Deeper and deeper
What lies below, only you will know. Friend

How to play
Explore the depths of the earth to make unsettling discoveries. Then escape to tell the tale.


  • WASD = Movement
  • SPACE = Jump
  • S = Enter Door
  • Left Mouse Button = Observe/Equip Item
  • Right Mouse Button = Use Equipped Item
  • E = Inventory Menu
  • F4 = Toggle Fullscreen
  • ESC = Close Game

Important Tips

  • You have no air control.
  • There are probably no jump scares.

In case of embed issues:

Hey, thanks for playing
I don't expect this project to be recieved super well, but making it was challenging and fun. I hope you find it enjoyable!

Shoutout to SmollSavage, D0K, and Maslink for playtesting. Also D0K for lending his voice to a hideous monster.

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    • In the beginning, I had a strong feeling of being lost in the best possible way. I never felt I was supposed to find what I found. I don't think this feeling would be possible to achieve without this amount of content.
    • I got all 15 discoveries. I found all of them very memorable and like that they aren't limited to a character or object. My favourites are dancers, glutton, lightbulb and infinite hall (even though I've seen stuff like that before). The void looks quite simple but yet very effective.
    • I really dislike that you have to investigate discoveries before you discover them. In the end, I looked everywhere to find the last two discoveries, but it turned out I simply had forgotten to inspect two of them.
    • Love the tutorial. I had almost forgot it since there was so much else packed into the game. But it taught me everything I needed the right way.
    • I like that there are almost no dead ends. It would have been tedious to walk back and forth all the time.
    • Seltzy

      7mos ago

      I should've given more consideration to when discoveries count. That situation did briefly cross my mind, but I made the assumption that people would be clicking on everything anyway. I guess I just wanted people to be doing that for the marginal difference it makes to have to approach them.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

  • Fachewachewa

    I liked the jump, what I don't like is that now my little finger is in pain after hold shift for 20+ minutes. I definitely would have liked a toggle for that :(

    The game is really good though. I really wanted to see everything even though I'm not a fan of spooky stuff. I don't know if the whole thing's supposed to represent something more concrete than a weird cave, but the different things to find were pretty creative.

    I got half-stuck before the end with the face. I probably would have made the mouth more apparent, or maybe commented on it to help a little, because I didn't think to feed it at first. Also the voids were a little loud compared to the rest of the game. And since I'm here with the nitpicks, I don't think top left is the best place for descriptions and stuff like that. In fullscreen it can be pretty far from the center, and that usually where the peripheral view info is, so it felt a bit weird to look there for important stuff.

    Oh and I'm pretty sure a bunch of items should have disappeared after their use 😬

    But yeah great game overall.

    • Seltzy

      7mos ago

      Sorry for the finger pain. Its a new complaint, but it makes sense given all the walking.

      The voids were louder on purpose and I expressly asked my testers if it was too loud at any point and was told it was fine. I could have turned it down a bit still.

      I see where you’re coming from with the placement of notifications. I wouldn’t think this an issue since the pace of the game is so slow. It may have been marginally better on the bottom. Better still if it was around the player, but that has other design considerations.

      Items don’t disappear since I wanted to keep options open for the player to think about and experiment with. I would agree it didn’t need to be the case since many items only have 1 use and few unique interactions.

      Thanks for playing! I’m glad you liked it.

  • Zen00
    • Level 15

    8mos ago

    -1 for the ending.

  • Mark Lohmann

    Pretty nice and eerie experience. Really well polished, insane job on that!

    You nailed the theme super well with the feeling you've created here.

    I also had some problems with the jump mechanic, but I do realize you did that on purpose, so I kind of respect that decision. It's just that normally I like to jump around so make walking more fun, and since there is quite some walking in this game, it would've given me a better time if I could jump more freely. But I understand that you're trying to create a different feeling than "a good time" so haha I totally understand. Maybe there would be a way to have middeground between a non frustrating jump and creating that feeling you were going for.

    Anyway, I just typed a million words about the jump mechanic while I could've just written: you made an amazing game, well done! Can't wait to see your next entry.

    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      It definitely was the intention for the jump to be less than ideal. I also understand where you’re coming from with wanting to be able to jump around. It would be hard to maintain how it currently is while making jumping around like that to feel good, even with less landing lag. Some kind of roll forward maneuver would do the trick, but obviously something like that wasn’t necessary for the game mechanically.

      I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

  • Katsaii

    I enjoyed every moment of this right to the end! This game is so polished I'm surprised you had time to sleep during the 48 hours.

    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      Very happy to hear you liked it! I did sleep, although admittedly it wasn’t a lot haha

      Thanks for playing!

  • Tydecon Games

    You definitely know how to build atosphere in SPADES! I really liked this one, the creepy nature, the great art, the all-too-realistic jump (which threw me off at first), the feeling of helplessness you create in the player (though that might be because I'm bad at puzzles!) and the sense of wonder when you find something new - it's all been executed very well, nice one! :)

    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      Thank you! I've always wanted to make something like this but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. It's really nice to hear that it was effective.

      Thanks for playing, Tydecon!

  • singleshot

    11 out of 10, would go say "hi" to friend again.

    Hell Diver

    Hell Diver

  • 2102

    Really great game. I completed it and saw the ending. Stellar work. The jumping mechanic was a bit stiff, but the ambience, tricky room layout, music, sound effects really all worked together to create something special.

    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      Glad you liked it, and i’m happy to hear someone was able to get the ending.

      The jump is intentionally clunky since I thought it helped the feel of the game. Although I can understand that it could cause frustrations where it’s demanded.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    8mos ago

    Okay, I should say that I like the game! I was getting pissed as I can't find the door at the end of a hallway after walking for like 10 minutes, and then I decided to go back and BAM moment of realization. The controls were a bit confusing since there were so many and we were sent to the game without any prior knowledge of a story or a path to take. But overall I'd say it's pretty good!

    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      I can agree that the controls could’ve been touched up or at least conveyed better. As far as having no direction from the start, that was kind of the point. My intent was that eventually finding the safe room with a list of discoveries would give players an objective. From there it’s all exploration.

      Thanks for playing!

  • clef (autonixia)

    loved this. got all but 2 of the secrets. honestly pretty scary too. the confusing layout and sense of feeling lost contribute to the theme massively. my only criticism is that the platforming feels a little janky sometimes, but that's not that big of a deal - this isn't a platformer, clearly. good stuff!!!



    • Seltzy

      8mos ago

      13 secrets is a solid run. Glad you gave it a fair shake! You seem to have understood what I was going for which is cool to see.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Lorem Ipsum

    This is a really great game that fits the theme of 'Discovery' really well. I love how you have a small bubble of vision.