The Well-Digger

The Well-Digger

  • Sindre Hauge Larsen
  • 1 year ago
  • 34th

No sound, sorry about that. Playing either an upbeat country track or a metal track recommended.

You play as Hoggus, a loner who lives on a desolate planet! His water supply is running out, so you have to help him find his shovel and dig a new well. But what dangers lurk beneath the surface...?

Realized wayy too late that I couldn't just put in sounds from the internet. Maybe I'll try to join a team next time!

WASD and Mouse for moving
Left mouse button for actions (digging etc)
Shift for running
Space for jumping

It uses the SMF system for animations, Snidrs Colmesh for collisions and sPart for 3D particles. There's a known problem with some particle emitters. This has been fixed, and a post-jam patch has been uploaded to the GMC topic. I won't link to it from here, in case it can be considered cheating, but it does exist.

TheSnidr out, enjoy the game!

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  • baku

    Beautiful and funny game :D I think I ended up cheesing the boss pretty hard on accident, as it almost immediately charged at me and got stuck in a ditch xD

    Definitely not at all jealous that you got collisions working on your planet 😅 but hey, you wrote colmesh (which I was trying to use as well!) so of course you'd know how to make it work better than I :D

  • Fachewachewa

    Impressive game, just lacks a few feedback/effects for damage, and SOUNDS :(



  • Veralos

    Neat game. The 3D style is very impressive and I enjoy how it almost resembles a PS1/N64 era game. The gravity of the planet changing as you move around it is really cool, though it can get a bit awkward during the fight. Speaking of which, the boss fight was great and also unexpected - I put on some calm farm music and it didn't really end up fitting. The controls work pretty well for it. I like how the jump functions as sort of dash to get out of the way. I think the main improvement would be to have some feedback so you can tell that you're damaging the boss. I know you explained the lack of sound, but you could still do something like having the boss flash white or show some damage numbers.

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you for the feedback!
      The lack of a response when you hit the boss is quite simply something I forgot to add in - I can't say I didn't have time, because it would have taken me like two minutes, but there was just SO MUCH to think and plan and do, lots of small things like that were just either forgotten or ignored xD
      I'm just happy I got a playable game done! Modelling, texturing, rigging, skinning and animating the player and the demon took pretty much all of day 1, and the rest of the game was made in a single day. For a long time I wasn't even sure I'd have anything playable to submit :P
      I started making the intro and story when there was two hours left of the competition! o.o

  • Nyveon

    Super impressive game. Really well executed 3d.

    Love the style of it, very reminiscent of the gamecube era, lots of personality was jammed into the content in the game too. Can't think of any feedback that hasn't been said already, the lack of sound was probably my biggest complaint but the experience was still enjoyable regardless.

    Very cool, congratulations! :)

  • dosto
    • Level 15

    1yr ago

    The graphics and animations were really nice! The shapes gave me joy and the look of the assets was consistent. Especially the world design was well made and running through the different sides felt funky.

    Even though the gameplay was good, the demon fight had some problems. It was hard to know when you had been able to hit the demon due lack of response. Also had problems with asset collision when running backwards. I wish there would have been a checkpoint since the fight was so long and kinda hard. Seeing the smug face of the digger after failing the fight made me feel like shaking him, brace yourself!

    I always like when there is some kind of Hell going on.

    Ps. Is... is that... a piece of cow lying around on your yard?

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you for playing my game and for thorough feedback! There is lots and lots I'd like to polish, but this is simply all I was able to produce in two days alone :D
      There's a post-jam version available that fixes a bunch of small things, adds sounds and music, and gives the boss a response when taking damage. This obv can't be used for rating, but now that you've played the jam version it might be interesting. After the jam was over I had the idea of making the player actually go to hell when they died, and then have to dig themselves up to continue the fight, but I don't think I will change too much of the actual gameplay now, or it can't be called a jam game anymore.
      And yes, the cow's dug himself down! That happens because I used ray casting to place the cows, but I cast the rays the wrong direction, and there was some leftover geometry underground precisely there xD All in all it was a very fun jam, wish I had more time, will definitely need to find a team for the next jam. I'm just glad my game was somewhat playable!

  • Tero Hannula

    I spoiled myself earlier, so demon wasn't surprise. But well done, it was good show how what your tool can do in 48 hours. Maybe boss battle was too long. It was well done :) I had to retry as I died on first run. On second run I was more careful and escaped far away from meteors. One time demon was on edge of world and started bombardment, so I ran for graveyard side. Then decided to run through graveyard to other side of tthe planet, as I was running on the bridge, the bloody demon was on other end of the bridge. You don't know how much jumpscared me :D As technical point, it was really well made, tried to break your gravity etc. didn't find any real problems :)

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you so much for the feedback! I'd love to develop everything much more, but with such a limited timeframe, I'm happy with how it turned out ^.^ I've just finished playing Doom Eternal, and the battle might have taken som inspiration from that ;P If you're close enough to the boss you can headshot him, this will also stagger him and cancel any attack he has started (including the fireballs). Again, thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

      • Tero Hannula

        Oh I didn't know you could headshot it, never aimed for head or didn't accidently hit it, if there was any indicator for headshot. Now when you say, inspiration is pretty obvious ^^

  • 89o
    • Level 18

    1yr ago

    I thought that it was a bit cliché with the ""quest system"", especially when you can't just find a place to dig, but you have to find the giant yellow arrow. But that's just goofy video game logic, I guess.

    There were a few bugs with the camera clipping into rocks and stuff, 3D cameras in general are tricky to get right.

    The combat/movement system felt quite punishing, maybe because the character, or because of the structure of the world itself, idk.

    Also PS1 graphics ftw.

  • Mimpy
    • Level 25

    1yr ago

    That certainly didn't go in the direction I thought it was gonna, haha!

    Great job, the gravity physics and the way the boss leaps around and tosses fireballs reminded me a lot of the Bowser battles from Super Mario Galaxy.

    Just needs some sound and a bit more feedback from the gun, sometimes I couldn't tell if I was hitting the boss because the healthbar only moves a small bit with each shot.

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you! Now that you've finished the jam version, I can tell you that there's a post-jam version (linked to on the forums) with sounds and slightly more polish, in case you're interested ;D

  • PenguinCzar

    Wow. Not what I was expecting. That was awesome! This was the first 3D game I've ever played in GM and boy did it set a high bar. I can't believe you did that in only 48 hours. Good job dude.

  • serialkamikaze

    I Dig it

    I haven't played a 3D game made with GameMaker before (atleast not aware of it) so I was suprised that you had time to do that in the jam!

    I liked the story and was scared a little when the "you-know-what" came to the surface.

    Missing sounds and music might have give more immersion, but the game jams are so tight with the available time.

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you for the feedback! It sure was an intense jam for me, having to create all those assets and making the game playable, there just was no time to learn music theory and compose my own music xD I was wayy too late to find teammates, so I went with a silent game. That might be what's causing this submission's downfall, but I'm proud of what I've created ^.^

  • TobyMoby

    This was exceptional! Very well done 3D with a nice old-school touch! And you definately succeeded in surprising me with the actual theme and gameplay!

    I'd like to have some hit indicator (like you did with headshots), maybe some kind of hit marker, or maybe even a flying damage number, because it was kinda hard to tell at first if I actually hit him.

    Overall it took me quite some attempts beating him and I needed to reactivate all my UT skills from back in the day :D

    Very awesome entry, and impressive for 48 hours indeed!

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you for your kind words! They warm my heart <3 There is so much polishing (like damage indicators, and even more importantly, sound) I'd like to do, but there simply wasn't time xD

  • GameDevDan

    Bwahaha that was certainly an experience! Really good work on the 3D engine (as usual!) and the story was great. Very enjoyable entry.

  • Allison James

    There were several ways I was expecting this to go. Bovine Boss Battle Beelzebub was not one of them.

    This was a technical masterpiece and ran really well for me, the gameplay was solid if simple and the whole thing was a showcase in both skill and general jam entry goodness. Obviously it lacked sound but you seem to have already addressed that post-jam.

    I definitely missed your contributions to jams since GMC Jam (I replayed Doomshark like a week ago coincidentally xD) so it was great to see you enter this one with another game like this. Marvellous work.

    • Sindre Hauge Larsen

      Thank you so much for the feedback, Allison! My goal was for the actual gameplay to be a surprise, what with not showing any pics from the other side of the planet (save for a spoilered gif that was shown in the Discord channel for a short while...). I'm happy you liked it!
      I didn't realize I couldn't use free music from the internet before the jam had already started, and by then it was too late to find teammates :P

  • The Great Gatsby

    really fun! the demon got stuck in a tree and I headshotted him roughly 20 times

  • scottgoldsmith

    I love the 3d, absolutely lovely. Very accompolished for something in GMS. Fantastic game, would have loved for it to have had audio!

  • Wahoo
    • Level 16

    1yr ago

    A very charming game. Plus, it's probably the best example of 3D in GMS, so that's a win.

    Hoggus is a great name, too.



  • Tydecon Games

    I really like the idea of this, the style and the 3D skills are great, I feel as though with some more time, some padding out to the menu systems, sound effects and other bits and pieces here and there would have made it all the more fully fleshed out. I hope you continue this project after the jam