Frippy Can't Drive

Frippy Can't Drive

  • 1 month ago
  • 12th


Frippy crashed the ship. Again. Now you must find the resources needed to repair the damage! Frippy has volunteered to guard the ship so you're on your own... but he will craft you some useful things, make sure to go see him.

Complete the tasks in the ship, escape the planet! Don't expand your world too far - it likes to remain small

Hint: buy an egg.

Hint hint: You can use the mouse instead of the keyboard (E,1,2,3,4) to interact with machines - this bypasses the resource restrictions to allow you to speed through the game if you're running out of time and want to complete it. Please try and play normally first though, but it's there if you need it! We wanted people to try all the things! (This will put you into a resource deficit for whatever resource you use - so take note of that! You still need 1 log to leave the planet)


  • Movement - WASD/Arrows
  • Interact - E
  • Mine/Chop/Place - Left Click (Will plant a sapling if you click and hold on an empty ground tile)
  • Drop - Right Click
  • Toggle Fullscreen - Alt + Enter
  • Reload/Restart Game - R


Thanks for playing the game! We didn't manage to test for balancing so it's fairly easy to win, just gotta grind!


Coming to a description near you soon!


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  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron


    I lke this a lot, but I really don't feel like replaying through all of that again to finish it... I had just gotten the glass task done, and was in the middle of crafting the stuff for the next task 😭

    My biggest complaint (other than the damn restart button, which doesn't require being held down or anything, it's just one accidental hit and you're screwed) is that collecting 15 saplings takes aaages

  • Fachewachewa

    Yoooo I forgot to comment/rate this one. Played it a while back, replayed if a few minutes to be sure.

    So, of course it's good, but as I'm sure other have said before it's so loooooonnng. What I'd say about it is that I'm not sure if the crumbling ground is really working. It feels really punishing, and at the same time doesn't really change the way I played, since it was random and you can't do anything to prevent it. I even tried to held down on egg to refill parts that would fall. Which was of course slowing down the game even further. The worst part of it is when you lose a machine because of it (I don't think there's a way to stop a machine while it's working?).

    My other thing is was the controls were really confusing to me. It took me more than 5 minutes to be able to start because I couldn't understand how to put down the saw. Same for the eggs, I think dropping them was enough. And the few accidental resets didn't help :D

    Same thing for the tools, I accidentally used the "cheat" option because of course clicking on what you want is more instinctive than using 1/2/3/4 😭

    Anyways, on my second try at the time I used the cheats and... It didn't really help, it was still pretty slow :D

  • Allison James
    Allison James Allison James Level 11

    This had an impressive level of scope that was reasonably well-realised for a two-person two-day project. A lot to do with a formidable amount of gameplay, with expectedly pretty Kwis art as well!

    I had issues with the game's explanations though, namely using bought items. Upon purchasing an egg that told me to "lay it down then wait", I tried left clicking to place it - nothing - then tried right clicking it, which placed it down. Actually this was just dropping the egg rather than activating it - I hadn't seen you have to hold the left click to actually place it properly.

    Once this was pointed out by Havik I was all set. Mostly posting this here incase anyone else runs into the issue, as besides that, this is a wonderful game!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Nice game. The incorporation of the small world theme is pretty interesting. I like how things start to fall away when the world gets too big so you have to be careful how you place stuff and move around. Unfortunately, that aspect seemed to stop working at some point. I kept expanding but no more platforms would fall and no new cracks would appear.

    The resource collecting/crafting stuff is neat too, though it's a bit slow for my taste. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but there seems to be way less iron than there should be (I was using the +500% yield things). I had plenty of all the other resources but so many buildings and objectives required iron that I could rarely find.

    The presentation is the clear winner here though. The art is (obviously) fantastic. There seems to be a nice amount of detail to the sound design with lots of appropriate, high quality sounds. The music is also quite nice. It fits the mood of the game well.

  • illdie
    illdie illdie Level 5

    I enjoy the loop of the game, and the art is fantastic. However, there was a point where my character got completely stuck and there was no way for me to proceed (I think it had to do with some nearby ground deteriorating). Also, as much as I like it conceptually, it is undoubtedly very slow, and it's hard to keep your attention stuck on it for the amount of time it requires to play legitimately.

    In any case, I do think it's a good entry, nice job!

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      Thank you! :D Yeah we didn't have the time to balance the game so it feels pretty slow :o

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar Level 5

    Wow. Stellar game. That was fantastic, the music eery, the gameplay awesome. Great work guys. However, I totally cheated. You could just put everything on your debt and then escape the planet like nothing. lol Have fun winning

    • havik havik
      Level 15

      Thank you for playing and enjoying it! Ahha yes, you're able to do that since the game is quite long and not everybody has the time to play. So don't worry that you did that - it's intended so you can finish it! (Mouse let's you skip resource checks, keyboard doesn't! Although we maybe should have made that clearer since quite a few people are using mouse anyway haha) Thanks again!

  • Nyveon

    Great art, great music, amazing tiny details and depth to the game.

    I wasn't able to finish the game however, there seems to be an issue where the collisions are different depending on what direction you are moving so you can basically chinese finger trap yourself into a space with no way back out. (I tried everything to get out, let me know if there is a way.) Here's an image of the scenarios I got myself into (I did not place the machines after going into the corner, I simply walked through one and couldn't walk back out the other way). After having to restart twice I gave up, but I might return to the game another day to try and finish it. Let me know if this is a mistake on my end.

    Apart from that though, I loved the concept of the game and the execution (resource and crafting games are my jam), really well done overall. Congratulations :D

    • havik havik
      Level 15

      Thank you!

      The issue you ran into is probably because you placed a machine and then didn't leave its collision area - as a safety feature (and a quick way to solve most issues) to stop getting stuck inside things, trees/machines have disabled collisions until you leave their area. So you could walk through it - but then its collisions turned on and you were stuck! We did have plans to add a teleport back to the ship (at the cost of resources) to help if you get cut off or stuck but sadly ran out of time. So - not exactly a mistake on your end, but also, not exactly a bug either! Hope that helps if you give it another go!

      Thank you very much though, glad you enjoyed it :)

  • GameDevDan
    GameDevDan GameDevDan Level 2

    Extremely pretty and well-polished. I liked the concept and the execution. Main constructive feedback would be that things should happen a little faster (Especially in a jam environment where people have a lot of games to get through). If the countdown timers were a bit faster it would be perfect.

    • havik havik
      Level 15

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I 100% agree with you on the speed - we didn't manage to playtest it ourselves so that's why things are a bit drawn out. We did add a way to skip resource requirements in machines/buildings to help with speed (since it's a jam - we want people to be able to play!), so you can left click with machines to make 10x 25x etc without having the resources. But yes - overall balance is a bit slow, and the placement timer could have been half the time!

  • Chris
    Chris Chris Level 13

    Really good artwork and level of polish, all around well done. I thought the pacing was a bit slow though

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      Yes, we didn't get the time to test the game near the end, aha game jams :D

      Thank you for playing!

  • Tero Hannula

    Looked good, and had variety of graphical elements. Sound effects were pleasent, not too prominent. I played pretty long, and then accidently used too much logs on saw mill. I meant just to make couple of them, but misclicked and got pretty huge deficiency. There went my escape plan :C Well done :)

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      I did this in one of my playthroughs too xD Had a lot of wood to recover aha

      Thank you!

  • Nick
    Nick Nick Level 4

    Art is lovely and resource gathering is fun with satisfying sound effects. Took me a moment to figure out what I needed to do / the controls. The game is long and engaging for something made in just 48 hours – I still haven't finished it! Very impressed.

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      Ah, thank you! I hope you managed to finish it! :D

  • Ivar
    Ivar Ivar Level 25

    Oh no, you guys will win twice in a row.

    Seriously though, this is awesome! I won't even mention how good the art is. It reminds of Minecraft and Forager as well as my own entry. Exept it's good. My biggest complaint is that it's long. Like, really long. I have probably been playing for one and a half hour.

    Also, please don't put restart on R without a prompt.

    Also 2: I managed to get stuck in a hole (purposely). I just entered the tile while it fell away.

    Also 3: Your description is outdated. Edit: Oh, I mean your team description. I'm sorry for the confusion.

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      "Oh no, you guys will win twice in a row." Aha, I wish

      "My biggest complaint is that it's long." Yeaaaah it is! You can speed things up by using the machines without actually having enough resources! (think of it like a debt: you can go into the negatives)

      Thank you for playing! :D

  • MintyPython
    MintyPython MintyPython Level 7

    I don't think I really get the gameplay, but the art and the music is nice. There's plenty of nice polish touches too, like the progress wheel and the way that things in the foreground turn transparent when you walk behind them.

  • sushipop!
    sushipop! sushipop! Level 7

    this one is a super cool jam game! For 48 hours the game is really fleshed out, and I could totally see a game like this being a hot item if at a full length. The game had a nice familiarity to it, as I immediately knew what I needed to do once I figured out the controls. The only thing I noticed that was wrong is the fact that you can spend resources even if you dont have enough... because of that you can go into the negatives as far as wood resources go. Other than that the game worked perfectly, and I enjoyed it alot! Great work you two!

  • scottgoldsmith

    Beautiful game and lots of gameplay for 48 hours. I'm very impressed. Hats off to you guys.

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    Really great game! Unfortunately I never finished it because of a crash, but 30+ minutes I played were a lot of fun :) Those cracks in the ground are evil though...

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      I am sad that you did not get the opportunity to finish it, you didn't get to see the ending :( (ok I mean, I just spent like 30 minutes on it but still!)

      But I am glad you had fun! :]

  • ZedSquadron

    Great looking game, and the controls were really smooth. Took me a minute to figure out what to do, but once I did it was fun :) Love the artwork as always. Nice work!

  • Wahoo
    Wahoo Wahoo Level 5

    This is one of my favourites. Also, well done Kwis, your digital art looks lovely.

    • Kwisarts Kwisarts
      Level 49

      Thank you! :D Took the risk of using digital painting for the first time in a game!


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