Street Lover asks the question... why fight? Why not just not?

Pair two clauses to send compliments and small talk to your date. If you pick the pair that match, you'll deal extra love to them. But you'll still deal some love to them if they don't match, because they recognise you were trying your best and you meant well.

The first person to reach full love is OK. But it's alright if you're second, love isn't a race, we'll get there in the end.

Anyway that's it BYE

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  • Chris

    I loved it lol It reminded me of swordfighting in the Monkey Island games. Fit the theme perfectly, music and art was great too.

  • A Beast of Prey

    this game pretty much nailed the theme. The main OST in the start menu does not loop perfectly. The CPU just picks random sentences, which ironically works out pretty well. Like the covnersation gets a little absurd, which is funny. I feel like you cannot connect the sentences that do a lot of damage because of RNG, I could be wrong tho. I played against every player and the game still keeps going? Im just wondering if thats intended or not. But even if I lose, there is no Game Over screen. It seemed like all the effort went into the characters, so there was not much time for the background. The idea is pretty neat tho. I believe this Concept actually has quite the amount of potential to become a cool Indie Game^^

  • Seltzy

    Another allie classic. Wish it had an ending, but entertaining nonetheless!

  • jhmikael

    This game sure caught my attention, with the description and all... I really liked the idea, and the graphics strike neatly the line between being recognizable from Street Fighter and being original. The sound effects were nice, they felt kind of weird in the right way, increasing a little bit of the awkwardness. It was nice how the characters had different personalities. The music also is a real earworm...

    The gameplay was nice, and it was surprisingly hard to find those catchy lines, especially as a foreign English speaker. They sometimes also created questionable combinations that weren't the best lines though, that suited well the game. After a few dates the gameplay started feeling a little dull and repetitive, though. Was there supposed to be some end?

    • Allison James

      Thank you for the generous feedback!

      Don't worry too much about difficulty finding matches - my script writing was rushed and extremely silly, so it's not trivial to work out what matches all the time 😅 Mostly my fault for giving each character their own dialogue and setting my heart on at least 8 characters for it, I definitely didn't have the time to fully realise that.

      I cut everything that wasn't necessary, so no, there's no end to the game - it just cycles the 7 characters you didn't pick, and the 3 or 4 backgrounds, independently. Once you've seen each character once you've probably seen every piece of content in the entire game.

  • illdie
    • Level 12

    2mos ago

    I had a great time figuring out some of the jokes in the different combinations. The characters and their bios are really funny too. Nice!

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    2mos ago

    Would've been nice to have a tournamenty brackety progressiony thing but I guess time constraints. Clever idea, decent execution.

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much! Yeah, this game was definitely an exercise in axing anything that wasn't mandatory to technically make the game finished and submittable 😅

  • arthurgps2

    I hope playing this gives practical uses in real life cuz holy s-

    Pretty funny game. Had some good chuckles with what I could come up with. During the jam I actually saw this game and I was like wow already? Also instantly recognized your style from the last gm48 lol. Nailed it again.

    • Allison James

      I have it on good authority that if you used any of the critical lines on any potential suitor, they would immediately collapse into your arms. They'd work on me, although I can be bought by a KFC tbh.

      Thank you very much! Yeah, 2022 so far has been the year of me spriting extremely dateable robust men. I don't know what that says about me, but it says something.

  • HOPL
    • Level 2

    2mos ago

    Wonderful artwork and music (waiting for the spotify release)

  • singleshot

    This game reminds me of something, but I can't quite say what it does.

    also why is every game you make an arcade style game or a meme game. . . .this one some how being both lol.

    Lost Child

    Lost Child

    • Allison James

      I've entered ~50 jams, and I like every entry in every subsequent jam I enter to not be super similar to anything I've done previously, as in some cases, I use them as experiments/jumping-off points for bigger games down the line.

      Not in this case, though. I just didn't have a vast amount of time and I enjoy making dumb stuff. So this is one of those games. 😆

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • nul
    • Level 1

    2mos ago

    I still have Speed In My Veins stuck in my head.

  • Tydecon Games

    Hilarious through and through, your games are always brimming with sillyness and fun music, this is no exception, love it! Great job!

  • poontangular

    The ideas of this game was hilarious and the artwork was 10/10 superb.

    Things I liked:

    Some of the sentence combos were very witty.

    The character/title artwork was very impressive.

    This was a very unique idea.

    The music was very fitting.

    Things I didn't like:

    Quite frequently the sentences on the right-hand side weren't able to match with the left side, so I ended up having to use gibberish.

    I don't think the opponent hit perfect sentences enough to make it that much of a challenge.

    It would have been more re-playable if I could use the arrow keys + enter to navigate menus. Using the mouse felt like too much effort at times.

    • Allison James

      Thank you for the feedback!

      There should always be exactly one match between the left and the right hand sides, as I pick them deliberately to ensure it. HOWEVER, my dialogue writing was terrible, rushed, and stupid, so some of the matches are definitely very silly.

      The opponent just arbitrarily guesses meaning they only land criticals like 8% of the time. I was going to improve this, but the opponent "winning" still counts as a victory for both of you, so it didn't really matter 😆

      Very good suggestion about including keyboard/gamepad honestly. I was very lazy but also very panicked so I just cut that plan. 😅

  • Stratemagician

    Utterly bizzare. I dig it. The sound was pretty good, graphics are... interesting haha, but it definitely works. Gameplay got pretty repetitive quickly and often there weren't any good matches between the left and right parts of the sentence. I think some potential improvements would be if the game was expanded with more dialogue options and maybe some kind of combo system. 8/8 memes - ign