Welcome to Musical Mines! This is an Audio Game, so headphones reccomended!

In this game you need to keep the music going. To do so you must mine down underground to find upbeat and hopeful music, while avoiding the darker tones. Use your arrow keys to move/target where to mine, space to mine, and ears to listen!

Check readme inside of zip file for a break down of exact rules!

Good luck finding the music!

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  • Yosi
    • Level 37

    8mos ago

    This is a cool idea for a game! Having the sound of bumping into walls be softer would have been nice. Also, I think having multiple music tracks that were major/minor would have made it more interesting after playing for a while.

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a really interesting idea and I appreciate the effort you've made in making an accessible game here - I feel it might be wasted on me as I was mostly button mashing without much idea as to what was going on - but you've got a good future in voice acting, that's for sure! :)

    • Eric Blackburn

      Haha that's not my voice, so I'll take that as a compliment as that's text to speech! I've spent a lot of time learning to make TTS sound good, so I actually super appreciate that people sometimes assume my TTS voices are real people!

  • q_q
    • Level 7

    8mos ago

    Interesting idea!


    • Would have been nice to tutorialize sound types (i.e. differentiate between a good / positive and bad / negative sound)
    • Still am not sure if i should have mined each time while holding a direction (am i facing the wall or completely turning?)
    WHO AM I ?

    WHO AM I ?

    • Eric Blackburn

      Oh yes for sure wish there was more of a tutorial!

      Press left moved you to the left and made you face that way for mining, same with right. Down doesn't move you, just makes you target down for when you mine next!

      Hopefully that helps a little if you decide to play again!

  • Allison James

    Lovely concept - all for making games that can be enjoyed by an often-neglected subset of players 😄 It's a shame you couldn't get the deeper tutorial and score to be read out in-game just to complete that loop - I don't know if there's a TTS solution for GameMaker out there, but it feels like there ought to be.

    The music was composed very well for the job - atmosphere-making at all times, and legitimately terrifying on the darker side, especially not having visual feedback.

    Overall, an extremely specialist entry, but I'm very happy to see this kind of experimental game entered, I think it's games like this that make a jam worthwhile. Even if it doesn't score highly, I hope you keep experimenting, and you keep bringing experiences like this out for everyone.



    • Eric Blackburn

      Oh thank you for your kind words! You nailed some things on the head!

      As for the TTS problem, it's a work in progress! I've been working on a DLL that let's GMS use windows TTS, but most of the new TTS API requires C#, which our silly little engine hates! I tried to find someone who can figure out the C++ version of the API, but that's been going poorly. So I'm back to trying to make my C# dll compile.

      And this was me actually experimenting with music as a health bar! I've done about 10 game jams where I enter audio games, each one to test a few new mechanics. But I've never got a good health bar! Just conveying how much health a player has is such an annoying task in audio games. So having music that used half steps for bad, then full steps for good things along volume was my attempt! I'm glad you enjoyed my music! Will probably be something I work on more.

  • 2102

    Definitely an interesting concept! I couldn't quite figure out how to escape the dark song, and I just mined every direction that I could. But, I always had a score of 0, so I guess I never really got the hang of it. haha

  • ProfessorFunk

    I really appreciate the focus on accessibility. It was a really unique take on the theme with pretty challenging gameplay and great attention to detail on the sound design. I really suck at the game itself though!

    • Eric Blackburn

      Oh I'm glad you found it interesting and the sounds helpful!

      I'm afraid I've yet to figure out how to make audio games that are easy to play without being mega hand holding! I've been practicing it, but still think I miss sometimes. Thanks for giving it a shot! Hope you had fun exploring the sound scape!

  • SwiggityCricket

    Super interesting and very innovative. I tried a couple times and got the hang of it eventually. The concept is really abstract but I appreciate the idea!

    • Eric Blackburn

      Thank you!

      I'm afraid almost all audio games have a nasty learning curve, I've been practicing making less sharp learning curve games... but either they are just interactive fiction games, or have a learning curve.