Leaderboards: https://chequered.ink/nonwp/pachog/index.php

Every sixty seconds, a clone of you spawns and repeats your actions transposed by a minute.

Collect Unbranded Original Flavour Capsules. Don't run into your past selves constantly repeating your past movements. And advance the level, but be aware - your past selves will still follow your route, so they'll be able to travel through walls that weren't there a minute ago!

Features online highscores courtesy of Dan Johnston (coded in the allotted time... for his own gm48 entry. And then I had to cry until he helped me steal his code.)

All other programming, all art and all music made by me.

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  • havik

    Very cool stuff! Reminds me a bit of my GM 20th birthday entry (I did a puzzle game with clones that followed your path for that!). My levels were fixed though. It's a cool idea to have the levels actually change but the clones still follow your old path. Although saying that - not sure how else you'd do it, since if they respected the new level, then they wouldn't be past clones!

    The visuals are nice, I like the subtle glow around things. The music is also a bop, and it really reminds me of something but I can't place what it is. I just know I'll have that trumpet(?) loop in my head for the rest of the evening :D

  • Tero Hannula

    I loved the idea that your previous selfes are the ghosts hunting you ^^ Music was good and visually well done :)

  • Happysquared

    Creative use of the theme. I liked how the 60 seconds wasn't marking the end of a round or a limit to the player but an addition in the game. Also liked the cool retro aesthetics and the cute sound of the pachog. Music was also pleasant to listen to. Overall really cool chill game. Felt like I was vibing in an arcade :D

  • Zen00
    • Level 15

    1yr ago

    Visually appealing and the controls felt fairly smooth

  • 2102

    Interesting game! Good idea, but I wish there was a little more strategy with how to move your previous self to work better with your new self. All in all, good job.



  • Veralos

    Trust nobody, not even yourself.

    What a great concept (and clever use of the theme)! It's such an elegant idea - simple yet challenging at the same time. I like how the difficulty naturally progresses as more and more copies are added to game, and the movement gets more and more erratic as your past selves try to dodge your other past selves. The presentation is really nice too. It does just enough to resemble Pacman while also having an identity of it's own. Overall, just a really well done game.



  • adam02oc

    A very creative and enjoyable game. Immersive as all hell, I could spend an hour at this and not even notice. The controls are smooth and responsive and the build-up of the music was also a nice touch.

    Amazing game , great work!

    Power Save

    Power Save

  • Mimpy
    • Level 26

    1yr ago

    For some reason I can't help but think of this game's name as "Pa-Chog" even though I know it's supposed to be "Pac-Hog". Really great work, very clear design and engaging gameplay.

  • Jupiter Hadley

    What a clever game! I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/KFZGXZMxHA8

  • Chris

    So many details like the custom font for the scores. The sound and music was top notch. Overall fantastic game

  • Jackaroo

    This was really fun and really well made (as always with your games). It's very tough but very addictive too. On my first try I got 10th on the leaderboard and then every attempt after that I couldn't even get close to that score. But I really like the idea of the Pachog's following your movement from past levels. It really does make it so you have to either plot some predictable routes or just have good memorization of your past movements and I like that kind of strategy to it. Gives quite a cool and unique twist to the existing pacman formula.

    I really want to play more and try to beat my previous score but there's still alot of other games to play. But I'm sure I'll be coming back to this one again after I'm done playing through the other games.

    Oh and the music was great too. I like how it changes every minute. Although I know that when those trumpets kick in then my run is likely over since I rarely heard past that point haha.

    Great work.



  • Wahoo
    • Level 16

    1yr ago

    Woah! This was total awesome sauce!



  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago
    • Unique idea, well executed
    • What did you use to host your high global scores?
    • Tried to pause it and got game over instead
    • The implementation of the theme seemed a bit of a stretch, the game would perhaps have been more suited to a shorter time loop. With the current implementation, my 'past self' is extremely unpredictable and also is clipping through walls. But that's just me!

    Edit wtf happened haha

    • Allison James

      The highscores are hosted on me and Dan's company website. (I think Dan hosted his entry's on his personal website then crossed it to CI for me.) The GM code was just chucked together by him for his own entry then I used it for my own as well.

      Yeah, afraid there isn't any pausing. I struggle just to do pausing in 2 days for most games, and wanted there to be an "early kill-switch" accessible via Esc anyway.

      Not sure what you mean by the last point, seems to be cut off mid-sentence?

      Thank you very much for the feedback! 😄

      Edit: Ah! Yeah, agreed - part of me was considering "faking" the length of a second and making it a little shorter and faster in the early game, but it was a tough balance to strike, since the snappier I make the early game, the more difficult it gets prematurely too. But by the mechanics of the game, I couldn't make just the start game shorter since then there'd be Pachog movement data missing xD

  • Fachewachewa

    I played it way too much but at least I'm 1st for now (but not by much 😬)

    It's a really good idea, the past selves work so well with pac man, BUT I always hated the way pac man controlled and this is kinda the same here, and I've lost soooo many games because of a late input that not only made me miss the path I wanted to take, but also made me make a wrong turn after that. It's manageable in pac man, but here you know that this mistake will haunt you. And it's probably as genius as it is infuriating 😁

    • Allison James

      Thank you! I have no idea how you (or the folks in 2nd/3rd currently) managed above 4,000, I could only top 3,000 once!

      If it helps, the way the controls work are - Pachog moves in its existing direction and stores your latest d-pad input. If the direction of that stored input is free it will turn that direction and clear the stored direction, otherwise it will move in its existing direction and keep it stored unless overwritten.

      I'm sure there are more sophisticated ways of doing that kind of movement though for sure 😅

      • Fachewachewa

        Mhhh, my strategy basically relied on making ghosts as predictable as possible. So I usually divided every level in quarters, and moved between them clockwise. Since it's not always possible (especially in the 2nd level layout), I didn't hesitate to be inefficient as long as I could keep the general motion predictable.

        Because usually doing something like going from the top left to the bottom left quadrant would end up killing for example :D

  • Kilomatter

    Fun take on Pac-Man! This game clearly has a lot of strategy behind it. The graphics are really nice. I liked the subtle lighting effect that you put on the walls when something is nearby. The gameplay is really solid, and the leaderboard will definitely have me coming back. Good stuff!

  • ArmyArmbuster

    Absolutely lovely game!

    I love the music, love the gameplay, really well made!

  • Tydecon Games

    I really like this and I'm not very good at it haha, I'll have to play it a few more times to get my skills up but the great thing about this game is the replay value is immense and makes me want to come back for more, I'm looking forward to playing this several more times over, really interesting take on the theme too, nice one! :)

  • GameDevDan

    A great idea, and with good replayability. Every time you play you sorta learn something new about how to perfect your route for the next run. Nice music, nice graphics and a good idea.



  • Serbjy

    Very nice. At first I thought it was easy since there's plenty of time to end the level before the reflection spawns, but it caught me off guard that they remembered the moves from previous levels and could move through walls

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one :)