Its time to escape to an island paradise, the only problem? The flight is now boarding. Quickly rush through to the top of the airport, dodging pedestrians and avoiding security to make it to the gate before your flight departs, or worse, you get arrested.

Your island paradise awaits, avoid bouncing off the other people in the airport or risk annoying them.

Wade through the crowds at the cost of your speed and risk of angering them.

Be careful, angering the people at the airport will attract the attention of the airport security who will tackle you down without hesitation.

It's time to take some time off and enjoy your island escape...

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  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    Time to spare: 61 Percent annoyed: 12, Didn't play this one during the jam but it's a fun little game!

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Time to spare: 75 Percentage of people annoyed: 20

    Cute game! Simple, but cool! I like the concept of it It feels a bit hard to predict how you're gonna collide sometimes and I didn't expect to be able to go through some crowd but bump into individual people

    Putting that aside though, it's fun!

  • goblin
    Lv. 2

    Cute graphics and music, and fun gameplay. The bouncing gets a bit intense at times, especially in the roped areas, and I wish that there was an option to fullscreen. Those are minor complaints though, really solid entry!

  • _J_BALLA
    Lv. 3

    Awesome game!! It was fun! Cute art and music! Sometimes I would get stuck in the ropes and couldn't get out. It took me several tries, but I won :D

  • dreamcastgh0st
    Lv. 2

    Fun game! It's a creative take on the theme, which is always nice to see when you're playing all these games from one jam back to back. The presentation, especially the visuals, were nice-- the main character reminded me of the guy from Lilo and Stitch that Lilo always took pictures of, very cute. The anger meter was also cool, especially how it interfaced with the airport security.

    On the other hand, I was expecting the game to be randomly generated. It's not bad that it wasn't, but I wish it either had an endless, procedurally generated level, or if it is handmade content, for there to be more of it. The game as it is right now is pretty short. That being said, though, me saying I wish there was more of your game to play is certainly not a bad complaint to have-- well done!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Really fun concept with a very relatable premise. Cute graphics and catchy music. As others have said, it would make for a great endless runner.

  • Fajpaj
    Lv. 5

    This is a nice game for sure! Love the art and audio. I think the connection to the theme is a bit loose. I also just wish it were a little longer. I think if you were to expand this in the future, it would work super great as an infinite-runner phone game.

  • Argot Bertha
    Lv. 2

    Definitely a neat concept that lends itself to frantic gameplay, and I do love the look and character of the game - I had some sympathy with the poor dude having to belt through the crowds, cos running for a flight is a bloody nightmare. His run animation is like he's at the edge of his capacity.

    I also liked the fact that a certain amount of irritation towards you is something you have to keep an eye on. I think it would be pretty funny if certain types of people you collide with (and maybe knock over) might make the percentage leap up, like kids and senior citizens. Lots of potential for expansion of the game, I think.

    There were a couple of points of contention - my brain automatically factored the character's trolley into collision detection when I was judging how to fit through spaces, as opposed to it just being the width of the character, so especially with the roped queue areas, I end up struggling to fit through until I made that adjustment. It's probably more of a matter of taste than anything else, but I'd be tempted to make it so that the trolley is dragged below the character. The other point was that the bounceback when colliding with something is reasonable enough when out in the open, but in the roped areas where there's less room to manoeuvre, I ended up pinballing between barriers and it was sometimes tough to get out of.

    Otherwise, I think it's a fun idea, and despite being crap at it, I liked my time with it.

  • Om Rane
    Lv. 3

    A fun game! I feel that it could even have some form on procedural generation implemented to give it a better replayablity and challenge!

    There were some issues I faced. First was it was a bit unclear in the beginning what had to be done and why I was being attacked (at seemingly) random moments. I realized later that there was an anger meter at the bottom of the screen!. Pheraps more attention could be brought to this maybe by giving it a contrasting color?

    there was also a bug where I got stuck between the fences and a person, and i kept bouncing around in a loop.

    Cute panic inducing game though haha :P

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    I think the game has an interesting theme haha. I like the flavour of the anger metre. Also love how it felt pushing through people. Definitely feels like slogging through a crowd.

    Some minor issues: Think the bouncing was a little too much. There was also some trial and error in knowing what was a barrier. I think on one of the rope gates, I ran into a dead end thinking I could go through. Could be a part of the gameplay though. Figuring out what works.

    Art was very cute and I kinda liked the odd screen resolution. I think the narrowness and tallness of it gave a good feeling of running down a hallway. Guess it would be good for mobile too. But it was eye catching and fit the gameplay.

    Lovely intro screen too. I liked hearing the boarding announcement and seeing the vacation pictures. Immediately brought me into the game.

    Nice work!

  • Kilomatter
    Lv. 5

    Pretty fun little game! The game is pretty short overall but the difficulty makes up for it. The premise is very funny and the art is nice. I would've liked to have been able to put the game in fullscreen though, and I think the controls could've been tighter, but overall, good game!

    Ruin Rise

    Ruin Rise

  • NotLexa
    Lv. 1

    A funny concept, but the game is quiiiiiiite too short.

  • scottgoldsmith
    Lv. 10

    Loved the art style. Despite being a runner, the graphics gave me a strong "Papers Please" vibe. Wasn't sure why the guards sometimes chase and and other times dont.

  • 2102

    Boom. Made it through with 20 percent angry and 73 seconds left. Pretty fun game! It controlled well, but I thought the bouncing was a little much when running into certain people.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2yrs ago

    Interesting, confusing game. I kinda like how it just throws you in with no explanation and you're just meant to figure stuff out on your own within a short time frame, which adds to the panicky nature of the game. I love the colors, they really add to the tropical/island feel. This would make a good infinite runner!

  • Tydecon Games

    A cute, fun pixel art game - interesting resolution choice, were you planning on putting this out as a phone game post-jam? Either way, short but fun experience!

  • Chris Bradel

    Cute and sorta enjoyable but really short. Sometimes, the guards got me with a cheap shot but with a little practice I was making it through no problem. Nice one!



  • SeriousIy
    Lv. 7

    Very fun! It took me a while to understand the anger system, but after 5 or so tries I was able to beat it! The music is very catchy! Sounds like Nintendo! Cute little game, would love to see an endless version maybe?

  • AlexInCube
    Lv. 3

    I did not understand how to pass the game, I immediately dialed the maximum attention of the guards