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Welcome to McBrew, may I take your order?

Mcbrew is a fast-paced game about fulfilling customers orders in a fantasy potion and herb shop. Make more money than you need for rent every day to purchase helpful upgrades to grow your business that grows plants.

gameplay the shop

The following is an excerpt from the McBrew Franchisee owner handbook:

Welcome, New Franchise Owner!

Welcome to the McBrew family. We're happy to have you here. As a McBrew franchise location, you'll serve our customers in a variety of ways.

Here at McBrew, we offer products made from our line of three versitile plants. The Devil Rose has great value to the necromantic arts, the Weeping Vine is great for curses, and the Placebo Dill will cure literally anything, guaranteed*!

We also offer our franchisee owners the ability to upgrade their state of the art facilities to an even statier of the art facility. Some of the additional features high-level McBrew locations offer are:

  • Grinding herbs into powder.
  • Brewing powder into potions.
  • Using state of the art demonic summoning to convert potions into potent scrolls.

We hope you enjoy your time as a McBrew franchisee owner! What's that? The rent keeps going up every day? Just ignore that, you'll do fine. No, we're not a pyramid scheme. Why does everyone keep asking?

How to Play (You should probably read this)


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move Press Space or LMB to interract with things

Growing a Flower

Pick up the desired seeds from the seed bag and take them to the flower pot.
Pick the flower once it's fully grown (but don't wait too long! It will die if left too long!)

Getting Rid of Stuff

Have too much stuff in your hands? You can store items you're holding in the convenient barrels around the shop. All your barrels full? Interract with the trash can to toss whatever you're holding.

Advanced Items

You can unlock the mortar and pestle, cauldron, and summoning circle through the shop You can grind flowers into powder with the mortar and pestle You can make potions by puttnig powder into the cauldron (get the potion out of the cauldron by grabbing it with an empty bottle, and don't let it boil too long!) You can create scrolls with the summoning circle.


Rent increases daily. Make sure you have enough!


Code, Music, Sound: Henry Haak

Art: Ross Boman


Placebo dill may not be effective for every treatment. Consult your cleric before using.

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  • Kyon
    Kyon Kyon Level 20

    The progression was super nice and sometimes super stressful Nice job! :))

    Oh btw once I made the first scroll I got an error;

    • Henry Haak Henry Haak
      Level 31

      Whoops! Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it and hopefully you didn't get too stressed out!

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    I see a lot of potential in this. The controls and behaviors are a bit clunky in places, I found myself snagging when trying to run around corners and some of the bars and stuff would tick backwards into the negatives, but nothing so bad that it breaks the game.

    I dig the upgrades menu between days and the different levels of processing you can put the plants through. In most tycoon style games, as you buy upgrades things get automated and you have less to do. Instead, in this game, as you buy upgrades you actually create MORE things for the player to do, like using the mortar and pestle or the cauldron, and I think that's a sign of good game design.

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    This is brilliant! I got some serious overcooked vibes playing this - the panic, the growing, the storing, the mechanics of it, it was all very well exectued. I think the only thing that needed some polish was the graphics work, that aside though, this is an excellent entry! I really enjoyed this!

  • Gabe
    Gabe Gabe Level 2

    Well done, definitely gets very frantic. Took a second to figure out the gameplay.

    • Henry Haak Henry Haak
      Level 31

      Yeah, I wanted to add a tutorial in-game but we ran out of time. I've updated the page with some instructions now, so hopefully that will help. Thank you for playing!

  • PizzaBandit

    I really enjoyed this game, it's impressive how many upgrades there are and how they all work. For example the Imp assistant, the upgrades are all very different and add new elements to the game. I really like how it escalates but at first it seems simple. Awesome job!

  • q_q
    q_q q_q Level 2

    Just FYI, your windows zip is missing the .exe file

    • Henry Haak Henry Haak
      Level 31

      Thanks, luckily Peter was nice enough to fix it for us, so if you want to check the game out you now can.