ViolenceCorp©®™ is going to bring about Doomsday in 14 days. How exactly, we aren't sure, but we think it involves guns and violence. Lots and lots of guns and violence. It is up to you to stop them, the only way you know how: hanging around their factory fence and yelling slogans. Can you convinve enough people to join your movement and generate enough love to thwart ViolenceCorp's©®™ evil plan before it is too late? Can you deal with the fake news media and big business oligarchs who are trying to stop you? We The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!

Controls: Left Mouse Button - Pretty Self Explanatory Escape Button - Pause/Menu

Tips: The aim of the game is to manage your Love, Money and Protesters resources and buy upgrades such that you can generate 100,000 Love within 14 days. Watch out though, as unexpected crises occur at the end of each day!

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  • Chris

    This game equippd me with the knowledge to stop the evil corporations IRL! Nice job, fun and entertaining game

  • jhmikael

    This was very interesting, especially as the gameplay involved creating as much growth as possible, which felt surprisingly much in line with my game. The idea is nice and everything seems to work. The game is just pretty hard, I played it twice and lost. But balancing must have been pretty hard...

    I think that the simplistic graphics worked well. The music wasn't too varying, but took nicely part in creating the atmosphere.

  • Fachewachewa

    Why is chanting so expensive?! It would have been cheaper to buy out the corp like Mr. Muskrat did 🤣

    I really like it, and most of my issues comes from the balancing, which might have been hell for a game like that, especially in a jam. Like the game might be a little too slow at the start, and if you're not doing well, the -20k means you're out for a few days. On that note, the events were pretty fun too, and a nice way to make everything feel hopeless. Though maybe the few "healing" rounds should have added max HP instead of healing? Like starting at mabe 30k instead of directly 100k. This might have helped make it feel less slow at the start?

    Anyway, great entry.

  • illdie
    • Level 12

    2mos ago

    I really liked this one. The relationships between the protester count, money, and love were fun to mess around with. The writing is great too, I love the "high profile celebrities, influencers, and anonymous schizoposters" line lol.

  • Allison James

    I do love me a nice lil bite-size idle game, and this was a well-scoped, polished one, wrapped up really well and a decent length to be worth finishing without ending up boring.

    Having made a couple of idle games for jams before, the biggest issue will always be balance - you did as good a job here as I'd ever expect, although there was definitely still an imbalance in the effectiveness of the upgrades. Namely, "protestors are more effective at generating protestors" was basically the only majorly effective upgrade since it exponentially blew up the number you had, and even though each one wasn't optimally producing love/money, I ended up with so many that the gun factory stood no chance. Won on "3 Days Left", although with the benefit of hindsight, I may go back and try and win it quicker!

    About to deal the killing blow:

    I really enjoyed this, and it fit the theme well, so great work!

    • Stratemagician

      Thank you! Balance was definitely a struggle and I agree people generating more people is by far the most effective upgrade. I wanted to have an exponential feel to all the upgrades but ending up having to tone down a lot of effects to not make things too cray cray. More variety and more balance in upgrades would be the logical next steps for sure.

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    2mos ago

    Aside from the music not being particularly great, this is a really good entry that fits the theme perfectly. Took me two attempts to prevent doomsday; the daily catastrophe really kept things lively. Didn't expect such huge swings toward the end, but I think they were fine gameplay-wise; take too long and things start to get really rough, but in a good way.

  • Tydecon Games

    This has got big cookie clicker vibes to it but wrapped around an interesting story and theme, I was a little dissapointed when the big evil corporation won and my protest failed haha but it's got that replay value to it, good job

  • arthurgps2

    Second time's the charm. Seemed really hard at first but then I got the hang of it. Cool game with a cleverly put theme. Like the minimalistic style. I'm not really a fan of these games but it was a pretty pleasing experience.

  • HOPL
    • Level 2

    2mos ago

    A well made idle game, would be nice to have action to do on the side like cookie-clicker or AdVenture capatalist to keep you busy in the early game.

    Also between rounds it'd feel nice to choose between 2 or more options like "Freezing cold rolled in 1. lose 14 protestors 2. spend $100 on jackets"

    Overall this is a great idle game with responsive UI with gameplay directly related to the theme. Great job!

  • singleshot

    Pretty interesting experience you crafted here.

    I like the idea of a management sim for a peace protest.

    I’m not really into these types of games so I’m not really sure what opinions to give. The pace felt pretty slow, there was a lot of waiting around for funds even in the late game. And the first thing I did was boat up my money generation seeing how all actions are built on it.

    The lack of sound effect and the repetitive music didn’t help much, the UI design on the other hand was amazingly well done. It was fluid and responsive.

    All said and done I think this was a wonderful entry, good job!

    Lost Child

    Lost Child

    • Stratemagician

      Yep the sound was a weak point and the game was a little slow, it was tough to balance due to the hyper scaling nature of percentages such that it wasn't too easy, definitely room for tinkering there. Thanks!

  • poontangular

    I was watching the development of this on Discord and was interested to see how it would turn out.

    Things I enjoyed: I liked the simplistic art style, it wasn't trying to be flashy or fancy, but it made the game feel very rounded. I love resource management games and this is what We The People felt like (to some extent). The UI was really good, and very smooth. I enjoyed how the story progressed and you gained insight into what your decisions were doing after each day, that made it quite engaging.

    Things I didn't enjoy: For me it was a bit slow paced, but maybe with the game muted this would be a nice relaxing game to play in the background (the music may get repetetive if played for a long time). I didn't feel like there was enough to do.

    • Stratemagician

      Thanks! I agree re the music, I really should have changed it haha, I have uploaded a version onto opera gxc with a better soundtrack. I think the start of the game is a little slow and maybe adding something you can do in the downtime, like clicking something to get an animation or a small boost might help.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2mos ago

    This game reminded me of a lot of the games I used to play when I was younger, so it brought a lot of nostalgia into the experience. The art style was quirky, the gameplay loop was fun and the tycoon style is great. However, the music was incredibly repetitive and the end goal seemed completely unachievable. Overall decent game.

    • Stratemagician

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree the music wasn't great, I threw it together last minute with no experience hehe. In my playtesting I could beat the game fairly easily as you start to scale insanely in the latter days, but I appreciate I know the optimal strategy and probably should have lowered the difficulty a little.