Get Your Hands Off My Banana

Get Your Hands Off My Banana

  • Allison James
  • 3 months ago
  • 5th


  • game, fonts, music by Allison James
  • online highscores by Dan Johnston

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  • Riuku
    • Level 15

    2mos ago

    That was fun! The story setting is funny in its simplicity and needs no further explanation. You've got a banana in a tree and they want it.

    The palette is certainly brave and striking but I'll have to admit that it's quite hard on the eyes. I couldn't play it fullscreen because my eyes would just overload immediately. It was good that you could resize the window to whatever scale you want, so I did that instead!

    It was good that the camera followed your aim but I think it moved a bit too much because my aim would often be thrown off when I'd swing between left and right quickly. The indicators on the sides of the screens that pointed to incoming enemies was a good call! Very useful.

    The funny ending cutscene really wraps up the experience neatly. Great job, I enjoyed the game!

    Jam Royale

    Jam Royale

  • Fajpaj
    • Level 9

    2mos ago

    Great game! Simple and fun gameplay, well polished, I like the music and overall style too.

  • illdie
    • Level 9

    2mos ago

    I adore the vibe of this game! The colors and the music are fantastic, it feels so smooth and clean. Awesome job!

  • Kyon
    • Level 22

    2mos ago

    15250! 7th place! Finally made it to the highscore list! That was so intense...

    Music + music effects as usual is amazing. Also the art style had something soooo pleasing and unique, loved it. Game design was very nice, I like the wacky characters and how the game progressed was really well done. The risk-reward boat was genius.

    Idk if it was anywhere but it would've been nice to see when the grenade was ready again!



  • Jaspo
    • Level 8

    2mos ago

    The text all ran together in the screen for entering your name, and the sfx was a bit too hot/loud. Other than that, not a bad game! Pink people are strange though.

    • Allison James

      Thank you - not sure what issue caused the text running together though - I've not seen that occur.

      Yeah, pink is an odd colour - one of the limits of a 3-bit colour scheme ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Fachewachewa

    7th on my first attemp, I'll take it :D The best score getting their name on every screen of the game is pretty cool :D

    The thing I really liked, even if I took a while to notice, is the risk/reward mechanic of boats. At first I destoyed them almost instantly, but they're such a good source of points! It also solves an issue that's often there with endless game, where the start is always too slow, here you can decide to make it harder (at least I guess, I'll try again later ๐Ÿ˜…)

    The molotov though... it's really loud compared to the rest? I only used it for boats (and one time near the end because there was too many crabs on my island ๐Ÿ˜ก) because of it :(

    • Allison James

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜„

      Yeah, I do think in the end it's probably a better tactic just to destroy boats immediately, but the risk/reward was the original intention - you get a free slew of high-point kills if you let the boat offload its crew or a smaller total for destroying the boat itself.

      Sorry about the loud molotov!

  • Ivanbje

    I always love when gamepad support is implemented, big thumbs up for that. Very snappy and satisfying menu and UI. Leaderboards being so prominent got me a bit competitive, did a few runs but couldn't get better than 4th place. The limited yet bright color palette is very cool and for some reason reminds me of some old school games like dangerous dave. I didn't end up moving much I mostly just stood in the middle and aimed, but I enjoyed playing it, was really fun. Awesome job.

  • Happysquared

    Wow this game is so stylish. I love the bright poppy palette and the music was really pleasant to listen to as well. It almost felt like the gun was syncing up well to the music too. Very satisfying. All the art and music elements seemed to work really well together. Despite the stress of only having one life, the whole presentation really put me in a jumpy happy mood. Real good looking game.

    UI is also super nice. I love it. The typeface is bold, bright, very impactful and fitting.

    I'm not too sure how I feel about the camera movement. I feel like I like it at points and other points I feel it made me a little motion sick. I love how it follows the cursor on how much range you see. Unfortunately, I can't quite put my finger on why I found it a little too "wavy". Sorry, not a great word description of it.

    I personally liked holding the mouse button to shoot. Sometimes it just feels like a more tactile thing.

    I like the flavouring of the molotov too, haha. The whole game is so cheerful and peppy with cute bullet sounds and bright fun colours and suddenly a molotov comes out and absolutely decimates the sound. Contrasted with the plot of protecting your banana, I just think it made the whole mood very fun.

    I wish on the later waves the game varied a little more or maybe addition of some more variety like power ups or more enemy types. So I could learn more tactics instead of playing the same thing but faster. So the inclusion of the molotov is really nice as it did add some attack variety. Would love to see more of that!

    I did also feel there wasn't much point in moving from your position. Maybe if the island was bigger I would feel like I could move. But because it wasn't, I really needed to keep my banan on screen as much as I could to keep the pesky birds away. Maybe there is a tactic where moving is very beneficial but due to the closeness of both sides, I didn't feel like I really needed to.

    I liked the arrow indicators for enemies.

    Overall, really fun game. Even the lose screen is fun. Really nice job at creating an absolutely blast. Fun music, fun art, whole art direction really is lovely. And the game is easy to jump into and satisfying to play.

    • Allison James

      Thank you for the detailed feedback ๐Ÿ˜„

      The camera issues may just be an artefact of the game running at such a low resolution (240x135), which means the smooth movement actually staggers a little as it reaches its destination? I find it very hard to judge motion-friendly games since I don't get any motion sickness myself and am very prone to abusing dizzy effects xD

      Yeah, I had a couple of further enemies planned, but ran out of energy to implement them and regret that a little in retrospect. Two things I was thinking of early on that didn't make it:

      1. a shark that was super slow traversing in the water, shootable by its fin, that made a Jaws-esque noise, and if you let it get to shore it would make one quick jump directly towards the banana
      2. a monkey in a hot air balloon that would be relatively central horizontally but then descend onto the banana

      Agreed, I think making the island bigger would have been beneficial - sometimes, you just have to go with the first decision ๐Ÿ˜… (in my case, the play area is 3 screens wide then the island is exactly 1 screen wide in the middle so that made a bunch of the art and movement easy to calculate. Probably for a future version, I'd do 4 and 2!)

      Thank you again ๐Ÿ˜„

  • dreamcastgh0st

    Nice! The graphical style is unique and sets the game apart, and despite the limitations, it's a very pretty game. The 3-bit color reminds me a lot of the old Windows XP 'flowerbox' screensaver-- the shapeshifting one. Music is also very polished, especially for a 48 hour jam. The enemies were neat-- the idea of a fish flopping towards my banana from the ocean is especially funny, and the pirateship docking on the island distinctly and singlehandedly changes the flow of the game, which keeps things from getting too old. I wish there was a little more variety in terms of ways for me to attack the enemies, but it's a minor ask. Really nice job!

  • Kilomatter

    Somehow I scored 2nd place on the leaderboard on my second attempt. Really fun game! The graphics are very unique looking, and the music was cool too. The gameplay is fun, and I like the variety in enemy design. The game is very well polished, you've even got particle effects for firing at the sand! My one critique is that there's not really any incentive to move around at all (or maybe there is, and I was too scared of leaving the banana unguarded to experiment) I really liked this.

    Ruin Rise

    Ruin Rise

    • Allison James

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜„

      I did originally have the molotov be much shorter a throwing arc, which meant you had to be very close to ships to hit them with one, but in my playtesting that made the game less fun so I sacrificed a little need to move for the sake of general playability. Think if I added to the game, I'd make the island a fair bit wider and maybe even eg. make the game melee focused with ammo being limited. (Definitely would not have managed this well within 48hr though!)

  • singleshot

    This was a pretty fun wave shooter, i like the dos style graphics.

    don't know if it was intended, but the audio broke every time I used a Molotov. like glitched out broke, it got pretty wiggly and didn't sound normal again till a few seconds after the fire sound ended.

    also, it would be nice to have some kinda of reticle instead of just the mouse as is. it would make it a bit harder to loss the mouse with the camera flipping around all the time.

    also the enemy arrows are a nice touch. but I think you can improve them by having them flash a different color, to make it stand out more. as well have the flashing speed up as they get closer so it easy to judge how urgent I should treat them as a threat.

    Ether way nice game allison.

    Ruin Rise

    Ruin Rise

    • Allison James

      Thank you for the feedback!

      The music was kind of an accident but I liked the effect it made so I left it - as someone else commented, to me it makes the molotovs feel a little more powerful.

      I avoided a custom reticle purely from personal taste, but it's a valid point - I could probably have done something that kept the Windows mouse but also provided a little extra feedback (eg. giving the molotov a throwing arc)

      The enemy flashing again was a style/time decision - I made them flash black since it was just a blend job that way. Any other colour would have taken extra time and may also have not worked great with the 3-bit colour.

  • Argot Bertha

    I really enjoyed this as a snappy bit of arcade action, despite stupidly not understanding on my first go that defending the banana is the aim (my brain simply went, "run around and shoot everything, that's all I need to do"). The enemy variations ramp up nicely, and I like that the molotovs have a specific use. All in all, I thought it was grand for a short, frantic play session, and you don't hear Gecs-style Hyperpop in games every day, so that was a nice bonus!

  • baku

    This is just so fun to play. The music really gets you in a groove. It's the kind of game that gets you going "oh come on!... one more round" round after round lol

    "Terrible graphics" my ass, it looks awesome. It's oozing style. Icon is so good I put it in my icon/description guide.

    I mostly only have 2 complaints:

    • Is there any downside to not be shooting constantly? Doesn't feel like there is, so why make me hold a button? Just make it autofire!
    • Playing fullscreened with mouse made aiming slightly difficult. I'd lose track of my tiny cursor's position constantly, and had trouble sniping lone birds out of the sky unless I tried leading my shots, taking longer than needed to aim correctly at crabs, etc. Very troublesome once the difficulty started ramping up in a way that didn't feel intended.

    And luckily I was able to fix both issues!

    My first fix was to plug in a controller and hold down the trigger with a hair tie, while playing with mouse/keyboard. I didn't know if that'd work, depending on how you set up input management, but it did! The game didn't recognise my Dualshock 4 though (please check beyond slot 3 in the future >.<) so I had to dig deep in a drawer for a stinky 360 pad which worked.

    My second fix, and this is some nextlevel galaxybrain lifehack shit, was to find the cursor size / colour settings in Windows and make it as big as possible lol. This made accurately aiming much easier and I was able to knock kat off the banana throne for now. All is right in the world again.

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much for the feedback and for the (second) mention in your style guide, if my greatest contribution to the world is a bee and a banana, then life well spent ๐Ÿ˜†

      No, there's no reason not to be shooting, really - I probably could have added an autofire option, it always feels odd to me when a game shoots for me but in this it'd make sense!

      Sorry about the DS4 not registering, I never think to catch any slot beyond 0-3 from my "why is my Xbox 360 controller slot 3 now" days. Old habits die hard lmao

      KNEW I forgot something! A target reticle was like the second thing I had in my head to do... and then I just didn't. Whoops ๐Ÿ˜ณ

      Happy to report that as of writing, you're still banana queen with 196,550 points! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‘‘

  • Ethan Wake

    Well... that was weird. But in a good way! Very fast-paced, certainly an original premise, and great music. Sadly, I am terrible at it, and keep losing relatively early despite several attempts. XD

  • Chris

    Loved it, the music, the art, the gameplay. Perfection.

  • Katsaii

    I really love the art direction for this game, and the music makes me want to keep playing! The difficulty does take a while to ramp up, but once it does the game gets extremely hectic, and I love that.

  • Kwis
    • Level 63

    3mos ago


    That was rather fun! I liked the flow of the game and how things spawned. I started panicking when there was suddenly attacks from the right while there was the boarding ship! I ended up getting overwhelmed.

    The camera almost made me feel nauseous. I get that you wanted to make it so that looking to one side makes you unable to check the other (and btw the red arrows are really, really good to have), but the camera moves so quickly, I would have wished for it to smoothly move to let my eyes adjusting to the sudden movement. It doesn't help that moving the mouse quickly moves the camera as you aim; speaking of which, I really wish you had something to replace the cursor cause quite often, it's hard to keep track of it other than directing yourself by the shot pellets; I often ended up losing it and it didn't really help feeling comfortable with the movements. You know, something contrasting to always keep track of it!

    The aesthetics work great (contrary to what someone sour might refer as "terrible graphics") with the game! Sound effects felt a tiny bit harsh?

    I really love the different ways the enemies move as well! The fish most notably

    Overall, pretty fun and cool!

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!

      Yeah, things like the camera were definitely a balancing act; I did have smoother camera movement at one point, but it made the game feel a little less responsive to me. I'm not really susceptible to motion sickness though, so I do need to remain aware of excessive motion.

  • Junction Games

    Honestly, that was so fun. I loved the soundtrack and music too. That was great.

  • Tydecon Games

    An incredible game! You have a certain flare and style that always stands out, the music, the design, the teletext graphics, the audio effects, everything and all the ways it fits together here are great! I couldn't put a fault to this one at all! Or, as AlexInCube puts it, terrible graphics ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3mos ago

    The colors hurt my eyes. It didn't really feel like it got more interesting as it went on so I tended to die of lack of attention. It's an okay game. The music was pretty neat, though!

  • Mimpy
    • Level 24

    3mos ago

    That aesthetic, though! It feels like a Hotline Miami set in japan. A Hotline Tokyo...

    I really like the pacing of the waves and the ebbs and flows in the game with the boats coming in from the sides. And I really like some of the little touches, like how the music gets quieter for a moment after you use a molotov, to make it feel like it has more impact. Or how different enemy types have different audio cues.

    My biggest complaint is that I am bad at it. Make me better at your game, please! Also I think it would be good to have some indicator of how long it'll be until your molotov is ready.

  • AlexInCube

    terrible graphics