Treasure Island

Treasure Island

  • AlexInCube
  • 3 months ago
  • Disqualified

You have arrived on the island where you want to take the treasure, shoot the bandits who prevent you from taking yours.

W Jump A Left D Right R Reloading V Shoot

You can reassign the control

Programming AlexInCube Art OniDuraz Music: My Train's A Comin' - Unicorn Heads

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  • Happysquared

    Even though you only had 48 hours, you managed to add in rebinding controls as well as another language option! I found that very impressive. I did find the message when quitting the game funny. I just wanted to try it out in Russian!

    Found the lowering of the water visually interesting as well.

    I think the jump was kinda floaty. Felt the character was more floating than jumping. They went really high and the fall was also very slow. Didn't really feel necessary for what the level design was.

    Think the music was also a little too beachy/chill vibes when the game was more action. So could have been more fitting to the game.

  • SpritePainter

    The opening menu system with the ability to remap controls was really nice. That said, a lot of the mechanics could use work, as others have said. A big jump isn't necessarily a bad thing (e.g. The End is Nigh), but the character feels very floaty. I tried playing around with trying to traverse the level without engagin the enemies, which was fun, but their attacks seemed to do inconsistent damage and when they stacked up you could get hit multiple times at once. Some iframes when hit would be nice. If you're looking for resources for platforming mechanics, beyond tutorials, a really good book is Game Feel by Steve Swink. It goes into detail on how and why games like Super Mario Brothers and others feel good to play.

  • Fachewachewa

    The menus! What! That's nice to see.

    The idea of lowering the water was interesting, but that should also be a checkpoint. Having to start again from the start because you missed a jump (and what a jump!) is way too frustrating. And for game jam you usually don't want people to start over from the beginning.
    Also yeah, some inconsistencies. The music (which isn't allowed btw) doesn't really fit. And it's weird to have a jump that big, but everything else is extremely slow. Having a reload is interesting, but if the enemies are on their own platform and never get close to you, it's just slowing the player for no reason.

  • dreamcastgh0st

    I liked how it was one big level, split into sections based on how low you've brought the water. I don't really understand what the point of the reload mechanic was, and I wish the enemies were smarted and more of a threat. Nice job completing something that works well in the 48 hours!

  • CrashB1111

    Not too bad, the jump felt a bit overkill, having the character's jump height vary with how long the button is pushed may help in this case.

  • Seltzy

    The main character has some strong legs to be able to jump so high. Level design could have been finessed to make that not necessary. Art style is kinda inconsistent. The ending screen was funny, made me laugh.

  • Mimpy
    • Level 24

    2mos ago

    The movement felt kinda awkward because of the weird gravity settings on the jump, and I don't really like that the water is an instant kill since there's several moments where you have to jump over it. Perhaps landing in the water could damage you instead and teleport you back to where you were last standing on solid ground?

    The key and switch mechanic is a nice addition that forces the player to move around the area a bit more instead of beelining to the next area.

    Gotta give the music a 1 for not following the rules.

  • Allison James

    There were definite positive notes but it was let down by the awkward controls (R and V should have been mirrored to further right on the keyboard), slow movement, and the abrupt "game over".

    This could be worked on, though, it definitely has potential.

    Also, for future jams' use, please note that the rules forbid the use of premade music - you may be disqualified for it.

  • Quentin Van Deutekom

    The art is really well done, and it sticks to theme pretty well too! My only gripe is the jumping felt very floaty, so I was often waiting to fall so I could line up shots. I like to going deeper aspect, kind of reminds me of Samus Returns / Metroid 2. Good job

  • Junction Games

    The art was pretty good and stylized, but the gameplay was a little iffy. The jump especially was huge and slow. Adding some variance there for greater control would be nice. Nice idea, though.

  • Chris

    I had fun playing it for a while. I liked finding switches and going deeper. The jumping could use some work. I think some gravity adjustment when holding the button vs when it's released while jumping would make a huge difference. The artwork was good too.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3mos ago

    The game i played was very cool and funny to spend my time. Special thanks to all developers who done this game. very good done that work NC. <3