Big Bob's Breakfast

Big Bob's Breakfast

  • Tydecon Games
  • 1 month ago
  • 13th


Big Bob's Breakfast!

Big Bob's Breakfast is a game in which you, Bob, must go and fulfil your shopping list by collecting all the lovely breakfast foods around you! Just be careful and avoid those vegetables! Bob doesn't do vegetables!

Watch the timer and the power on your scooter (which you can boost by collecting batteries as you go) - you really should have got the brakes fixed on that thing! And chew your way through 19 delicious levels to complete your shopping list before breakfast is over!


The Controls are simple! Arrows or 'WASD' to move, Space or Enter to select. Just be warned, once you start moving, you can't stop!

Just a heads up, I've been told this game is difficult!

The Post-Jam Update

Thank you everyone who has enjoyed playing Big Bob's Breakfast!
I've listened to your feedback and released Version 1.1 on (Download for free HERE)
Improvements are as follows:

  • Fixed the fork graphical glitch in Level 13
  • Fixed a glitch in which you can get caught in a bouncer after death and deafen yourself with a continuous noise
  • Removed the 3-second countdown after every death and before every level
  • Made Level 4 easier (and moved it to Level 6, renumbering Levels 5-6 to 4-5 accordingly)
  • Fixed the typo 'Forth Breakfast' to 'Fourth Breakfast'
  • Added text under the menu buttons to let you know what they do (also added some pretty menu effects)
  • Fixed error in that WASD keys did not work to navigate the menu


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