My Pet Nuclear Monster

My Pet Nuclear Monster

  • Pantomime Programmers
  • 6 months ago
  • 30th

Take on the role of a mad scientist. Shunned by the establishment, now you must take your revenge! Grow your mutant monster from an egg to a countryside ravishing kaiju! Develop the greatest laboratory in the world, and show them who's laughing now!

Your generators (right side) will produce cash, allowing your to purchase more generators. They also produce energy necessary to buy comfort items (left side) which will help your egg hatch. Buy more generators to produce resources faster! Happy hatching!

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  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60

    The game has been played!

  • Nyveon

    Awesome art, and a very reasonable length for an idle game for a game jam. Creative use of the theme! Very fitting music as well. The nuclear pet monster was both cute and scary, so you definitely nailed that. I'm proud of what I hatched! All that effort paid off.

    My main feedback would be having more mechanics at play for the idle progression. For a game jam it makes sense for there to be only two, but with this type of game adding more complexity helps in my opinion.

    Overall, really cool game! Well done :D

  • TibiSoft
    TibiSoft TibiSoft Level 2

    The game is visually like a finished game, congrats for that. Game mechanism is known idle-clicker, so at first I was not sure what to do but it was easy to find a way to grow the eggs. With music button I wanted to switch off the game music, but I came to the conclusion that it was not for that. :) It has a certain finish scene, but has potential to continue with more creatures and functions. Good job!

  • Funny cat Lord

    The game is short but sweet, but without experimentation you can't know what happens and where. Initially you have no idea what the buttons do, how they work, and what makes them pressable. My only other criticism is that, for an idle game, the game is fairly short. I did enjoy the little eldritch deity that emergent from my egg, which is a reward that makes the whole experience worth it. Great work!

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    image What a beautiful creature I've unleashed upon the world! This is a fun, quirky game and I love the cookie clicker vibes, great entry! :) I think the only issue I had was that it was not overly clear when to use the music, warmth and comfort buttons, but that aside, good job!

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      They do have an indicator light that's supposed to let you know when they're available for use. :(

      • Tydecon Games Tydecon Games
        Level 17

        Yeah I got that's what the light was for in the end, but to begin with I didn't know that, maybe the first time the light comes on a little arrow could point to it to show the player it's there and ready to be used? That's the only thing that got me a little confused though, other than that it's a great game :)

  • Bart Teunis
    Bart Teunis Bart Teunis Level 2

    An idle clicker game, pretty entertaining. Superb visuals and music! One thing that wasn't clear to me is when the buttons on the left become accessible and how many times you can click them.

  • Ivanbje

    Hatched a multi-eyed purple cat.

    I felt kind of lost a lot of the time, it took me a while to realize how comfort/warmth/music worked, at first I thought they were on seperate timers, was there any way to see how much energy you had? but once I figured it out, I just used music when able. Also felt like it was mostly just numbers, nothing changed on the screen when buying stuff except the counter. would've been nice to have just a small screen with building sprites being thrown in there randomly or something. Would also have liked to see numbers truncated when they got bigger. 1.32mil is a lot easier to read than 1321478.45, extra hard when those numbers are changing.

    not a big fan of idle games in general but it was ok. Animations were good and the art in general, the procedural nature of the animals was cool but I didn't have any interest in continuing after hatching.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      You're right. The original idea was to have action arms that play an effect when you click on one of the "trainer" buttons. However we didn't have time to implement them. :(

      The information about how much cash you have was a last minute addition as well as we didn't come up with a cool visual for as we'd have liked to.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Art and music is incredible, gameplay in nothing more than a clicker game. 95% of this game is literally clicking the "Comfort" button and waiting to get enough money to buy the next Tesla Coil or whatever. Sorry, but this game is really boring.

  • Elliot
    Elliot Elliot Level 2

    Not entirely sure what i was doing but it was interesting. Kind of reminds me of that text based browser game, paperclips.

  • PizzaBandit

    I was hoping for more of a pet simulator kind of thing but the art and animation was good.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      The end goal was to have more pet simulator stuff in later life stages, but we obviously didn't get there :)

  • Big Gay Dinosaur


  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    I think this would benefit from some more interactivity. Often idling clicker games have some method where you can actively contribute to the amount of money you make, like clicking the cookie in cookie clicker. Or maybe the comfort options on the left side could be more interactive, like you have to use your mouse to pet the egg when you click comfort, or you have to rotate a dial on a thermostat when you click warm, or you have to click on some notes when you choose music.

    The art of the egg and monster are pretty neat, are they made with Spine?

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      The art was spine, yes.

      You'll note that the egg rocks a bit when you click it. I was debating making clicking the egg generate a currency, but eventually decided against it as the idea was your generators on the right were generating power which allowed you to activate the trainers on the left, which would hatch/interact with the pet. There were plans for activation arms and other effects that would have made it much more interactive and interesting, but we didn't get there.

  • Team Seguin
    Team Seguin Team Seguin Level 2

    Maybe it's just because I'm not too familiar with the genre, but I really didn't get this game. I think I was succeeding when I was making good money? But seemed to make little progress raising my poor baby egg into adulthood (never even hatched actually). Anyway, I enjoyed the music, and artstyle. :)

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      You'll note that once the progress bar maxes out the red button on the bottom right becomes unlocked, allowing you to activate the egg hatching sequence.