it is so well received :D

      And who knows, perhaps we will continue developing it ^^

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you very very much! We had a lot of fun making this and hopefully it came through playing it - this was by far the least sleep I have had during a jam period ha.

      We are currently planning on making it into something more complete! Just ... a long road ahead on that front!

  • Tero Hannula

    This was really well done and polished, good job! Though the blue Wizard sniped me outside view without warning and basically caused my death in first run, in second run I almost managed to kill it, but as his bar was so low, I could not anymore get to it. He always teleported (more than 10 times) just away before I could hit it :/ And then I died when teleported during shooting and shot at bad angle, I was something 17 300 points at that time. Good music and art. Well done with your entry!

    (edit. though you are not climbing the tower if you are always getting back to the lobby?)

    (edit. added fav)

    (edit. went and played again, played to floor 18 (32k points) until chickened out ^^" )

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you! Yeah he teleports faster once under 25% health. You have to use the dodge to close the gap to kill him at that point but it may have been tuned a bit too hard for a game jam thing - so sorry about that - good job trying it twice though, thanks a lot! (17,300 is pretty good too - just a shame The Tower stole it from you - would have been 3rd place!)

      The idea is it's the lobby on each floor - so each floor has a lobby and a 'room'. Like a reception area on each floor in a big office tower. We could have made that more obvious though!

      Thanks again!

    • Auro
      • Level 9
      • Artist

      2yrs ago

      Thank you for playing and the nice feedback

      That blue wizard yeah... I haven't yet beaten him myself either, but some day I shall!

  • kris24

    This is an amazingly polished game jam game, I almost can't believe how good it is in terms of the amount of content you managed. Art is great, sound is quite good (music was my favorite of the jam games I've played so far), and the gameplay is really fluid.

    I did keep accidentally hitting escape to turn down weapons (the game kept offering me the wooden sword...which I looked at every time, like an idiot) which took it out of full screen, and alt+enter didn't seem to work then for some reason. But that was the only "bug" I encountered.

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you very much for the feedback! I only slept about 4 hours during the 48 hours so, there was a lot of time put into this one. It's our best entry so far for sure, + we'd actually properly planned out ideas for each theme so were able to hit the ground running as soon as the theme was revealed. So glad to know that all paid off! What floor did you get to?

      As for the fullscreen thing ... I didn't code a shortcut for it since I left the 'allow window shortcuts' ticked in the settings which I thought lets alt+enter work but I guess I was mistaken, sorry! So the only way to toggle it is from the menu.

    • Auro
      • Level 9
      • Artist

      2yrs ago

      Thank you for playing! Really happy you enjoyed it, we definately put in alot of time so it is really nice to see that the effort paid off in the end :D